Let’s Talk About Defense


During a village attack, troops that are in your village will automatically act as defenders and will fight off the invaders or attackers. There are some things you need to know about defending your village.

The city wall is there simply to add a percentage bonus for your defense troops’ values. The palace and residence adds a fixed bonus for the defense value as well. Peek into your rally point. This is where you will see incoming attacks so you can prepare in advance. You can have stonemason defending your buildings against catapults from the enemy. An armory can be used to enhance the defense strength of all your troops but it’s limited only to the village where it resides. Your cranny will protect resources from raids and attacks. Granary stores the crops your defense troops need to take up. You can’t send starving troops to battle, you know.

Always take note of everything you need to know. Learn every action and every move you need to take to protect your village. Do well and your village stays safe.

Updates on My Travian


In previous posts, I talked about how I’m upgrading my villages. But recently, I got busy because of that frequent raider who constantly loots my village. Great news is that he has now stopped and I can now go back to upgrading my village.Travian comx (1)

I’ve been building armies recently. I’ve been training troops with the aim to build a great army. Sadly, it takes so much time for me to build troops which is a disadvantage with a Roman tribe. I’ve been upgrading resources and buildings too. My granaries are looking good but I need to upgrade my iron resource because I notice that I get low on it when I train troops.

I’ve been upgrading my marketplace as well. They come in really handy when I transfer my resources to my other villages when a raid comes so that when the raider arrives, there’s no soldiers and no resources as well. It’s a great strategy to avoid a battle you know you can’t win.

What have you been busy about in your Travian recently?


Travian: An Addicting Game?


According to scientists, it’s human nature to be competitive. It actually helped us survive and even excel. We have this subconscious need to be above others, to be outstanding. We want to be the best but some may not be willing to admit it. Games that trigger competitiveness have the tendency to be the ones that become addicting.

For the competitive Travian comxand critical thinkers, Travian is a great game to play. It lets you think about each move you make, what strategies to use and how to run a village. Let’s you experience the power of becoming the leader and the conqueror. You learn to make use of what’s available and have it work at its fullest capabilities to do something in order to achieve the a goal. You learn to interact and build strong alliances to help you conquer enemies. There’s more to Travian than meets the eye and it takes a lot of game play to appreciate. Nonetheless, Travian triggers the mind to think in a manner that’s wise especially in decision-making.

Sometimes, playing games is a great escape into a world we could only dream about. The only difference is that we play to create our own little world where everything goes our way and we get the feeling of excitement. It’s not just something we do for fun but it’s also something that motivates us. Efforts are never in vain. You may lose, but you get learn how to do better next time.

Enjoy every Travian game you play. Build, produce, fight and win!


Travian Tribes: The Gauls


This will be the last part for our series about the Travian Tribes. We’ll go over details about the Gauls this time. So for those who are planning on starting Travian or who have already started and has the Gauls for their tribe then hopefully you’ll find this helpful!

Gauls are pretty much peace-loving people. If you’re a player who prefers to play defensively, then the Gauls are perfect for you. They have fast units and are great at defense. They could be aggressive but their best attacking troop will require research first. Mainly, their troops use clay but some can rely on iron like their Swordsman and Haeduan troops.

Speaking of troops, let’s look over the Gaul troops one by one.

  • Phalanx – This is the Gaul’s simple infantry unit in which they are cheap and quick to produce. Good in defense but has a minimal power in attacking. Balance your troops well and this troop will be very much helpful in defense.
  • Swordsmen – An offensive unit of the Gauls tribe are the Swordsmen although they can be expensive to produce. This troop is the only effective infantry attacker of the Gaul tribe.
  • Pathfinder – They are the scouts of the Gaul tribe and moves quite fast to scout other villages.
  • Theutates Thunder – A light cavalry and raid force of the Gaul tribe. They move very fast which is an advantage to this troop thus making them very useful in raiding. Do not keep them in the village when there’s an incoming attack because they are not good at defense.
  • Druidrider – This troop is the mobile infantry defender of the Gauls tribe. In the game, they are the fastest defensive unit and are the best at it.
  • Haeduan – Though the Gaul tribe is good at defense, this troop proves itself as a heavy cavalry unit and is a powerful attacker. Imagine pairing them up with the Druidrider troop.

Each tribe has their own special characteristics that make them better from the others. Though they have weaknesses, given the time, they can be trained to be great at battle. Surely enough, every effort you spend on them will lead definitely lead to victory.

Travian Tribes: The Teutons


In continuation to the previous post about the Roman Travian tribe, this article will be all about the Teutons. Like I said before, in playing Travian, it’s very important to know your tribe well. Knowing your tribe will greatly enhance your performance and strategy therefore it’s a must that you get to know your tribe first!

We’ll be talking about the Teutons in this part of the series and I hope this will give you the information you need for your Teuton tribe. Let’s get started!

Teutons are the most successful raiders. They are aggressive and a cheap attack troop. What’s good about them is that they can build troops quickly although the drawback is poor attack and weak hero strength. But though their infantry are the best, the cost of their cavalry might just be the worst.  A Teuton village can have a low wall defense but their walls are very strong thus making them difficult to destroy. A Teuton tribe is good for experienced players. As I have mentioned earlier that they are aggressive, it makes them a good tribe for active players.

Let’s look over their troops and what characteristics does each one have.

  • Macemen – Also known as Clubswinger; They are the raiding unit with medium attack. Come in handy during the early stages of the game because they are cheap to build and are quickly and easily trained although the drawback is a poor defense.
  • Spearman – Best at defending against cavalry among all the 3 tribes.
  • Axemen – The strong combat infantry unit of the Teuton tribe.
  • Scout – They are excellent in finding out an opponent’s resource, troop and defense level but you might want to take note that they are a lot slower than the Roman and Gallic counterparts since they are the only ones that move on foot.
  • Paladin – The slowest and weakest attacking unit but has a very high defense against infantry and is cheap to build.
  • Teutonic Knight – This is the Teuton troop with the highest combat value and is a strong cavalry unit. Good thing about this troop is that he can quickly decimate any defensive force.

So there you have it, the troops of the Teuton tribe and some basic information about them. Pretty much gives you a bird’s eye view and you can know them better by putting them in action.

Travian Tribes: The Romans


On my previous post, we talked about the things that new players need to know about Travian. One of the things I mentioned was knowing the each tribe; what makes each of them different from the rest. Well now, I’m making a series tackling about each tribe in detail so you can know them more. We’re starting off with the tribe I have, the Romans.

On past posts, I blogged about them already so you can check them out. I’ll go directly to specifics.

Romans is the second mos popular tribe. They are balanced and can be strong in both attack and defense. A Roman army is high quality but low in quantity. Although, they may consume less crop that other tribes’ armies but the downside to it is that they are expensive to train which also takes a long time.

The Romans have several troops which are good at both attack and defense.

  • Legionnaire – The basic unit of the Roman army and can be built without research. They are considered to be a general unit and are good for 3 main functions: basic light infantry, attacker, infantry raider and cavalry defender.
  • Praetorian – Best infantry defender in the game; This troop might be good in defense but the attack skills are lacking. This troop should not be used in attacks. It’s suggested to not use this troop in raids since movement is slow and carries the least amount of resource.
  • Imperian – A heavy infantry attacker of the Roman army and may be the attacker. Considered the foundation of the Roman’s attack force although defense may be poor and should not be used for defense. Downside of this troop is that its expensive and slow to produce.
  • Equites Legati – A Roman scout. Scouts other villages to know troop count, defense and amount of resources. This troop cannot attack nor can it defend. If this troop is in your village, they can detect if there are enemies scouting you.
  • Equites Imperatoris – The main cavalry raider of the Roman army. Good to use for raiding both light and medium defended towns. This troop is quick and an easy raider and as per Roman standard, cheap.
  • Equites Caesaris – Slow but very powerful. Although compared to Teutonic Knights, this troop has the edge on speed. A very good troop to use as a defense unit.
  • Battering Ram – Heavy support weapon for infantry and cavalry. Their task is to destroy enemy walls thus increasing other troops’ chance to overcome the enemy.
  • Fire Catapult – They destroy the fields and buildings of enemy villages. They can be defenseless when they’re not escorted by other troops. (That’s one thing you should always keep in mind!)

A Roman tribe can be very powerful! Learn to use them well and you will definitely be on top of your game.


Tips for Newbies: What You Must Know


It’s fun to play games but in a strategy game like Travian, there are things that you certainly must know and be familiar with in order for you to actually understand and enjoy the game. Newbies, like me, may face some problems starting out. Therefore, it’s good to learn the basics to be fully equipped when you start out.

So, here’s a list of my tips for beginners in playing Travian:

  • Learn how you can survive in times of attacks. You cannot avoid some players taking advantage of you and you may experience continuous attacks before you can build up an army. It’s important to make the attacker feel that his attacks are useless since you can just dodge them, thus more likely to decrease the chances of being attacked again.
  • Don’t be impatient. As starters, your village is not that well developed thus takes a longer time to train armies and build resources. Also, be patient with yourself. There might be some players who find it difficult to adjust and learn the game. Don’t worry, great things comes to those who wait. It will be worth it once you’ve been patient with it.
  • Know your tribe. The tribes are not there just for the simple idea of giving players choices but because they are different in certain ways. If you haven’t started playing yet but is still planning, study the characteristics of each tribe and choose one that you think will be right for you. But if you have started out and chosen a tribe already, make sure you familiarize yourself well with the tribe you’ve chosen. The knowledge will help you progress.
  • As you progress in building up resources, learn what you need to get and what are your priorities. The order in which you build the resources can be of much help.

I hope these can help other newbies like me.

Scouting Might Be a Life Saver!


Recently, I’ve had problems on raids and attacks which helped me learn how to keep my troops safe and keep my resources from being taken away. I’ve learned to train and send troops and how to dodge an incoming attack you know you can’t match. There are a lot of important decision making you need to do in playing Travian and it’s very important you make the right ones.Equites_Legati

One important thing every beginner needs to learn is how to scout a village. Scouting is important if you want to increase the chances of winning an attack. By scouting your target village, you get information you will need upon doing the attack.

I have Romans so my scouts are Equites Legati. Good thing about them is that they are fast moving and cheap to research. To scout, you need to click the village you wish to scout and then select “Send Troops.” Enter the number of scouts you want to send and choose “Attack: Normal” or “Attack: Raid.” Keep in mind that you should not send other troops with your scouts or else, it won’t work.


Are you a “provider” to the raider?


It could be sad to think that my village is like a provider to this player who constantly raids it. Your opponent’s getting more and more from you and it seems like there’s nothing you can do about it.trav

But know what? I think it’s the lesser evil than having face your enemy and knowing that there’s no chance of you winning. In this case, trying is not a good option. You should be sure to at least have a chance at winning than just plainly leaving it out to luck.

For example, if you know your troops are outnumbered by your opponent’s, then don’t push through. It’s better to keep your troops safe until they are ready to fight. Try to find reinforcement that could help you in defending your village.

Remember, it’s a bigger loss to lose your troops than to lose resources. Your resources will continue to grow and it will not stop producing. But training and preparing troops can take time especially for a beginner so it is best at this point to just be a little more patient. Let your enemy have his laugh for now. Let your revenge cook up a little.

Now, I’m trying to build up an army. Training troops little by little each day.

Unbelievably Sad Reality


Here’s a recent update on that player who constantly raids my village; He’s at it again. Apparently, I was not able to fend off his attacks and I almost got my troops in jeopardy. Although he got away with a lot of my resources, my troops are still in good position.

I still have my hopes up and I am just preparing my way to get my revenge on him. I can’t just sit around and let him loot everything my village produces. There must be a way for me to beat him and that’s one thing I have to find out. I can’t keep on harvesting goods and then sit and do nothing letting him take whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Since then, he raided my village twice already. It’s unbelievable but that’s a sad truth I have to face right now.

All I can do is figure out a way how to stop him. I need to protect my village.