Travian Settlers


Travian can allow a player to have more than 1 village. In order to build a new village, you need to have settlers.

Settlers are units which are used to create new villages. They are expensive but is very much necessary if you want to expand your empire. You will require a level 10 palace or residence to build these units, one at a time. Only 3 settlers can be created and once these first 3 are sent out, you will need to upgrade your palace to level 15 or the residence to level 20 for the next 3 settlers. But if you’ve built a new village, you can continue creating them there.

These settlers are killed when the village is under attack because they only have little attack or defense capabilities. You will need troops if you want them protected. If you have friendly neighbors whom you’ve built a good relationship with, you can send them to a Gaul’s trap where they can be safely hidden up until you need them.

Travian Resource


There are four basic resources for game play in Travian: Wood, Clay, Iron and Crop. These are things that will be necessary in probably most actions that you do. These resources are continually produced per hour and the amount produced is directly related to the level of your resource field; the higher the level, the more production. There are buildings that you can construct in your village to increase production such as sawmill, brickyard, iron foundry, grain mill and bakery. Upgrades to these buildings also increases the amount of resources produced even further.

Resources can be exchanged through the marketplace. The higher the level of your marketplace, the more resource units your merchants can carry. Sending resources can be done for transferring resources from one village to another if you have more than one village. You can also do it for the reason of giving resources to other players as gift.

Four Types of Resources:

1. Wood – This resource is used mainly for construction of buildings. Military units may still require wood. It’s also used up when you do upgrades.

2. Clay – This resource is the most needed of all. It’s used for buildings and resource fields. Remember that it is worth a great deal in the marketplace.

3. Iron – This resource is mainly used for Romans to recruit troops.

4. Crop – This resource is sometimes called as wheat. This is needed to feed your army and workers. It’s also used up when constructing buildings and upgrading fields.

Beginner’s Protection


Every new Travian player has a Beginner’s Protection. This protection is during a period between 3 and 14 days depending on the time between the start of the world and the activation of your account. You will receive an automatic message which will inform you of the length of your beginner’s protection.

While you are under the beginner’s protection, troops cannot be sent to you whether it is a reinforcement or an attack/raid. This is also applicable to you as the player under the beginner’s protection; this means that you too cannot send troops whether attack or reinforcement. In addition to that, attacking unoccupied oases is also not possible. Other restrictions while under the beginner’s protection are being unable to send or receive resources. It is not possible to end the beginner’s protection earlier than intended.

Although there’s not much action you can do while you’re under the beginner’s protection but take this time to build yourself because once it ends, you’ll be pretty much a target for many players. Take this time to build defenses. Crannies are important to protect resources so don’t forget that one too. There are a lot of things you still need to learn while being a beginners so don’t be so disappointed with the limited things you can do.

Farming in Travian


So I recently found out that if someone frequently raids you, what he’s doing is farming and his farm is your village.

I didn’t expect that there’s actually a name for it. I thought he was just taking advantage of me, apparently, that’s what you do if you go on farming. In Travian, farming means to raid a village for resources and no other reason. You go back to that village often to raid it to supply more resources to your own village. Yes, you gain resources in your own village but you can get immediate and large loots when you go raiding. For many players, farming is the main source of resources. If you’re the one doing the farming, this is a really good way to gain resources but if you’re the farm, you should protect your resources.

There are ways in which you can avoid being the farm. Build crannies to hide your resources from attackers. For beginners who still have Beginners Protection, it is highly recommended to build a cranny before it ends. When your cranny reaches level 10, you can then build a new one. Remember, a cranny cannot be targeted by catapults. It can help you so much so remember to keep upgrading so you can build more.

What every beginner should know about dealing with attacks.


Every beginner always have to learn how to face battles. If you’re a beginner, I guess you’d start off by learning how to train troops, stimulating them into battle, doing attacks. It’s also important to learn how to join alliances which will help you to grow immensely. As a starter, you know you’re surrounded by expert players. Those who can easily wipe you off with one strike. That’s why every new player should know this one thing,

“Never face a battle you know you don’t stand a chance at.”

I know new players can get so excited. They wanna try everything and take attempts that may sometimes be unwise. Remember, Travian is a strategy game. One loss could mean so much. For someone who is still starting, you need to keep in mind that you’re goal is to improve. Taking a chance with battles that you know you can’t win will cost you so much thus increasing the time it’ll take for you to improve your village and resources.

Always know your enemy. Once you see that you can’t win against a certain player, dodge every attack possible. Your best decision is to keep your troops and resources safe. As a beginner, you could be a target for many players because they know you’re weak. Don’t give them that advantage. Take time to improve and then you will have your time.

Be strong. Build an Embassy. Join an Alliance.


travAn alliance in Travian is necessary for survival. It allows you to team up with other players to defeat enemies. You can ask for help in battle if ever you get attacked. When you start playing, it’s important to get into an Alliance as soon as possible. High ranking players can easily wipe you off with less or even no damage at all. You’ll be picked on by other players if you are weak and have no alliance to back you up. So instead of growing, you’ll be a feast for the “big boys.” Good luck with that.

Best way to avoid loosing so much is to be a part of an alliance and to be able to do so, you’ll need to build an Embassy. You can’t create or join any alliances of you have no embassy. A level one embassy will allow you to join an already existing alliance. If you are already a member of an alliance and you lost your embassy, it won’t get you out of the alliance but you would not be able to transfer to another alliance.

The embassy is a prerequisite if you’re planning to build a palace. The higher your embassy level is the more will the size of the alliance grow.

Travian Strategy: How do you play?


Each player has their own strategy in playing Travian. Some may not agree with how you handle things. Some would actually prefer to imitate others’ strategy once they see it as successful. But as for me, I think that aside from learning from others, you should try to explore on your own. Not that I have anything against other players. If you prefer to learn from others then that’s alright, very good even. You can always learn something from the experts. But if you really want to be able to enjoy the game, you should try exploring on your own. Although it comes with its own risks like losing troops and resources but I prefer to learn on my own even though it’ll take some time.

A lot are too excited in getting to the top that they miss the good part of playing; it’s to actually be able to do your own style and follow your own strategies. We’re all good at something and you may never know how good you can handle things like a crisis of an incoming attack or raid unless you try to take the challenge in your own hands. Travian is a fun game so stick to playing your game.

Post in the comments your strategies and share how much you enjoy playing the game.

New Travian Server


Finally, after days of waiting, I can start playing Travian again. While the game was still unavailable, I spent the time researching and learning more about Travian. I’m now curious of what I would be able to do now that I’ve learned new things.

My new aim this time is I want to try to conquer an oases. I would also try to attack small villages since I still have a small army. There should be things I’ll be able to do now and I’m a bit excited to see how far I can extend it. Seems to me that I still have lots of work to do to improve everything but I know it will all be worth it. Although a Roman tribe is really hard to start with and I will admit that for someone who’s a beginner but I am finding ways to keep up. Building troops takes a long process so I really have to be patient before I can do some big time attacks.

I’m hopeful that I can finally see improvements this time. I’ll be posting every progress I get here so you can be updated.

Post in the comments your progress in Travian and let me know!

Enjoy everyone!

How A Residence Can Protect You From Conquerors


travThere are a lot of ways to defend your village. But did you know that your village can be unconquerable if you have a Residence built in it?

A Residence is like a small palace. When the king visits, he stays there. When a village has a residence, it cannot be conquered. Anyone who would try to conquer your village would need to destroy the residence first. Also, for you to gain a new village, you would be required to build a residence first. It will allow you to gain two expansion slots. You can occupy the first slot once your residence has reached the level 10. When you reach level 20, that’s the time your second expansion slot will be available.

If you aspire to conquer other villages, you will be required to train a chief, chieftain, or a senator. These are trained in the residence but to be able to train them, research must be done first.

Your village will be available as soon as your residence reaches the level 10 or 20.

Learn more on how you can improve and build a better village. One step at a time, patiently, you can be a great conqueror!

Horse Drinking Trough: Troop Upgrade for Romans


It’s amazing in Travian because there are so many ways and options you have to improve your troop units. We’ve been discussing them in previous posts but since I have a Roman tribe, I’d like to talk about the Horse Drinking Trough.trav

This is one structure that only Roman tribes can build and it’s very helpful. Although you will require a Level 20 Stable and a Level 10 Rally Point, you will not regret putting efforts to build this.

The horse drinking trough will decrease the training time required and upkeep for the cavalry troops. This can even be built in a Roman Wonder of the World village. What’s great about this is that it accelerates production time of cavalry troops by 1% every time you level up. Low crop supply? No worries! An HTR wil lower the crop consumption of all Roman cavalry units in the village. Each specific troop has a specific amount of decrease in crop consumption. The Equites Legati will consume one crop less when at level 10. At level 15, your Equites Imperatoris will consume one crop less. Finally, Equites Caesaris will consume one crop less at level 20.

This may just be one of my favorite things about the Roman tribe. Although it comes with its own downsides but once you’ve developed your tribe, everything is nothing but a beauty.