T5: Travian Kingdoms


Who’s excited? I know I am! Why you ask? Well..

Travian International Open Beta has started yesterday!

Travian really did put an effort to improve and make every players’ game experience much better. This time, Travian has released a beta version for the new Travian Kingdoms. If you haven’t seen pictures of it yet, then feast your eyes, my friends.



Screenshot 2015-03-19 21.36.03
Looks nice, doesn’t it?
Screenshot 2015-03-19 21.36.10
Ooh.. Chat boxes!
Screenshot 2015-03-19 21.36.17
Now that’s a village!


Screenshot 2015-03-19 21.36.22
Who wouldn’t love a village that looks like this? Damn!
Image source: http://kingdoms.travian.com/ph

In the Travian Kingdoms, a player can control the fate of his stat and supervise a military force. While the king is busy ruling and doing his kingly duties, governors are busy taking care and making sure the village’s economy continues to develop.

I’m pretty sure there are a lot more exciting things about this new Travian. And what better way to know them than playing the game right? This will definitely be a greater gaming experience.

Yay! New reasons to love Travian! What do you think about it?



Travian update: 52 incoming attacks. Wow.


How I wish I could explain right now how much alarmed I am when I opened my Travian account today. Why? Well, there are only 52 incoming attacks! And I thought having 11 attacks coming to my village was alarming; Guess I was wrong.

I could no longer count the number of successful raids that I found in the reports. My resources are definitely running out. Before all these happened, amount of the resources I had reached a 6-digit number. Now, well..

Take a look at this screenshot:trav

As you can see, I have almost nothing left. How can I continue doing progress if I’m basically being a host to a parasite? They benefit from me while I lose everything. This is way too troubling that I even dream about worrying what would happen to my poor village. I should stop sighing and start thinking what I can do about it..

..If there is something I can do.

Any suggestions?






Keep calm and…..trav

…calm and…


That’s it. I had enough. If these attacks are really coming, I just don’t care anymore. They’re farming me and I can’t do anything about it. How can I go against 15 ATTACKS?!

This is just ridiculous! I have no idea what’s going to happen to my village when all these attacks actually come. I might just lose everything, or worse, the entire village. I’m tired of keeping my troops and resources out. They still get away with their raids anyway. Everyday, they keep on increasing and I keep on transferring my resources and it’s just useless.

I can just lie down, try not to cry and then cry a lot but I won’t. It’s all too silly and I’m currently in the position of not being able to fight them.

Yikes! 11 Incoming Attacks!!!


So the recent attacks that has now gone from 5 to 11. And I tried to 12345look for some answers why could this be happening. I recently found out about chiefing. I still don’t get a full grasp about it but I do know is that chiefing is somehow like threatening. You threaten another village by sending fake attacks.

I read that there are different ways some players do chiefing. I think it’s a matter of strategy and it really depends on how you handle it. Also, knowing what tribe your enemy is also counts. Tactics will differ depending on the tribe. I’ve also read that it’s a way for players to make their enemies clear out the troops in the village although I still don’t understand for what reason. Some of the things I learned is that it’s to get troops out then you send catapults to destroy the village.

It’s blowing my mind especially that I am sort of falling for the trap because my troops are out of the village. Wish me luck!

Owning Multiple Villages


borat-thumbs-upIt amazes me how quick it is to build troops when you have multiple villages. You can get them all together and viola! Massive troops for attacking! It’s awesome. So I guess that’s a great aim for beginners. Aim to get multiple villages. Use them to attack and raid. You can attack your own villages. I think it’s a great way to practice. At least you have everything in your own hands. Practically, there’s really no loss but if ever there is, not that much. It’s actually pretty cool.

To help you build lots of troops, make sure to upgrade your main building and barracks to the maximum level. Helps get things moving faster saving you lots of time. Give it a try.

Comment how it works for you.

5 INCOMING RAIDS! Could it be chiefing?



Jaw dropped and eyes wide open. That’s definitely how I describe my face when I opened my Travian account today. The first thing that greeted me was an alert for 5 incoming raids! As a beginner, this is definitely the most shocking thing I’ve experienced so far.

I have no idea how to handle situations like this aside from simply dodging the attack. What can I do? It’s scaring the hell out of me and my mind’s going crazy like, “Oh snap! I can’t deal with this!” I know I don’t stand a chance against a fight like this so the best thing to do is to dodge it. Troops are safe, hopefully. I think it might be chiefing but I cannot be certain for now. I’ll just wait and see how this will turn out.

Maybe you guys have suggestions. What would you do if something like this happens?

Village Confusion


13865056192447Alright. So I find my list of villages to have changed. I somehow lost one of my villages. In my reports, the last entry about that village that I lost was it making an attack on another village. I didn’t find if that village got destroyed or what ever happened to it.

I’m trying to figure out what happened. I found another village named the same as my old one but it now has an asterisk (*) symbol added to it. The owner’s name is now different. Well, it’s just a jumble of numbers and letters and I’m not even sure if it’s actually a name.

Hope I’ll figure out what happened to it. While I’m still trying to master and get to know more this game of Travian, I should just slowly learn everything step by step.

Hero got some extra points!


My hero got back home from a dangerous adventure and guesshero what? He got some attribute points! I placed them all in the Off bonus so that when my hero goes with the army for an attack, they all get a 0.2% increase in attack value and I think it’s great!

What’s even great is seeing how much experience my hero is gaining. Though I’ve sent him to a dangerous adventure, he came back well which is nice. I was so afraid before of sending my hero to dangerous adventures because I always feared that it might not be worth the risk. Turns out, it actually is. Earning point for you hero will not only benefit the hero himself but also the entire troops.

Lesson I learned today, invest in your hero. His improvements will benefit the rest of the troops.

Travian Progress Across UKX, USX and COMX


niel patrick harrisSeems like Travian has come a long way from that older version.

We had tons of travian combat simulators and greasemonkey scripts thanks to guys like killroid that made the esthetic look and functionality much nicer.

And now with Travian 4, all that need has shrinked away because somehow, the graphic guys over at travian HQ made a better version.

Now there is some debate about what was made better vs. what was left behind. I’m curious, what does our audience think about the new Travian vs. the old one. Good or bad?

Or is it?

The Trick to Building Fast


Time is something that needs to be managed well in Travian. I learned that if you’re not wise in dealing with the time you have, you’ll be wasting so much of it. When instead of being able to progress further already, it will be a very slow progress if you don’t know how to handle your time well.

The trick to saving your time in building almost anything is quite simple, actually. All you have to do is upgrade your main building first. Once it reaches level 20, building anything will be faster. It’s an important time-saving trick in Travian and it’s pretty clever.

Oh! So you have a lot of time anyway and you’re not rushing but remember, if you improve slowly, during your long process, other players can take advantage of you. Good luck once you become a farm for other players. You’ll lose not only time but even resources. You really don’t want that to happen, right? So know your priorities.

Remember, Travian is a strategy game. It’s a matter of clever actions and wise decisions.