Travian Hero: Armor of the Hero



In our previous article, we’ve talked about the hero adventures and what you can get out of them. We’ve also tackled about hero items and specifically, hero helmets.

Well, here’s what we’re going to do. We are going to go into a series about Hero Items. This will be the second part of our series. So let’s jump in into more hero items and what they can do to help us in the game.

We all know that the hero is an important part of the village. He strengthens the army and can help you occupy an oases. So equipping your hero with the right items will give you an edge. I’ve talked about where these items can be found and how can you get them. Let’s take a peek what more you can equip your hero.

You’ve got your helmet so now, let’s work our way down. How about an armor?

A hero can wear an armor with different functions. You can choose which one best fits your need. But of course, if you just happened to find one, why complain? Wear the thing.

Hero Armor

Here’s the list of armors you can have your hero wearing with their each description:

Armor of Health RegenerationTravian-Hero-Health Regeneration-Armour

  • Armor of Regeneration – Adds 20 health points regeneration per day.
  • Armor of Health – Wear this and you get 30 additional health points regeneration per day.
  • Armor of Healing –  Gives you the big number, a 40 health points additional regeneration per day.

Armor of Damage Reduction and Health RegenerationTravian-Hero-Damage Reduction & Health Regeneration-Armour

  • Light scale Armor – Damage received from adventures are  reduced by 4 health points plus an additional 10 HP regeneration.
  • Scale Armor – Go on an adventure and the damage you receive will be reduced by 6 health points and gives your hero an additional 15 HP regeneration
  • Heavy scale Armor – This is the best armor for damage reduction and health regeneration. Damage is reduced by 8 health points with an additional 20 HP regeneration.

Travian-Hero-Fighting Strength-ArmourArmor of Fighting Strength

  • Light Breast-plate – This armor gives your hero additional 500 fighting strength for Hero.
  • Breast-plate – Let’s your hero receive an additional 1000 fighting strength for Hero.
  • Heavy Breast-plate – Power on your hero with this armor for an additional 1500 fighting strength for Hero.

Fighting Strength and Damage ReductionTravian-Hero-Fighting Strength & Damage-Reduction-Armour

  • Light Segmented-armor – This armor allows your hero to receive less damage by 3 with an additional 250 fighting strength for Hero.
  • Segmented-armor – Damage received from adventures reduced by 4 and give hero an additional 500 fighting strength for Hero.
  • Heavy Segmented-armor – Adventure damage reduced by 5 and gives your hero an additional 750 fighting strength for Hero.

Taking a Pick

If you ask me, I would go for the Heavy scale armor which reduces damage by 8 with an additional 20 HP. I think it is more important for me to give my hero the protection he need so whatever he will need to face, I wouldn’t worry of him dying. But if you’re an offensive player, you should definitely pick the Heavy Segmented armor. It might just be your best choice. Of course, always depend on what type of player you are and choose the one that best fits your needs.

Travian Hero: Hero Items and Adventures


Hero Adventures

Sending you hero on adventures is advantageous in so many ways. The more adventures you send your hero to, the more his experience will increase. Not just that, it will also make you earn silver, resources and fine helpful items like cages, ointments, books and more. There are a lot of things your hero can find in adventures. One time, my hero even went home with 3 Phalanxes. It made me wonder where I got those Phalanxes since I had no barracks yet back then. When I read the report, they were carried home by my hero. I made good use of them. Point is, you would want to send your hero on adventures as much as possible. You wouldn’t want those adventures just piling up and your hero is staying at the village doing nothing.

Tips on Adventures

Normal and dangerous adventures both have their pros and cons. If your hero’s health is not full, don’t send him on dangerous adventures. You wouldn’t want to risk it. But if your hero has full health, be confident in sending him on dangerous adventures. It will more likely increase his experience and you gain more on dangerous adventures. For your hero’s health, if it’s too low and you want to rush things a bit, don’t wait for his health to go back up. You can have your hero killed and he can regenerate faster. Although it will cost you resources. reviving a hero will only take 1 day but it takes longer for him to heal especially on very low health.

Hero Items

My hero starting to look good with items found on adventures.
My hero starting to look good with items found on adventures.

Great thing about hero adventures is that you can get to find not just resources but other stuff. On my hero’s recent adventures, he got to bring home a Light-segmented armor, Small Shield and Boots of Mercenary. Who’d thought I’d find these much items right?

Now, I’m aiming for more and better items for my hero. I’ve recently been checking auctions for items to buy. Boy, is it hard to find great items. Sadly for me, I haven’t won a single auction yet. My target is to get a helmet for my hero.

Hero Helmets

There are a lot of different kinds of helmets and they each possess a different value. Let me show you what they are and what each item do:

  • Helmet of Awareness – This helmet allows your hero to earn an additional 15% experience.
  • Helmet of Enlightenment – Still, this add experience but it’s not 20% more.
  • Helmet of Wisdom – The helmet which makes your hero earn an additional 25% on experience. This is the highest increase among all the helmets can provide.
  • Helmet of Regeneration – Adds a little 10 HP/day
  • Helmet of Health – This helmet adds 15 HP/day
  • Helmet of Healing – The helmet with the highest addition to your hero’s health points of 20 HP/day
  • Helmet of the Gladiator – This helmet adds 100 Culture Points per day on 1x speed and 50 on 3x speed Culture Points per day.
  • Helmet of the Tribune –  Another culture points adder helmet with 400 Culture Points per day on 1x speed and 200 on 3x speed Culture Points per day.
  • Helmet of the Consul – An astounding 800 Culture Points per day on 1x speed and 400 on 3x speed Culture Points per day when your hero wears this helmet.
  • Helmet of the Horseman – Provides a reduce in training time in the Stable by 10%
  • Helmet of the Cavalry – Training time in Stable reduced by 15% when hero wears this helmet.
  • Helmet of the Heavy cavalry – Have your hero wear this helmet and training time in Stable reduced by 20%
  • Helmet of the Mercenary – Probably one of the most useful helmet for offensive players. Provides a reduce in training time in Barracks by 10%.
  • Helmet of the Warrior – Level up the previous helmet and you’ve got this which reduces training time in Barracks by 15%.
  • Helmet of the Archon – The helmet with the highest reduction time for training troops in Barracks reducing it by 20%.


These are only a few of what’s more for your hero. This will help give you an edge in the game so don’t let it go to waste. You hero can find them in adventures if you’re lucky enough. But if not, still, send your hero on adventures so you can earn silver. Use it then to buy items from auctions. Get your hero ready for any battle he’ll face.

Travian Goal: Expanding Empire & Culture Points


travPlayers that don’t have goals are probably the worst type. They’re impulsive and they tend to make reckless decisions which lead them to a pointless game play. There is not a single game that has no ultimate goal. Even a game as simple as Flappy Bird have a goal and it is to get the farthest as possible. More so with a strategy game like Travian. Once it is reached by one player, the server ends and everyone has to start all over again. But of course, if you’re not that of a dreamer, then you could aim for simpler goals like building a huge empire or be the best at raiding or be able to conquer other villages.

But in order to get to that ultimate goal, you need to have a daily goal. These daily goals is a stepping stone towards that big aim of yours. For me, my aim is to be able to do successful attacks and raids and no longer be the farm. You may say that it’s a bit low but hey, I’m a beginner. As far as I can remember, I’ve been farmed ever since I started playing. So my aim is to finally be the one to farm and not the one being farmed. It’s not much but it will get me through.

Now this is how I plan to get it done. First, I build and improve my first village. I want to make sure that my capital is big and strong. Second, I build other villages. These smaller villages will help me gather a bigger army. When that happens, I will then be able to do attacks and raid villages. As of the moment, my village is looking pretty good although I will be needing to do some more serious upgrade. Time. Time is all I need.



I’d be glad to say that since my Beginner’s Protection came to an end, no serious attacks have came. I guess it is very advantageous to join a server that has just started. Everyone’s still starting out so you’ll have less problems.

So this is what I had to deal with today. As you can see, I build a residence. I was so eager, actually too eager, to build a second village that I missed important details about it. Yes, you need a Residence to build a second village since you will have to train settlers, at least 3, to found a new village. What went wrong was I didn’t know that there would be other requirements for me to build my second village. You don’t just need a Residence, you need culture points. As for me, I still need 1,231 culture points for me to build my second village. That’s still a lot! I won’t say I wasted my resources building the Residence but if I knew I couldn’t build my second village yet, I should have hold off the construction and used my resources for other purposes. Maybe building troops to attack an oases or build a Trapper.

Since it’s already done, I just have to make the most of it. I have made an article about culture points. Right now, I can’t build a building that will produce high culture points yet since my Main Building is still working its way to level 6. I need it to get to level 10 for me to start moving. I suppose my Residence will be sitting there for quite some time but I will make sure that I put it to good use as soon as possible. At the same time, I have to find a way to be able to defend myself from attackers. I guess you could say, “No pressure.” but you’d be wrong. There’s so much pressure but I have to keep my head straight. I shouldn’t let my mistakes get the best of me. I’d say the same thing to any beginner who are still struggling.

Don’t lose focus on your aim. Even if errors happen and mistakes are made, don’t let it get you off your course.

Travian Strategy: Is your mindset holding you back?


What’s your story? What do you think will happen with your strategies? Are your plans going to help you work your way to be a top player? Or are there things holding you back?may25-2

Most of us do not make a conscious decision about how we’re going to play. It’s just a game anyway. Rather, we just wing it. And unfortunately, many of us, especially beginners, just end up in painful experiences and become pessimistic thus completely hindering progress.

How many new players ever said, “That’s just my luck.” when the game don’t turn out the way they planned? Or make grandiose statements claiming that bad things always happen and cheating is needed to succeed in the game?

No matter how bad or things can get, let’s say you can’t prevent or fight off the numerous attacks coming into your village, maybe you didn’t start right? You see, from the very beginning, you will need skill and the right strategy. Starting off with the wrong strategies and no clear direction can affect the outcome of the entire game. And once the server has ended, you’d still be the favorite farm of every player.

Do not limit yourself to what you can do. Take time to research and learn what strategies work best. Start right by learning what tribe works best with your aim. For example, Gaul tribe works better on defense. They have a special building called the Gaul Trapper which can make traps in your village and imprison any raider or attacker. If you want to be an offensive player and raid your way to the top, choose the Teutons. They are the most successful raiders and their infantry is the best in the game. But if you want to play equally good at defense and offense, choose Romans.

Before you start any server, it’s best to have a plan set. Although, you can still learn your way through but do not let any disappointments and failure competely hinder you from continuing. You still have a long way to do. Best tip is to join a server that has just started. You can have more time to improve since other players are also still just starting.

g36-ltrIf you continue to tell yourself the same story of failure, you will continue to be one over and over again. Remember, if your startegy didn’t work, try a different one. You can always start over and learn from your previous mistakes. Develop a pattern and protocol like upgrading. You should be able to do some each day until they all reach their maximum levels. Expand your empire by building more villages. A great trick is have a village intended for a single purpose. For example, you have one or more villages solely for building troops. This will help you build a huge army to attack bigger players.

Travian is a mindset. It will all come down to what you think and what you know you can do and must happen. Empower your beliefs and let it help you be a successful player. Because when you’re certain about your potential, you take a massive action. And when you take that massive action, you get massive results thus motivating you to do more. You know you’re capable of being one of the big player and not a mere raiding target.

Condition your mind. You want to live up to your full potential. If now isn’t the time, then when?

Get in the Game: 5 Travian Strategies to be a Successful Player


travian-villageYou cannot win a game you do not play. This is true in any game, either sports or video games or even in life. And yet many of us stand on the sidelines because we are unsure of the strategy to use in order to win the game. Like in the game Travian, it will cost you time, effort and resources.

Truth is, you are already playing and you can’t avoid being the underdog. The prize is worth the effort but you have to put more of it if you want to earn the prize.

By now, you probably don’t know yet what strategy to use to get you through in Travian. If your way of playing isn’t the best, you’ll most likely be frustrated by your lack of progress and realize that you need to invest more effort, time and resources to get on top – otherwise, why would you keep on researching what others do? You want to know how they do it and what’s the strategy they use.

Here’s how you can get in the game

1. Know the Timeline
Time is the only resource you can’t get enough of in Travian. You cannot ever know how much time you’ll have before bigger players start to make you a farm. However, the basic thing you have to do is down to two phases: properly manage your time and learn to prioritize.During the first phase of time management, this will require careful planning. Know how much time you need and aim for a deadline. Then comes the second phase, prioritizing. Knowing what you are aiming for will let you learn what to prioritize. In the case of offensive players, you learn to prioritize improving your troops and being able to create more. For defensive players, you learn to prioritize improving defense mechanisms to ward off attackers.

2. Gain the Advantage
In connection to number one, you can save time by knowing a certain advantage. In Travian, knowing the tribe that will help you with your game aim can help you not only save time but also getting an edge in the game. Each tribe, Romans, Gauls and Teutons have a specialty. Knowing what they can do best will help you progress faster and better. Perhaps, you’ve seen other players grow well in the game. If you get an advantage, you can compete with them. Join an alliance, that is one advantage you shouldn’t miss.

3. Make Your First Move
It’s time to make an important decision and it is to finally get in the move. Don’t think that constructing buildings and upgrading resource fields is the only thing you need to do. Even in the case of defensive players, you need to make a move. You need to learn how to attack and fight back those players who might be farming or chiefing you.

4. Automate It
Now that you have formulated your winning strategy, it’s time to automate it. Remember that it is you guide throughout the game. Whether you choose to be defensive, be offensive or be good at both, you have to let that strategy be a rule – it has to be automatic. Execute every plan, every raid, every attack, every adventure and let that strategy lead you to being one of the top players. If your strategy don’t work, don’t fret. You can always try again. As long as there is progress in your village, you can always find a way to shift and do things differently.

5. Make the Impossible Shot
In a strategy game like Travian, you can never guess what’s coming. You’ve got a winning strategy but it is a risk. Don’t be afraid to take it. This means that we struggle with feelings like worrying about failing or being the player that is just present to be farmed. That’s why we’re coming up with a strategy. As long as you have one, you have nothing to worry.

It may seem impossible to be a top player and you may even resort to cheating. So what happened? You get discouraged. But it is not how it is supposed to be. After days and months of playing, you have made progress so keep that in mind. As long as you are progressing, you can always find a way around every problem.

You have a winning strategy to get in the game – become your own star player, make things happen and get in the game!

Adventurous Travian Dual “Couples”


home-slider-trivianEvery year thousands of teams set out on the journey to play Travian on one of the speed servers. For some, it is the best and most reward journey they ever go on. But for others, getting along with sitters and duals is a constant source of contention.

So what is the difference between players that make it to the top 10 and duals that can’t break the 100 ranks and end up hating each other?

The stresses with playing Travian are inevitable – the cost of gold, the first few days, the seemingly never ending troops to build and move around. This is all to be expected since everyone starts their Travian account from zero and builds it up.

To help you better understand and navigate the process of dealing the duals and keeping each other organized, I have made a list of the top 3 “dual relationship” strategies that have worked for me.


Your ability to manage the stress that comes with playing Travian is more important the more duals are playing on the account. When someone experienced a stressful moment, due to too many attacks coming in or losing too many villages… or even playing the game takes too much time out of their personal life, they tend to get dramatic and want to quit.

This is why you and your duals need to develop a stress management plan that includes organization and delegation so that everyone knows what they have to do on the account. Making duals responsible for various activities is a good way to achieve this. Creating a “daily account management routine” is another great way to accomplish this.

It may also be a good idea for duals to take time off from playing Travian. Rather than rotating through 4 people on the account, why not give one person a 4-day vacation so they can come back refreshed? This method often works very well with duals who are from an older audience and who have personal lives outside of Travian (work, kids, relationships, etc.)


Spending time away from Travian should be taken for what it is. It should not be a time when you are logging into the game and checking your villages one last time before going to bed.

Discussing travian related issues or secretly playing the game when your spouse/partner is around is a great way to agitate them and make them think that you “love travian more than you love” them.

When you play travian with your duals, it’s also easy to turn your bedroom and personal life into an extension of the game. Just remember that as harmless as this may seem, it actually can wreak havoc on the intimacy of your relationships outside of Travian.


When you play Travian with your duals, it’s easy to fall into the trap of treating your duals like your subordinates. But just because you are playing an account together as a team doesn’t mean that you have to be the boss and bitch everyone around. Travian is, after all, all about teamwork.

Keep in mind that you are running a large account that requires someone working on it 24/7. You can keep things going smoothly with your duals by:

  • Saying “please” and “thank you”
  • Not blaming your dual when something goes wrong on the account.
  • If you are talking over the phone, don’t interrupt!
  • Be mindful of your language, don’t swear too much
  • Give your undivided attention to your duals when you are creating a strategy

Keeping your relationship with your duals professional does not need to mean that you are being cold
and distant toward them. It simply means being mindful of what you are saying/chatting. By treating
your duals with respect, you will create a gaming environment that is more fun and healthier for everyone.

Travian Culture Points and Celebrations


Culture points is something that interests a lot of players. With high culture points, you can find and conquer more villages. You can accumulate culture points by building and upgrading buildings. The higher the level your buildings are, the higher culture points it gives you per day. Now culture points are provided by buildings depending on what building it is. There are building that give high culture points and there are some that are lesser. The building that gives the highest culture points is the Treasury. Now this is one expensive building to construct but trust me, the investment will be worth it.

Aside from constructing and upgrading buildings, another great way to earn culture points is by holding celebrations. A celebration, or otherwise called as parties, are held in a Town Hall. There are two types of celebrations: a Small Celebration and a Great Celebration. A Great Celebration is otherwise called as Tea Parties or Grand Balls in other servers. The only disadvantage of celebrations is that they cost much resources but they will earn you great culture points. Of course, the Great Celebration will even cost more than a Small Celebration.

To build a Town Hall, you will need certain prerequisites. A Main Building at level 10 and an Academy at the same, level 10. So earning culture points through celebrations won’t be that easy. More investments of resources and time must be put in. But of course, this is one thing that you will need to do later on in order to progress.

Other building that give the most culture points are the Town Hall, Embassy, Palace, Academy, Workshop, Marketplace and Trade Office. For beginners, the first building that will provide you with high culture points is the Main Building. Construct other buildings as well to earn more culture points. The best you can have to earn culture points is by building an Embassy and a Marketplace. These buildings are mostly required for new players to build since these are part of tasks. You could also start with constructing a Residence. It is one of the second best choice for buildings with high culture points.

Of all the buildings, there one thing you can build that will not give you any culture points. That is the World of Wonder. Even to begin with, it has zero culture points. Now, culture points can be accumulated even with other villages you build. But don’t worry, even if you decide to get rid of one village, it will not affect your culture points in any way. It will remain as is and you will not lose culture points.

Right now, I’m planning on building an Academy anytime soon. With it, I can build a Town Hall so I can start holding celebrations. But that’s not my priority yet. I still have other plans. Rest assured, it’s in my to-do list. I am still trying to build a marketplace so I can have my prisoners ransomed. I have 40 prisoners from two different players. One with 22 prisoners and one with 18 prisoners. I released prisoners from one player since there were only two of the guys. It would be handy if you can use the prisoners for doing your own attacks. I think that would be a neat addition to the game. But since it cannot be, the best I can do to take advantage of it is by having them ransomed.

I’m still idle today since the error has still persist. I already made a report and I’m hoping to get a response within 12-24 hours. I’m really getting the feeling that I’m the only one experiencing this error since there is still no update from Travian about an error or maintenance. But anyhow, today was not wasted. I was able to do research and planned some things on what to do with my Travian account. Finally, I’m starting to get the hang of this game. I just need to do more upgrades since I would need resources. Lots and lots, loads and loads of resources. I’m planning on doing attacks and conquering an oases which I still have to figure out how to do. Still, I’m looking forward to what I can do.

I’m sure, any player would agree with me that you can’t let a day pass without checking your Travian account. What’s not to be excited about, right?

Travian Error: System Down or Maintenance?


There’s something wrong with my Travian. I logged in today and was able to navigate around my village. But then when I tried to create troops, this box just pops up.


It does the same when I try to upgrade a building. When I attempted to start construction on my marketplace, the same thing happens. I have no idea what’s wrong since I was able to log in successfully and I can even go through my village like clicking on buildings.

If this is for a maintenance, there should be a notification for it, right? So I’m doubtful that it is. I think it’s an error. Error of I have no idea what but I do hope it will be back to normal tomorrow. I have an agenda and I want to do an attack now that I can create 30 troops. What ever this error is, I hope it doesn’t affect the game badly. I swear I’ll go berserk if things go completely wrong like I lose progress or anything of the like.

I tried to do some research about Travian errors but there’s nothing similar to what I’m experiencing right now. Some of the problems I found involved wrongly set computer date and time which cause problems on Travian. Some also involved Travian itself in which they were doing some maintenance which cause the system to be down temporarily. I checked the official Travian Facebook page and there was no announcement for any maintenance whatsoever.

I then noticed that there is an information button at the upper right corner of the pop up and it led me to the Travian Answers page. All I was able to find was notifications of page restriction, banning and construction plans. None were about the problem I had. The pop up only contained ” – ? – ” (as seen in the picture above). I have checked my PC date and time and they are all correct so it couldn’t be the problem.

If this problem continues, I might need to contact the Travian admin. I guess it will be the only way to solve my problem if ever it’s still there tomorrow. Right now, I can try being patient. Maybe Travian will notice and fix it so I would not need to contact them.

Well, it seems like there’s nothing for me to do today but wait. Too bad, so much time wasted. I could have done so much now that my warehouse is upgraded and my resources now reach 4,000 each. My crop is even now almost at 5,000. There’s so much to do but time didn’t allow it today. Oh, well. C’est la vie. Let’s see how things will go tomorrow.

Raiding in Travian: Oases Raid and Raid Defenses


Doesn’t good news always make your day? It is sure to make anyone happy when they hear good news. But what if it’s backed up by bad news? It just ruins everything. Well, that’s what my Travian had for me today. It tells me the good news, then followed by bad news…

..and then another bad news.

Plus one more bad news.

I guess I really can’t expect everything to go smoothly as it is. Here is the good news I was talking about:

trav 3

Doesn’t that report look great? A successful defense against an attack. Nine enemies captured and 1 enemy dead. Well, I say my troops did pretty well. There really is power in number. I say that any player, regardless of what tribe you are, you should really make the effort of improving anything that would give you a great number of troops. As long as you have your enemies greatly outnumbered, chances of winning against them is very high. Much more if you have specialized troops and then you are great in number, you will surely get the game going. But of course, all of these need resources. Not just crops, iron, wood or clay but most importantly, time. Time is the only resource you can’t get enough of in Travian. It is always the one you’re sure to get short of. So rushing things won’t get you anywhere. You can’t rush it. Patience is very valuable at this time. You really have to take every step slowly and carefully. So make wise use of your time. Be sure to invest it in projects that need priority.

Going back to my report, that’s it. I got a good news of a defeated enemy. But then, I had to read my other reports. They did not contain more good news. It just went like this…

trav 2

One defeat..

trav 1

..and then another.

Who couldn’t possibly get annoyed? My troops were wiped out just like that. Damn. Just when I was getting the hang of things, this happened. Well, it’s inevitable. There are a lot of strong players out there. I really just wish they don’t feed on the weak, you know?


At least, I tried. I just have to continue making progress if I want more of those good reports. I have lots of resources now and I’m looking forward to expanding them even more. Now, my warehouse is working it’s way to level 5. My main building is at level 12. Work on upgrading your main building. Prioritize it. The higher the level of your main building, the less time it takes for others to level up. So, it’s a clever use of time management. Take it as a tip.

Since I’m working on my warehouse, I can store more and more resources. Which also means, I can train more troops. I need lots of resources if I want a big army, right? I can then raid more oases and hopefully, occupy one soon. My village is situated trav 5at an area where there are three unoccupied oases of clay. Since my tribe is Gaul, this is a big help for me. I’ll work on that anytime soon. Right now, I’m still prioritizing on getting more and more troops. Hopefully, I can avoid future attacks so I can gather loads of troops.

Hold on! The bad news isn’t over. Yep, there’s definitely more. Oh, don’t worry. This is the last one, for today.

trav 4


That’s right, folks. My hero died, again! She’s on her way to being revived. Man, I can’t afford anymore of these deaths. It’s costing me too much on reviving her. I can use the extra resource for more troops, you know? It’s really frustrating. But again, I won’t mope all day about it. I just need more ways on getting more resources.

Also, I still don’t know what to do with my prisoners. I can just set them free. I really don’t care. I just want troops. But I’ll still try to see if I can use them for my advantage. They are not so many so ransoming them doesn’t seem to be very promising although I could still try for a few amount of resources. But I’d still need to build a marketplace and I also don’t have resources for that yet. Although right now, I’m busy using up my resources. I don’t want them to just simply go to my farmers. I’m not that generous. Since I can’t do much defending myself yet, I’ll use them as much as I can.

That’s not much for today but I’m glad I’m making clearer progress. At least, it’s a milestone. My first successful defense. Just you wait. There’s more where that came from!