Winner Mindset: How top players make it


winner mindset


A lot of new players find struggle in getting the hang of the Travian game. I remember when I first started out when I had no idea what was going on. I didn’t know what would happen if I do this or if I do that. It really takes time to learn although for some, it may come as a piece of cake. But if you’re one who is willing to change ways and perform at your best, then there are some things you have to deal with about your mindset. A winner mindset will get you going and these tips I’m going to give you will help you get on the game.

I know these because I have experienced them. It is not easy to be a beginner in a game because you know there are a lot of experts that could bring you down. It’s really a tough battle but with the right strategy and the right mindset, you can make your way to the top.

winner mindsetWinner Mindset – Tips on How To Gain Momentum

  1. Don’t say, “I’m still new and I’m just learning.” You’ve been playing for a month or two already and yet you still say this? Even at the start of your game, don’t say that. Yes you’re new but you need the winner mindset to make things happen. Saying that you’re still new and you’re just learning will bar you from seeking expert techniques. You’re constantly thinking that you’re a newbie so tendency is that you’ll stick to the beginner’s tips. It’s good to learn basic strategies but you can’t stay in them forever. It might be hard for you at first to understand expert techniques but if you won’t push it, then you will not progress.
  2. Don’t say, “I wish there won’t be so much raids.” Reality check: Like it or not, there will be raids. You can’t just hope and pray that raids won’t come. Do something that will make raids in your village unsuccessful. A winner mindset will always tell you to act on something instead of wishing it’s not there. The raids will come and they will keep on coming if they’re always getting resources from you. You have to defend yourself against them. Work on your defense and work on your crannies. Make sure you have troops. Protect your village, most especially your resources, from the enemies.
  3. Don’t say, “My village can’t develop because of the constant farming.” This is in continuation to the previous one. Again, it’s a crime to not build up defenses. If you won’t defend yourself, enemies will continue coming. But just because they continue coming, doesn’t mean you’ll just give up. What do you want to do? Start a new server all over again? And if you’re again being farmed? Will you just stop and then start over again? Do you really want to stick to a cycle like that? Someone who is up for the win don’t think that way. A winner mindset will always tell you to figure things out. Find a way to solve the problem, not avoid it.
  4. Don’t say, “I still don’t understand that strategy so I’ll just not mind it for now.” If you think like this, you’re the problem, not the game. The game is not difficult, you’re just making it hard for you. You have to understand how things work. The better you know the game, the better you can play. You can’t just wait for a miracle. This is a strategy game, you have to figure out a strategy. Devise one if you must and if you can. Saying that you will skip it will definitely cost you a lot of time and it will make you lose progress. By the time you’re ready to learn it, you’re already way behind.
  5. Don’t message a player to stop attacking you. Okay, maybe for some, this is effective. But please, begging for mercy from the enemy? That is just ridiculous. Someone with a winner mindset definitely knows to have some pride. It’s so small of you to ask the enemy to stop attacking instead of working on defending yourself from them. And then what? You’ll offer to give resources in exchange for not attacking you? Yes, you’re not being farmed. You’re a slave. What if you can’t send anymore resources and the enemy attacks you, what would you do then?

winner mindsetBe The Winner

No matter how hard it can get, remember to keep in track of your actions. Through this, you will learn. By learning, you can improve. Don’t settle and be content by being just a player. You would want to be so much more. Only then can you say that you have truly enjoyed playing.

Fixing My Village: The Mistakes Done and Their Solutions


mistakes done

Fixing My Village

There have been a lot of things in the past that has caused me lots of problem in Travian. If you have been following this blog, you would know the problems I have faced such as the crop shortage problem, the constant raids, and even the stalker problems which brought destructive attacks in my village. The economy of my Travian was also at possibly it’s worst state ever which caused problem after problem after problem. I know these are all results of crucial mistakes done and I am to blame for them

I do admit, I made poor decisions. Hey, I’m not much of an expert yet but I am trying my best to learn the game and understand it well. This way, I can make sure that I’m on the right track and to be honest, I have never gone this far ever before. So I’m actually proud of the things that I have achieved. If ever I start a new server over again, I’m pretty sure my progress will be faster since I have learned a lot from my experiences in this server.

But now, I’m on the process of getting my village back on track. The mistakes done won’t hold me back from getting my village back to a good condition. The raids have cooled down, I have dealt with the stalker and my resources are well protected with my 3 crannies so my worries about raids are no longer that scary.

Step by Step Process – Mistakes Done and Solutionsmistakes done

Here, I’d outline the mistakes that I have made and the solution that must be done to get things back on track. I’m hoping that this mistake list will help you guys not make the same mistakes I’ve done.

  • Keeping resource fields behind – This mistake done is one mortal sin if you ask me and trust me, it’s one you wouldn’t want to make. You can take the tip I gave you yesterday which I am now doing.  I’m on the process of applying it and my resource fields are now looking good.
  • Not investing on defenses – Of all of the mistakes done, this is one of the biggest. Beginners and “small time” players are the usual targets of raids. They are the ones who usually end up as farms. So as early as the beginner’s protection period, invest your time and resources of building up defenses. Protect your resources as much as possible. When you’re continuously raided and the enemy raids are successful, they will see that you have poor defenses and you can be sure that with the loots they can take from you, they will keep coming back. Once they do, it will be very difficult for you to get back up since you will no longer have the resources you need to build up resources. In other words, don’t wait for things to be too late before you start to realize what should be done.
  • Making enemies – If you’re a player who is still not capable of building an army in a short period of time, DO NOT invest a lot of time to build a big army and attack a big player. As tempting as it can get, try to avoid revenge on a player you know can create a big army in just a day or two while it takes you more than a week to top his troops. A mistake done like this is a very bad decision and you will end up making an unnecessary enemy. Not unless you are capable of keeping those troops in great number each day, don’t piss off a big player. You will be defeated before you can even counter his attacks.
  • Staying idle – Sometimes when you see that you have done a lot already in your account, you could feel content with the progress you’ve made which in turn causes you to take time to chill and relax. It can be very tempting but remember, the big players are not stopping and so should you. You may think you’re good enough but you’re not. As long as there is room for improvement and there can still be upgrades to be done, do it. When there’s nothing else you can upgrade in the village, then build a second one. Never let yourself be idle. You may relax now but once you’ve gained frequent raiders, you may not be able to relax anymore. Tendency, you’ll just give up hope. Mistake done like this could be irreversible so as early as you can, solve it!

Learn Your Way Through

It’s natural to make mistakes, we’re not perfect after all. But, be sure that you take action immediately. There are mistakes done that if you dwell in can be beyond repair. Do your best and learn your way through the game. There will always be a way to make things better. You just have to find it, solve the problem, get better.

Travian Resource Fields: How To Manage and Level Up Each Field Efficiently


resource fields

Resource Fields

I am pretty sure that most of you have noticed that the higher you upgrade a resource field or a building, it gets more expensive to upgrade even further. In the case of your resource fields, you may not be able to gain back what you have invested if you cannot manage your fields well. That is why there I think this tip about resource fields upgrading can be very helpful. You must always upgrade the lower level fields first.

Pushing Further – Wise Management

resource fieldsBear in mind the tip that I just gave you. Your resource fields must always be upgraded evenly. This is to make sure that you actually gain from upgrading your resource fields. Although there are building that will help you yield more resources but you might want to keep in mind that you need to efficiently gain resources. It is a bad idea to keep upgrading one of your resource fields more and more but then leaving behind other to a lower level. Make sure you upgrade your resource fields, wood, iron and clay, evenly. This means that you will make sure that they are not more than one level higher from each other. You will not be gaining resources effectively and it may cause you problems.

Early in the game, resources are crucial. This is why it’s important to protect them from raiders. This is why we build crannies. Now that you have resources and your resource fields are producing them efficiently, you can then push it further. Once you have built a second village, you can send resources from your capital to your second village so you can keep upgrading your resource fields. This is a very effective way to make sure that you will have enough, possibly even more, resources that you need.

Special Buildings

There are special buildings that you can build to help increase your resource production. For wood, you can build a Sawmill. For clay, you can build a Brickyard. For iron, you can build an Iron Foundry.

Now keep this exception in mind. Once you have, for example, your wood resource fields all at level 8, then upgrade one field to level 10 and then build a Sawmill. This exception is applicable also for your iron and clay resource fields.

Crop Fields

You may have noticed that I didn’t include crop in the previous discussions about upgrading the resource fields. This is because there is a difference in the way you should upgrade your crop resource fields.

Crop is very important and it is a resource that you would want to effectively make sure is producing abundantly. Troops, and in cases of Gauls, prisoners, consume crop. In the past, I have experienced a terrible problem with crop shortage because I have left it behind in the upgrading and I had troops and prisoners consuming crop regularly.

For crop, this is how you would want to upgrade it for better production. Once all of your crop fields reach level 5, build a Grain Mill. Upon completion, this is now what you have to keep in mind. Upgrade your Grain Mill for every level you upgrade you crop field. For example, you are now leveling your crop field to level 6, then level up your Grain Mill to level 2. Crop field to level 7, then Grain Mill to level 3. And this will go on until you reach level 8. Once all crop fields are at level 8, upgrade one field to level 10 and then by this time, you will then build a Bakery. Level up your bakery up to level 3 before proceeding to level up your crop fields to level 9. After all that’s done, upgrade your Bakery to level 4 before proceeding to upgrading your crop fields to level 10.

Conclusionresource fields

These are the best strategy you can do to maximize resource output and make sure that production is efficient. Always bear in mind that resources are very important and you would want to make sure that you do everything you can to effectively produce resources.

Invitation To Have A Travian Sitter, Learning What It Is. Bonus: Travian Stalker Update!


Travian Stalker Update

Today, I logged into my Travian account to check for updates. Yesterday, I talked to you guys about this Travian stalker whose been asking for my Facebook account. Things just got even way more creepier today. I received this message from him today:

travian sitter

I guess that made his intentions clear. I really didn’t expect this. Does he really think it can be just like that? What an idiot. He even gave me his number. Yes, you read that right. He gave me his number saying that I can just text or call him. I guess he’s really serious or just really desperate. This guy probably has no one in his life. I just don’t understand why he thinks he can find a girlfriend just like that. I’m not that stupid.

Anyway, I’m just trying my best to keep him off my village so I’m going with the flow. Not that I’m saying I’m giving away myself to him. Like hell, that would happen. What I’m saying is that I make up excuses so he won’t keep on flirting with me and at the same time, feel pity for me so that he won’t attack my village. I just hope he believes those stuff that I’m saying. I’m trying to be dramatic so I can sound at least a bit convincing.

Message of Invitation

Enough about that weird, creepy stalker guy. Today, I received an invitation. This person is offering to be my Travian sitter. I’m a little doubtful because I don’t think you just get invitations for something that is advantageous to you. My first thought is that this person might want something from me. Becoming my Travian sitter might get me in trouble.

To those who don’t know what a sitter is, let’s discuss it, shall we?

Travian Sitter

A Travian sitter is useful when for example you’ll be away for a while and you need someone to take care of your account for you. This works well if you don’t have any duals. A Travian sitter’s job is to maintain your account when you’re not able to do so. They have ability to do things in your account but the owner of the account can limit what a Travian sitter can do. They can upgrade resource fields, upgrade buildings, launch raids and send reinforcements and even create a new village.

Two sitters can be added in one account. You can find this is the Options bar on the upper right corner of the screen.travian sitter

Once you click the Options button a new window will find this window like the one below and you will just have to click the Sitter tab.travian sitter

This is where you can add or remove a Travian sitter. The owner of the account can immediately remove a sitter anytime he wants to. There are rules about this system in Travian. For in depth understanding, visit the Travian game rules page.

A Travian Sitter is different from having duals. Travian Sitters are recognized by the Travian software whereas duals are just agreements between players in using one account to help the owner. Duals are not recognized by the Travian software.

A lot of things can happen when you have a sitter and it may be difficult if that someone cannot be trusted or else you will risk getting banned. A disadvantage to having a sitter is that you may make enemies you don’t want to make. Things done in your village may not be as you want them to be. The good thing about sitters over duals is that a Travian sitter can be limited to certain tasks. If you are clever, you can have this used to your advantage but make sure that you can keep monitoring your account because sitters can get you into serious trouble.

Here is a list of what a Travian sitter can and cannot do:

Sitters can:

  • Raid
  • Build Buildings
  • Send Messagea
  • Change villages
  • Settle Villages
  • Build Troops
  • Research Troops
  • Upgrade Troops
  • Join an Alliance
  • Look at your statistics
  • Buy Gold
  • Use NPC Merchant
  • Pose being you

Sitters Can’t

  • Cheif
  • Do a Normal Attack
  • Use Catapults
  • Edit your Profile, Preferences and Account details
  • Use Gold
  • View Alliance Options
  • Leave an Alliance

Make sure you can trust your sitter. You wouldn’t want to end up being banned or getting into so much trouble.


Travian Stalker Is Back! Now, He Wants More?! Vibrator Story Part 2


The Travian Stalker

In my previous postings, I made an article about a guy in Travian whom I met. If you have read the story, you know that this guy is a Travian stalker and has been demanding personal things from me. He was being flirty but he is a guy who is way older than me. It’s really creepy.

Just when I thought that things couldn’t get creepier, it just did.

His Return

I have been updating my Travian account and if you have read my article yesterday about updates in my account, you know what’s going on. I was happy about the results of my hero’s adventures. He went home with 36 TT’s and the latest is 35 Druidrider. I couldn’t be happier with the first report but when I read the next reports, I was like, “oh. my. god.”

There was one attack that was quite damaging. With the 400 troops this player sent, my troops were wiped out. It was not very surprising and I guess that’s a normal thing to happen in Travian. What surprised me was the other report. It wasn’t just a raid, it was an attack. This attack came from, you’ve guessed it, the Travian stalker.

See the report right here:

travian stalker


I couldn’t be more outraged with what I saw! 8 catapults and he was able to destroy my cropland?! This is terrible. This is hindering me way too much with my progress and I have to do something about it. As I’m typing this now, an attack just came in from him and now my main building has been lowered to level 10 from level 11. There has been way too much damage already. I have to do something about this Travian stalker. I was able to make friends with him before by just going with his flirts. I bet I can manage to somehow manipulate him again and have him stop attacking me.

He sent me a message. I was not worried at all because I’m pretty sure  he just wants something again and I’m pretty confident I can make my way around him. This is what his message contained:

travian stalker 2

I told him that we were friends so why would he give me such a blow. Turns out, he does want something. This Travian stalker wants to know more about my personal life so now he’s asking to know what my Facebook account is. I guess it’s a trade. My Facebook in exchange for him to stop attacking my village.

I am so confused. I was planning on telling him a fake name which I just made up. I can’t just create and account because he’ll know I’m faking it. But if I don’t give him something, he’ll continue attacking me.travian stalkerto the point of destroying my village. He already destroyed my cropland. Who knows what he’ll do next. It was already lucky enough that his attack didn’t destroy my palisade. This Travian stalker is a bigger player than I am so I can’t fight him. I won’t be able to do a successful attack. Besides, if I do that, I just made myself a big enemy.

I need a plan to defeat this Travian without having to actually fight him.

Attempted Solution

This is what I will do, I will come up with the excuse that I don’t have a Facebook account because me and my boyfriend just broke up so I deactivated it. I’ll try to see if he’ll bite to that excuse. But, if ever he won’t, there is only one thing to do. I would just have to report him to the multi-hunter. I have no choice. I really do wonder how he’d react and what would happen if I report him. Things might just get a little more interesting. Until then, I’ll keep you guys updated on how this story will end up.

The Dilemma: Training Village Settlers But Having To Deal With Raiders


The Dilemma

The past few days have kept me busy about preparing to build my second village. I have been spending so much time and effort on upgrading resources and my residence (palace). I did so much to work on it and I have been doing on the side is researching new troops. Oh, but speaking of troops, I just found 36 TT’s from adventure which is just fabulous! Anyway, back to the topic, I have been taking care of a lot that would help me start working on my second village.

village settlers

As you can see, my village is now starting to look good and is in shape. So I am now ready to expand but the problem is I’ve been having too many raiders lately. Obviously, raiders are a problem. To expand and grow, you need resources. To build a second village, you need to train 3 settlers. I went to my residence to train village settlers but then, they are very expensive to train!

village settlers

I really didn’t expect them to be this expensive. Now, I know the solution is simple. I need to improve resource production to be able to train village settlers. The problem is the raids keep coming and I now don’t know if I should ward them off first or start working on the second village. I can’t just do both. That would be very difficult and I might make the wrong move.

Trying to Solve the Matter

Well, since the raids are hindering me from progress, I know I need to counter them. One of the raiders is my stalker. So what I did was send him a message. I am hoping that we can build a friendship again so that he’ll stop attacking me and may help me instead. Let’s hope for the best after I sent him the message. For the others, well, I have no other choice than to be train troops and protect myself. Since I don’t have enough resources to train village settlers yet, I guess I might as well use them to train troops instead so I ward off attackers and somehow be able to buy time for me to upgrade my resources and warehouse. I need more  resources to be able to train village settlers.

With my current actions, I suppose you could say that I would have to delay my plans on building my second village. Right now, I have no choice but to let it wait. I think the best thing I can do here is make sure that I will have enough resources to train my village settlers so that I can immediately use them. Village settlers can be killed during an attack so it is not ideal for me to build them one by one knowing that I village settlershave attacks coming in regularly. I have to take care of the attacks first before I train village settlers. Losing one settler is a very big loss since they use so much resources upon training.

Work Needed – Village  Settlers and Resources

It seems like it’s still a pretty long way before I can get the construction of my second village started but I can take this time to improve my village. There is no sense in just waiting because I have to get things going if I want to make sure that my 3 village settlers will be ready and I can finally have them trained and used. It seems that I have my work cut out for me so I better get things going.

This is where you see how important defense is. You can’t just always get back against your enemy. Fight them every time they attack you. That may not always be as effective as you think. Sometimes, the best way to keep enemies away is that to make them see that you are of no  use for them. No matter how much they attack you, there are no resources they can take. They cannot get anything from you or they lose troops whenever they attack your village because your defense is rocking the house. They will eventually leave you alone because they know that it’s no use and they need to improve.

Tip of the day: Keep your defenses rocking.

How Not To “Fake (FAIL) it Till You Make it” in Travian with Oasis (Bonus: And a Pro-Tip)


Hey travian gamers, since I don’t post on the weekends Elvis has asked that I introduce him so he can share some love with the blog. You can read all about him here.

The following is a post by Elvis…

My Travianistic Morning – Just Out of Bed!

No matter how bad of a night’s sleep I get, the morning always excited me because it’s that time of day that I get to log into my Travian account and spend resources on anything I want. I can:

  1. Build TONS of troops
  2. Host a Party
  3. Level up my Residence

Sometimes I can do all three of these.

First I host a party, then I build troops, but I don’t use all my resources, then I level up my residence or transfer resources to another village to do the same.

The Travian Oasis Fail – What Not To Do

But today, was different, as I was looking for a good oasis to use up those (17x) cages I just plundered with my hero, I saw this:


As you can see, here we have an oasis that hasn’t been occupied for some time, as it’s inhabited by animals (literally). That’s fine. But in the oasis’ reports section there are 3 attacks in the same minute… that have red swords! Each of these attacks looks like this:

go-oasis-failWhat is the point of faking an oasis that is owned by nature?

I have no idea but I’m hoping someone is going to slap me across the face and tell me to wake up and realize what is happening in this oasis is indeed normal… because I have no idea.

Going on to the second part of this post…

How to Know You’re Doing Things Right in Travian

Right, so there are a few litmus tests that you can do to see if you are on the right track with your quest to avoid getting raided. Put differently, here is how you know it’s time to demolish your crannies so you can build a second warehouse or granary:

– If when you login each morning there are no “during the night” attacks on your village.

I’m not referring to a random raid where someone plunders your village with 1000 ECs sent without first scouting. I’m talking about a few raids where you’re losing resources and other players think they can raid you. That’s the problem: They know they can get away with it.

Travian is all about being the bully that bullies all the other players. Of course you don’t want to make a personal enemy out of an egotistical account ranked #13 who feels its their mission to “teach you a lesson” but you do want to be raiding very regularly.

I’m Gaul, and I have:

  • 4 Farm lists. I think everyone on the map that is smaller than me, is on that farm list.
  • 4 Farm lists that get used at least 3x each every day.

This is the idea… use your farm lists every day. This accomplishes 2 things:

  1. Of course you get more resources. But more importantly,
  2. You make it very difficult for players in your SW/SE/NW/NE area to grow into a formidable threat.

That #2 is really important. Don’t worry about losing a few TTs when you raid someone.. that’s not the point. The point is you’re destroying their pitiful parties of troops so that they don’t grow into a large force that is out of your control and poses an actual threat.

The Four Types of Travian Players: What Type Are You?


The Observation

four typesI may have not been playing for long but this server which I currently am part of has introduced me to the more types of players in Travian. You may think that there are only two types of players: the strong ones and the weak ones but there is actually more to that. As far as by my observation, I’ve seen that in each one, there are two subtypes. From how I see it, these are not just types but somehow act as a level of players. I can see that as a beginner, you may undergo each level(type) and work your way to the top. But of course, it will all depend on your strategy. It will take amazing and skillful strategies to make your way to the top.

We will go over each and discuss what makes each one different from the other. You may want to see which type you belong so you can evaluate what actions you can take to make your way up another level. Let’s see what are these types:

Four Types of Players

These four types will be under two major categories. The first two will be under one major category and the last two will be under another.

The Weak Players

  1. The Saints – These players are the first of the four types. They arefour types the most obvious beginners. They believe that, “Attack not if you do not want others attack unto you.” Usually, they don’t have very much troops. They mainly rely on their resource fields for resources and some focuses on upgrading their resource fields. Usually, they don’t have a strategy in mind. These are the type of players who can’t do anything about the attacks in them and usually end up as farms so mostly, they don’t last in the game.
  2. The Safe Players – These are the second of the four type of players are like the beginners who are gaining momentum. They are learning their way to the game but they are still not very capable of doing anything. They rarely attack other players and if they do, they will look for inactive players. Attacking inactive players makes sure that they won’t be raided back for revenge. They also love to attack unoccupied oases. They have troops but they work on defending themselves. They try hard not become the farm. Most likely, they are only above the saints just because they have troops. But more or less, they are not very different.

The Strong Players

  1. The Mediocre – Continuing the count, this is the third of the four types. These players are categorized under strong players because they feed on the Saints and the Safe Players. Although, these players could still be fearful of the highest level players. They have improved so well and they understand that raiding and attacking is vital to the game. They know that they need to work on being able to fend off every attack. They do their best to protect their village from players bigger than them and they try to be an active attacker. The Mediocre players, most but not all, are usually content with their state. As long as they see that they can compete with others (except the Alpha), they think they are good enough. There are some of the Mediocres who strive to become one of the Alphas but they usually find a hard time doing so. It takes time and lots and lots and LOTS of experience to become one of the Alphas.
  2. The Alpha – Last among the four types and the highest among all. four typesThese are the type of players who feed on all the other lower types. They are not afraid of attacking and they are usually very active and offensive players. Their defenses are incredible and any other lower class player who try to attack them usually ends up losing. They are the top of the food chain and usually find them in the list of the top players. Most Alphas belong to big and strong alliances and they are usually also composed of mainly Alphas. They are great players and very much experienced. They know how to make their way through the game with a sure strategy in mind. They are amazing players and they have strong troops.


What type of player are you? Have you seen yourself in any of these categories? Tell me what you think in the comments!

Travian Economy: Keeping It Up with Resources


travian economy


After the recent events of my struggle in getting my resources back on track, I certainly did learn my lesson. Your economy in Travian is something that should not be overlooked. Resources is like the blood-line of your village. Lack of it could lead to serious problems. The more you try to improve your village, the more resources you will be needing so you cannot settle for just right. As much as possible, try to keep your resources more than your need. That way, even though you get raided or attacked, you will not be greatly affected. You can easily get back up after an attack.

So having learned my lesson, I made a list of things you have to do to keep a good economy. The Travian Economy is just a concept though but it’s very important. Without a good Travian economy, you will be very vulnerable and prone to becoming the farm. That’s all you’ll ever be.

Let’s take a look at the things you need to do to maintain a good Travian economy.

Travian Economy

  1. Resource fields – Of course, this comes first since this is the most obvious. You have to keep upgrading your resource fields. Upgrading them will yield to an increase in production. But of course, with more production comes more resources and to avoid being constantly attacked, you need to protect those resources. Upgrade building that will store and protect more resources like the granary, warehouse and cranny. The cranny is the most important. If you want to keep your Travian economy up, protect those resources, build as much crannies as needed.
  2. Buildings for Resources – There are buildings that would help increase the production of your resources. For example, the Sawmill will boost your wood production. The more you upgrade this building, the higher the percentage of production boosted. The Brickyard will help boost your clay production. An Iron Foundry will increase the iron production. A Grain Mill (Flour Mill) will boost the crop production in your village. Aside from the Grain Mill, you can build a Bakery to improve the overall crop production by 5% per level, with a maximum of 25%. You don’t have just your resource fields to improve your Travian economy, you can construct specific buildings as well.
  3. Oasis – By capturing an oasis, you can increase the production of resources depending on what type of oasis you have captured. You can keep a survey for unoccupied oasis near your village and look for one you can occupy. Remember, an oasis can provide an instant 25% increase in resource production. Although this might be a big step for a player but this is a definite, sure way to improve your Travian Economy.
  4. Raiding – Short on resources but have troops? Why not make a raid? It’s one effective way to gain resources. There could be a lot of villages out there that you can raid and with an enough number of troops and the right army force, you can gain resources by raiding other players’ villages.
  5. Alliance members – One advantage of being part of an alliance is that members of the alliance help each other. When in need, you can try asking your fellow alliance members for a helping hand.
  6. Adventures – Your hero can help you improve your Travian Economy by going in adventures and bringing home loots. There are a lot of things your hero can find in adventures and resources are surely one of them.

Work On It

You could be all excited about making attacks or building a bigger village and Travian empire but remember that you can’t go anywhere without resources. Constructing buildings require resources. Training troops require resources. Keeping trained troops consume resources. Almost every action would require resources so don’t let your fields be left out and work on it. You will need them to assure a good Travian Economy.