Who is Elvis N. Vegas?

Elvis is a Travian player, who started playing the game in 2008 when his cousin accidentally got him addicted. We say accidentally because had said cousin known that Elvis would have failed a few courses in University because of his addiction to Travian, cousin would never have shared the game and its secrets with Elvis.

But it happened. Oh well.

Elvis was determined to get better than his cousin and learn everything he could about the game. It started with his first server, T5.us. He had joined the RATAN clan and was on his way to becoming a pro… but it seemed to take forever. So Elvis decided to join two more servers: USX and ITX.

The US server was English, so that was great. Elvis was also learning to speak Italian at the time, so he decided to sharpen his skills on ITX and make some Italian friends.

By and by, Elvis became a pro and eventually had no choice but to put all the secrets the RATAN clan taught him on US5 into an eBook and sell it online. It was a GREAT ebook… until forces beyond Elvis’ control forced him to take it down. Around the same time GMBH experienced a fall in the interest of their Travian game. We’re not saying it has anything to do with Elvis’ guide, but who knows.

After 4-5 years of playing in secret and winning several trophies Elvis found out that Kindle offered a publishing platform to create a book… and so he decided to give it another go.

That book, Travian Manual, will be coming soon, and will be made available through the Amazon Kindle store. Until then, everyone is sorely sucking at the game.

Okay, Who Writes the Blog Posts?

In the last 4-5 years while Elvis has been spending late nights gaming, drinking and poking fun at the tavern he’s been meeting people. One of the people he met was a young woman who expressed interest in playing the game and chronicling her experience online.

Well, the rest is history… that’s what she does! Every day!