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Travian Recognition for 1 Year of Service


Right, so in our last post we talked about honorable chiefing, and I 1 yearknow I didn’t finish that post (will get to it, don’t worry).

Today I received a most welcoming email from Travian Games advising me that I have been awarded 50 gold for playing Travian for a year. It looks like they keep track of users based on email… since I have used a few different emails I may find myself with extra 50x gold deposits over the coming weeks.

Moving My 1 Year Travian Gold Bonus

To move this gold is a little tricky. Travian does email me when the server ends, but they don’t seem to be too keep on emailing me about that moving gifted or non-money purchased gold.

To learn how to transfer this gold I’ve written a separate post about this process titled the Travian Gold Hack which you can find here.

New Mission: Dispensing Actual Travian Knowledge


New Blogger – New Travian Knowledge

Hey everyone,

Elvis here. We’re in the process of changing the way this blog works. After reading the book “Free” by Chris Anderson, it’s become clear to me that the better way to run a blog is give away information and sell advertising.

Now with that said, the information being given away needs to be high quality. This blog has been the journey of a Travian gamer, Erika. Problem is, Erika is pregnant… Okay, it’s not really a problem, but she doesn’t have time to write on the blog anymore.

So I guess I’ll be writing on it now :)

I will try my best to keep the travian knowledge dispensing regular, daily if possible (Mon-Fri). Of course the good news about regular content.

A Few Things About Me

I’m an avid reader in the advertising world. I play on COMX and USX with the occasional Something-X depending on where my dual friends are playing.

I work as an affiliate manager for a popular online media company by day, and play Travian during my coffee breaks and evenings.

I also run a blog related to Skype Business Management which you can find here.

In order to keep my body lean and my mind in ship shape I workout 1-3x per week at the gym, and I play squash 2-4x per week as well.

Travian Online Stalker Part 2: He’ll Give Me Resources???


Travian Online Stalker Experience

online stalkerHave you ever experienced a weird encounter? Well, in online games, you get a chance to meet a lot of people. You can make friends or make enemies and that’s one thing certain. Not unless of course you’re some sort of introvert who prefer to shut people out immediately. Although sometimes, making friends online has it’s perks.

But what if, your encounter is with a weird online stalker?

So previously, I wrote about a Travain online stalker who tried to ask for personal information from me. He tried to get my age and phone number. Of course, I didn’t give any of that out since that would not be ideal. You should never tell people online, whom you’ve never met personally, information about yourself. It comes with a danger, right?

Guess what? This time, I had another encounter with an online stalker.

Tough Guy

This new stalker guy seemed to be rough around the edges. Like my previous online stalker, he had the idea that we were from the same country because of my username. It’s in our native language so that’s how he was able to know.

He first made raids in my village. Since his attacks were of very little number of troops and I had quite a number of troops in my village, I was able to counter his attack. I think he felt intimidated by it so what he did was send me a message asking for peace and apologizing for the attacks he made in my village. It shocked me to see that his message was in our native language so he immediately knew we were from the same country. Then, this suddenly came about:

online stalker

Well, that certainly blew me off. I immediately knew what he was up to. Unlike the previous stalker, I was friendly to him. This time, I wanted to make him think that I was not interested so I acted a bit mean to him.

online stalker

It was a bad decision that I replied like that to him because the next events were certainly something I didn’t expect him to do. He sent me 8 attacks. EIGHT! To make things worse, my hero just died and having his attacks left me with nothing. I couldn’t revive my hero, I couldn’t build or upgrade a resource or building and I couldn’t train troops. I had to do something about it. I couldn’t just let him farm me just because he didn’t get what he wanted from me. I had to device a new plan to make this stalking thing an advantage to me.

Dealing With It

To make up for my somehow mean attitude, I showed him I was sensitive. What I did? I used girl power.

I acted all girly and cute. I acted like it made me feel bad that he was being mean to me. I sent him messages with sobs and “huhuhu’s” since I knew it would add a nice touch to it. I told him that if he keeps attacking me, I’d cry. Yes, I know it sounds childish and ridiculous but guess what? It worked.

online stalker

We have this word in our native language called “tampo.” It’s actually a milder form of being offended. You’re not really offended but somehow, you feel a little bad about something done to you. Usually, girls being in tampo with a guy usually works like magic. It can get a guy to do what a girl wants because it’s usually seemed to be something that’s adorable. That’s what I used on the online which made him stop attacking my village.

The Result

As expected, I got the online stalker to be my friend and best of all, he’s now willing to give me resources anytime I wish. Isn’t that just nice? I guess I can now use this to my advantage. Oh, I’m a lucky girl. I guess that’s one thing you can do when you have an online stalker. Although I’m not sure that something like this frequently happens on Travian but I guess you’ll never know.

Travian Update and Occupying An Oasis


Travian Update

Fresh start for a fresh week. A lot has been going on but in simple terms, I’m happy with my progress so far. My village is like flower on its way to bloom. Well, that’s to put it in a fancy way but looking at my village, I say I’ve prioritized the right things this time. Why can I say that. Well, I’ve been able to defend myself from the attacks that came with only a few that didn’t go so well. Still, I’m not being farmed which is a miracle for me. So far from the attacks that came, I’m the one who laughed at the end.

I’ve been raiding oases too so I’ve got animals, aside from my troops in my village. They really come in handy when you want to protect your village. These nature troops are really handy and raiding oases will help you get them. Aim for the big boys like bears, crocodiles and tigers. Raiding an oases could also help you get resources so when you’re not ready to raid a village yet, go raid an oases.

Occupy an Oases

This week, I will be focusing on occupying an oases. My village is surrounded with a number of oases and the good part is, most of them are clay oases. Clay is an important resource when your tribe is Gaul. They will take up clay more than any other resource. So occupying a clay oases will be ideal for me.

My village surrounded by a number of unoccupied oases.

How to occupy an oases

Because this will be my target this week, I need to learn how to occupy an oasis. So, let me show you a list of a step by step procedure on how one can occupy an oases:

1. You need a hero – Without your hero, you cannot occupy an oases. So when you plan to attack and conquer the oasis, you need to let your hero be with your troops during the attack.

2. Hero Mansion – A level 10 Hero Mansion is required to conquer 1 oasis. Each village can only have 3 oases.

In order to conquer an oasis, your attack must be successful. In other words, you could lose all your troops but your hero must be able to survive. Keep in mind that an unoccupied oases is protected by nature troops. These includes animals that could be in varied number. During raids, these animals could be captured and be used to protect the village.

The Goal

Keeping in mind a goal will be a great way to get through every week. You must be able to focus on things if you want to continually progress in Travian. Step by step, I know things will be well for my village.

Right now, I’m also on a long term goal to increase the culture points produced in my village. I will need it to create a second village. I’m still way behind so one by one, I try to keep upgrading my buildings to increase my culture points.

This is the whole point of Travian. A goal must be set. If you really want to make the most of the game you’re playing, you should be able to achieve small goals each day, each week, each month.


I’ve taken today as a break from the series I’ve been doing about Hero Items to update you guys on my Travian account. Tomorrow, we will resume discussing more Hero Items so don’t worry.

Happy gaming everyone!

Travian Error: System Down or Maintenance?


There’s something wrong with my Travian. I logged in today and was able to navigate around my village. But then when I tried to create troops, this box just pops up.


It does the same when I try to upgrade a building. When I attempted to start construction on my marketplace, the same thing happens. I have no idea what’s wrong since I was able to log in successfully and I can even go through my village like clicking on buildings.

If this is for a maintenance, there should be a notification for it, right? So I’m doubtful that it is. I think it’s an error. Error of I have no idea what but I do hope it will be back to normal tomorrow. I have an agenda and I want to do an attack now that I can create 30 troops. What ever this error is, I hope it doesn’t affect the game badly. I swear I’ll go berserk if things go completely wrong like I lose progress or anything of the like.

I tried to do some research about Travian errors but there’s nothing similar to what I’m experiencing right now. Some of the problems I found involved wrongly set computer date and time which cause problems on Travian. Some also involved Travian itself in which they were doing some maintenance which cause the system to be down temporarily. I checked the official Travian Facebook page and there was no announcement for any maintenance whatsoever.

I then noticed that there is an information button at the upper right corner of the pop up and it led me to the Travian Answers page. All I was able to find was notifications of page restriction, banning and construction plans. None were about the problem I had. The pop up only contained ” – ? – ” (as seen in the picture above). I have checked my PC date and time and they are all correct so it couldn’t be the problem.

If this problem continues, I might need to contact the Travian admin. I guess it will be the only way to solve my problem if ever it’s still there tomorrow. Right now, I can try being patient. Maybe Travian will notice and fix it so I would not need to contact them.

Well, it seems like there’s nothing for me to do today but wait. Too bad, so much time wasted. I could have done so much now that my warehouse is upgraded and my resources now reach 4,000 each. My crop is even now almost at 5,000. There’s so much to do but time didn’t allow it today. Oh, well. C’est la vie. Let’s see how things will go tomorrow.

My Secret Travian


As a beginner, I find it helpful to look for articles and books to read to learn about something in almost anything. In playing Travian, I like to research about discussions, blog articles and books that could help me learn the things I need to know so that I can get a right start on the game.

But the problem with all these free blog articles, books and discussions is that none of them provide the real secrets. I have seen players do unbelievable things in a game and I know there has to be a secret for making that possible.

So as a Travian researcher, in search of a strategy-gem,  I came across a player who was willing to teach me how to play, but whose English was not very good.

We chatted a little bit on Skype, and then he asked me if I would be willing to edit a Travian Strategy Guide if he wrote it. Since this is the opportunity of a life-time, I said YES!

So lately I’ve been working on editing some sections of this book. Wow! There is a lot of editing to do. Pages and pages and pages of sentences that are written awkwardly. I spend 2 hours every day editing the guide.

I can really understand why this valuable information is not given for free. It’s really really power, heavy duty, top-secret info that only players with several medals would have uncovered.

I really hope I can finish editing this book by the end of the month so that we can add it online, on Kindle.