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Travian Alliances – The Power of Reinforcements


So as many of you know, my USX Gaul account is a peaceful… relaxing account… I make sure I raid the roster and scout the roster every now and then to make sure anyone who every could rise to power in my area… doesn’t. To learn more about how this process works, read about it here.

The Invitation

A few weeks ago, a player asked if I would join their alliance. Basically they want reinforcements that have more than 1 village. Haha. Since I’m just a peasant, as you can see in the picture on the right, I said yes of course!travian reinforcements

And so our interesting relationship has begun with an incident involving reinforcements to be sent to a “friend” in need. Since I’m playing Travian on my own, I don’t have much time to respond to messages… or participate in the alliance…

The Reinforcements Dilemma (Reins)

Ok, I do have time to participate, but I don’t want to. Because a few days ago I got the following message:

My friend,
I have given you the power of defense admiral.Hope you justify your position.

Okay… whatever that means. I’m the reinforcement general now. Just great.

Wasn’t too sure how I was going to justify it, until a “call for sending reinforcements” a fellow alliance member came. Now before you ever send your precious troops to help out a “player in need”, first ask yourself the question: Does this player want my help?

Because when I looked at the player’s profile I discovered 3 things:

  1. He Was Being Farmed
  2. The farmer was getting a lot of resources
  3. Players Sent Reinforcements

1. He Was Being Farmed

I don’t have a single Travian friend who gets farmed consistently. Sure, one raid here, one raid there… it’s part of the game. That’s the way it works. But consistent farming doesn’t happen because attacks don’t get a single resource of mine. Ever.

Don’t protect farms. Farm them.

2. The Farmer Raided Over 50K Resources

This was the part that really got me worried. Other members of the alliance were sending troops to a player, but the player wasn’t even spending down his own resources to build more troops.

IT TAKES 3 clicks!!! Yeah, it’s not like building troops is so time intensive. Enter barracks… click brackets… click train.

3. Players Sent Reinforcements (Reins)

Why would you send troops to a farm? The person who is being farmed is basically sending the message that: “I don’t want to play Travian more than 1hr/day” and “if you send troops to my village I won’t feed them (because the resource will probably be raided).

I can’t want to find out what happens with the next MM they send out… this one was a blast. I replied to the MM requesting reins with what was wrong with their request.

The response I got:

reinforcements travian

Groan. Could have included a little bit about, “pull back and send forth offensive troops” but oh well.

Travian Catapult Attacks: How NOT to Do it


So I have a few accounts, one of them is on USX. I’m not doing really well, but I’m the only person on that travian account… no duals. It’s like, my “private account”… actually more like a test account, to see if playing Gaul is actually fun.

Turns out, the answer to this is: it depends, because…

Last night, I made a mistake (who doesn’t?): I sent an attack to a village without faking all of the other villages belonging to that player and in so doing, get to say “bye bye” to a good chunk of my farming resources:catapult attacksSo the lesson here is that when you’re attacking someone who has a few villages, it’s always best to:

  • Fake catapult attack all the other villages
  • Make sure all the fake catapult attacks arrive at the same time
  • Probably a good idea to have scouted all the villages as well (unless you’re planning on sending the catapult clearing wave to a village you did not scout)

The attack is a little bit interesting since I did send a catapult clearing wave to get rid of the troops that were in the village… but my goal, at least initially was to make a farm out of the village.. not to say “goodbye” almost 1600 troops. Oh well.

I’m not sure why, but this season of USX has been extremely boring… maybe because I’ve gone out on my own, or maybe because there are less than 4000 players on the server. Travian is just not quite as popular as it used to be, and I think I know why… but that’s subject for another blog post.

Catapults always make things a little more interesting… only in this case I didn’t use them!

Travian Attack: Raiding and Troop Specialty


It has been more than a week since I have been busy upgrading and leveling up my resource fields and buildings. I guess it’s time to shake things up a little. Although, I don’t have enough resources yet to produce a troop large enough for a sure successful raid yet. So this is what I’m up to. Since there has not been any attacks coming to my village recently,  I will create and collect a troop with 10 Phalanxes and try to attack an oases. Well, collect because all I can make is 4-5 troops at a time. I don’t know if that would be enough but I guess I’ll find out. I will send my hero along with them. I suppose you can say that this is an experiment so we will just have to find out.

For far, nothing new actually. The usual upgrading will stop temporarily today. I need to use the resources I have for training troops. These Gauls really use up a lot of clay it is unbelievable! I really need to upgrade these clay resources more than others. Well, at least I know that I have to prioritize my clay fields. There is definitely a lot of work that needs to be done but hey, making sure there is progress everyday, though slow, as long at it’s continuous then there’s no problem.

As I always do, I’ve been on to some research and I ran into this site with really helpful information about Travian. A website called Ezine Articles by an author whose name is Dan T. Massicotte. I found an article that he did about Travian Troop Specialties. It seems that g36-ltrbased on what he said about Gaul tribes, I shouldn’t focus on becoming an offensive player. Gaul tribes are good at defense and it is their specialty. I also just have learned about this building called “The Trapper.” In Travian Wikia, it is defined as a Gaul-specific building designed to build more traps for the attackers. Basically, it’s not a recommended strategy for a Gaul player to be offensive. So from this day on, I guess I should switch course. I can be an offensive player but taking advantage of my tribe’s specialty will help me advance better.

This is a whole new path for me so I guess I have to rethink my strategies. Most especially that I spent all of my days from the very start improving what needed to be improved to become an offensive player. Good thing is that I can still use all of this to my advantage. It’s still not too late to change my goal of playing because I still am a beginner.

I have just built a trapper and its construction is now ongoing. travI guess I have to build a new village. I’ll try to figure out how. I can use the second building mainly for building troops. This can help me become offensive while taking advantage of my defensive specialties.

Looks like I have more work on my hands as I anticipated. But this change will definitely be for the better. I can’t wait to see how this will turn out.

Experimentation Day 5: More Attacks!


So the previous experiment in which Ieft 1,000 troops to defend my village somehow ended up quite well. I was right about when I said that attacks coming to my villages only had a few number of troops. I guess it surprised the attacker who sent less than a hundred troops when he found out that there are a thousand troops in my villages. Most of his troops were lost and I was able to defend my village well. So that’s a good start. Experiment 4 went smoothly and for the first time, an experiment led to a good result.

For today’s experiment, I’m continuing to send attacks to the most frequent raider. Although I’m a weaker player than he is, I’m hoping that he’ll realize to not take me lightly. I’m sending him this:



I know it’s not a lot of troops but I’m hoping it can match up to his. We’ll see about it in the next 33 and so hours.

Experimentation Day 1: Attack on a Raider


travSo, I am planning on doing different experiments everyday for the next few days. Meaning, I’ll be doing things that may or may not result in something good but I’m doing it anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I have tried to do things in a careful and somehow strategic manner but being too careful has done me no good. I can’t just dodge attacks and hide from my enemies. Starting today, I’m taking risks.

For today, I’m sending an attack to a raider. He raided me with 400 troops so I’m sending an attack, a raid, to him with 700 troops. So that’s almost double the number of the troops he sent. But I’m not sending it to his capital because I think it’s too big for me to take on. The player has 16 villages for crying out loud! I’m taking in one of his smaller villages.I have many troops stowed away so I can use them. Although sadly, troops that I have distributed among my other villages are now gone because all my villages have attacks now. So the troops that I had made everyday are no longer there. It scared me for a moment though because I thought I had zero troops left. Good thing I still have thousands kept safe and I’ll slowly pull them out.

Yes, I know that this is not the wisest decision but I have to try something, somehow. Maybe, just maybe, I can get attackers to quit farming my villages. This time, there’s a harm in trying but I’m willing to accept what ever consequences this may lead.

Wish me luck!

Travian update: 52 incoming attacks. Wow.


How I wish I could explain right now how much alarmed I am when I opened my Travian account today. Why? Well, there are only 52 incoming attacks! And I thought having 11 attacks coming to my village was alarming; Guess I was wrong.

I could no longer count the number of successful raids that I found in the reports. My resources are definitely running out. Before all these happened, amount of the resources I had reached a 6-digit number. Now, well..

Take a look at this screenshot:trav

As you can see, I have almost nothing left. How can I continue doing progress if I’m basically being a host to a parasite? They benefit from me while I lose everything. This is way too troubling that I even dream about worrying what would happen to my poor village. I should stop sighing and start thinking what I can do about it..

..If there is something I can do.

Any suggestions?




What every beginner should know about dealing with attacks.


Every beginner always have to learn how to face battles. If you’re a beginner, I guess you’d start off by learning how to train troops, stimulating them into battle, doing attacks. It’s also important to learn how to join alliances which will help you to grow immensely. As a starter, you know you’re surrounded by expert players. Those who can easily wipe you off with one strike. That’s why every new player should know this one thing,

“Never face a battle you know you don’t stand a chance at.”

I know new players can get so excited. They wanna try everything and take attempts that may sometimes be unwise. Remember, Travian is a strategy game. One loss could mean so much. For someone who is still starting, you need to keep in mind that you’re goal is to improve. Taking a chance with battles that you know you can’t win will cost you so much thus increasing the time it’ll take for you to improve your village and resources.

Always know your enemy. Once you see that you can’t win against a certain player, dodge every attack possible. Your best decision is to keep your troops and resources safe. As a beginner, you could be a target for many players because they know you’re weak. Don’t give them that advantage. Take time to improve and then you will have your time.

Let’s Talk About Defense


During a village attack, troops that are in your village will automatically act as defenders and will fight off the invaders or attackers. There are some things you need to know about defending your village.

The city wall is there simply to add a percentage bonus for your defense troops’ values. The palace and residence adds a fixed bonus for the defense value as well. Peek into your rally point. This is where you will see incoming attacks so you can prepare in advance. You can have stonemason defending your buildings against catapults from the enemy. An armory can be used to enhance the defense strength of all your troops but it’s limited only to the village where it resides. Your cranny will protect resources from raids and attacks. Granary stores the crops your defense troops need to take up. You can’t send starving troops to battle, you know.

Always take note of everything you need to know. Learn every action and every move you need to take to protect your village. Do well and your village stays safe.

Are you a “provider” to the raider?


It could be sad to think that my village is like a provider to this player who constantly raids it. Your opponent’s getting more and more from you and it seems like there’s nothing you can do about it.trav

But know what? I think it’s the lesser evil than having face your enemy and knowing that there’s no chance of you winning. In this case, trying is not a good option. You should be sure to at least have a chance at winning than just plainly leaving it out to luck.

For example, if you know your troops are outnumbered by your opponent’s, then don’t push through. It’s better to keep your troops safe until they are ready to fight. Try to find reinforcement that could help you in defending your village.

Remember, it’s a bigger loss to lose your troops than to lose resources. Your resources will continue to grow and it will not stop producing. But training and preparing troops can take time especially for a beginner so it is best at this point to just be a little more patient. Let your enemy have his laugh for now. Let your revenge cook up a little.

Now, I’m trying to build up an army. Training troops little by little each day.

Unbelievably Sad Reality


Here’s a recent update on that player who constantly raids my village; He’s at it again. Apparently, I was not able to fend off his attacks and I almost got my troops in jeopardy. Although he got away with a lot of my resources, my troops are still in good position.

I still have my hopes up and I am just preparing my way to get my revenge on him. I can’t just sit around and let him loot everything my village produces. There must be a way for me to beat him and that’s one thing I have to find out. I can’t keep on harvesting goods and then sit and do nothing letting him take whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Since then, he raided my village twice already. It’s unbelievable but that’s a sad truth I have to face right now.

All I can do is figure out a way how to stop him. I need to protect my village.