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Be strong. Build an Embassy. Join an Alliance.


travAn alliance in Travian is necessary for survival. It allows you to team up with other players to defeat enemies. You can ask for help in battle if ever you get attacked. When you start playing, it’s important to get into an Alliance as soon as possible. High ranking players can easily wipe you off with less or even no damage at all. You’ll be picked on by other players if you are weak and have no alliance to back you up. So instead of growing, you’ll be a feast for the “big boys.” Good luck with that.

Best way to avoid loosing so much is to be a part of an alliance and to be able to do so, you’ll need to build an Embassy. You can’t create or join any alliances of you have no embassy. A level one embassy will allow you to join an already existing alliance. If you are already a member of an alliance and you lost your embassy, it won’t get you out of the alliance but you would not be able to transfer to another alliance.

The embassy is a prerequisite if you’re planning to build a palace. The higher your embassy level is the more will the size of the alliance grow.

How A Residence Can Protect You From Conquerors


travThere are a lot of ways to defend your village. But did you know that your village can be unconquerable if you have a Residence built in it?

A Residence is like a small palace. When the king visits, he stays there. When a village has a residence, it cannot be conquered. Anyone who would try to conquer your village would need to destroy the residence first. Also, for you to gain a new village, you would be required to build a residence first. It will allow you to gain two expansion slots. You can occupy the first slot once your residence has reached the level 10. When you reach level 20, that’s the time your second expansion slot will be available.

If you aspire to conquer other villages, you will be required to train a chief, chieftain, or a senator. These are trained in the residence but to be able to train them, research must be done first.

Your village will be available as soon as your residence reaches the level 10 or 20.

Learn more on how you can improve and build a better village. One step at a time, patiently, you can be a great conqueror!

See what an Academy can do for you…


travSo you’re looking for better troops, eh? Then researching about the Academy is what you need. First thing you need to know, an Academy is a building in your village which allows you to do research to create new and better troops.

With an Academy in you village, you can make new more troops and upgrading this building unlocks the ability to research new types of troop units.

Let me give you an example: (Roman tribe)

  • A Level 1 Academy will allow you to research and build Blacksmith. Upon upgrading to level 5, you will then be able to research and create an Imperian troop.

These are the type of troops which will require you to build an Academy. Without one, you’ll have to work with the only available troop there is.

Remember that keeping your troops well-shaped will help you grow. It can help you defend your village and attack or raid other players. Improvements will always help you do better so keep track of your priorities when you play.

Working with your Marketplace


travVillages should have marketplaces. This is where you can trade with other players. It allows you to transfer goods with other places and even move resources around your villages assuming you have more than one village.

Why send resources?

You can send resources whether as a gift or to trade with other players. You can also use it to transfer resources among your villages. If you’re wondering what’s the purpose of sending resources among your villages, the answer is simple. You can send resources to one of your villages when it lacks the resources you need to upgrade or train troops. It can also come in handy during an incoming attack. Once you see one coming to one of your villages, you can transfer the resources so the enemy can’t loot them. It’s one way to dodge an attack because even if you can keep your troops away, the enemy can still take resources from your village and of course, we would not want that.

What’s a marketplace for if you can’t buy?

The marketplace can show you a list of what resources other players offer for sale. You can also check how long a purchase will take to arrive your village.

Of course, you can sell too!

With the marketplace, you can offer something for sale. Just indicate what and how much and it’ll be ready for sale.

Merchants can carry different load with them and it can depend on the tribe. Roman merchants can carry 500 units of resources travelling at 16 fields/hour. Gaul merchants can carry 750 units of resources travelling at 24 fields/hour. Lastly, Teuton merchants can carry 1000 units travelling at 12 fields/hour.

Take time to explore and learn what you can do with your Marketplace.

Happy playing everyone!