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The Dilemma: Training Village Settlers But Having To Deal With Raiders


The Dilemma

The past few days have kept me busy about preparing to build my second village. I have been spending so much time and effort on upgrading resources and my residence (palace). I did so much to work on it and I have been doing on the side is researching new troops. Oh, but speaking of troops, I just found 36 TT’s from adventure which is just fabulous! Anyway, back to the topic, I have been taking care of a lot that would help me start working on my second village.

village settlers

As you can see, my village is now starting to look good and is in shape. So I am now ready to expand but the problem is I’ve been having too many raiders lately. Obviously, raiders are a problem. To expand and grow, you need resources. To build a second village, you need to train 3 settlers. I went to my residence to train village settlers but then, they are very expensive to train!

village settlers

I really didn’t expect them to be this expensive. Now, I know the solution is simple. I need to improve resource production to be able to train village settlers. The problem is the raids keep coming and I now don’t know if I should ward them off first or start working on the second village. I can’t just do both. That would be very difficult and I might make the wrong move.

Trying to Solve the Matter

Well, since the raids are hindering me from progress, I know I need to counter them. One of the raiders is my stalker. So what I did was send him a message. I am hoping that we can build a friendship again so that he’ll stop attacking me and may help me instead. Let’s hope for the best after I sent him the message. For the others, well, I have no other choice than to be train troops and protect myself. Since I don’t have enough resources to train village settlers yet, I guess I might as well use them to train troops instead so I ward off attackers and somehow be able to buy time for me to upgrade my resources and warehouse. I need more  resources to be able to train village settlers.

With my current actions, I suppose you could say that I would have to delay my plans on building my second village. Right now, I have no choice but to let it wait. I think the best thing I can do here is make sure that I will have enough resources to train my village settlers so that I can immediately use them. Village settlers can be killed during an attack so it is not ideal for me to build them one by one knowing that I village settlershave attacks coming in regularly. I have to take care of the attacks first before I train village settlers. Losing one settler is a very big loss since they use so much resources upon training.

Work Needed – Village  Settlers and Resources

It seems like it’s still a pretty long way before I can get the construction of my second village started but I can take this time to improve my village. There is no sense in just waiting because I have to get things going if I want to make sure that my 3 village settlers will be ready and I can finally have them trained and used. It seems that I have my work cut out for me so I better get things going.

This is where you see how important defense is. You can’t just always get back against your enemy. Fight them every time they attack you. That may not always be as effective as you think. Sometimes, the best way to keep enemies away is that to make them see that you are of no  use for them. No matter how much they attack you, there are no resources they can take. They cannot get anything from you or they lose troops whenever they attack your village because your defense is rocking the house. They will eventually leave you alone because they know that it’s no use and they need to improve.

Tip of the day: Keep your defenses rocking.

New Game Strategy: Raid Defenses the Gaul Way


Raid defenses

Gaul Tribe

One thing you have to know about Gauls is that they are best tribe for defense. They are clever in defending not just the village but also their resources. This is the reason why a lot of players would be hesitant to attack a Gaul village. One reason is that Gauls have traps. They can capture your troops and that could be a loss for them, weaken their force and an increased chance for you to lose. Another advantage a Gaul can have is that their crannies could protect a larger amount of resources compared to other tribes’ crannies thus allowing them better raid defenses.

If you are planning to be a defensive player, then the Gauls may be the best choice for you. Since my tribe is Gaul, I can make use of these advantages to get back on my feet and defend my village. As you know, I wrote an article yesterday about the recent crisis I’ve been facing. So today, I have a new strategy in mind to prevent this from ever happening again.

Enemy Raids

As you know, raids are one thing you cannot avoid in Travian. You would really have to deal with them and there is absolutely no way you can avoid ever getting attacked. Surely enough, you can’t simply send a message to every attacker telling them to stop. Raid defenses are part of the game and being able to so is one of every players’ priority.

Luckily for me, I don’t have raids coming in everyday. But I have to admit, today has been quite tough. I received 9 raids today and it made my “getting back up on my feet” more difficult. Not only do I not have the crop to bring my hero back and improve my resource fields but I no longer have enough clay and iron. What a pain! I planned on reviving me hero today and sending her back on adventures today but it’s no longer doable. I wanted to train troops and teach that raider a lesson but I couldn’t. I feel so helpless right now.

New Strategy

So now, here’s the new raid defenses plan. Since I will be needing to increase my resource production, I need to protect them and constructing a good raid defenses plan will work great. I’m a Gaul. It should not be a problem, right? This is what I plan to do. I need to build more crannies. Probably, I’ll build 3-4 more to protect my resources. Maybe, I would be able to protect 10,000 resources. That’s the aim. But in order to build more crannies, I would need to upgrade my current cranny to level 10. Once I do, I can then build another cranny and the process continues.

When that time comes, I’ll be sure to protect my resources and no raid can ever bother me anymore. I need to do this. I can’t afford anymore loss. It’s already a miracle, more like a blessing, that I only have this much raids coming in and they’re not there everyday. I was actually expecting more but I’m lucky to have minimal attacks. But now, I’ll be sure to do things right and my raid defenses working well to protect my village. No more clumsiness. I can’t believe that a single mistake like this could lead to so much damage.

Wise words to remember: Even the tiniest flaw could cause the most devastating damage.

Experimentation Day 6: Another Defense Attempt


So upon checking my remaining troops, I have one village that still has a lot of troops. It’s in one of my small villages. Knowing that some attackers may take this village of mine lightly since it’s quite small, I’m leaving 2,000 troops to defend it.

Like what I said in my previous posts, many of my attackers don’t have more than a thousand troops in making their raids. So having this much troops to defend my village will have high possibility for success. Now, I just have to wait.

Yesterday’s experiment still has no results but I will report them all tomorrow. The current problem I have right now is that I don’t have resources to create more troops for my villages. Since raids come every 30 mins., there’s never enough resources left for me to build troops. I might have to make a solution for this because even though I have lots of troops left, if I keep up with my attacking and defending experiments, they’ll eventually run out.

Travian update: 52 incoming attacks. Wow.


How I wish I could explain right now how much alarmed I am when I opened my Travian account today. Why? Well, there are only 52 incoming attacks! And I thought having 11 attacks coming to my village was alarming; Guess I was wrong.

I could no longer count the number of successful raids that I found in the reports. My resources are definitely running out. Before all these happened, amount of the resources I had reached a 6-digit number. Now, well..

Take a look at this screenshot:trav

As you can see, I have almost nothing left. How can I continue doing progress if I’m basically being a host to a parasite? They benefit from me while I lose everything. This is way too troubling that I even dream about worrying what would happen to my poor village. I should stop sighing and start thinking what I can do about it..

..If there is something I can do.

Any suggestions?




What every beginner should know about dealing with attacks.


Every beginner always have to learn how to face battles. If you’re a beginner, I guess you’d start off by learning how to train troops, stimulating them into battle, doing attacks. It’s also important to learn how to join alliances which will help you to grow immensely. As a starter, you know you’re surrounded by expert players. Those who can easily wipe you off with one strike. That’s why every new player should know this one thing,

“Never face a battle you know you don’t stand a chance at.”

I know new players can get so excited. They wanna try everything and take attempts that may sometimes be unwise. Remember, Travian is a strategy game. One loss could mean so much. For someone who is still starting, you need to keep in mind that you’re goal is to improve. Taking a chance with battles that you know you can’t win will cost you so much thus increasing the time it’ll take for you to improve your village and resources.

Always know your enemy. Once you see that you can’t win against a certain player, dodge every attack possible. Your best decision is to keep your troops and resources safe. As a beginner, you could be a target for many players because they know you’re weak. Don’t give them that advantage. Take time to improve and then you will have your time.

Stonemason: Keeping your village standing strong


Atrav village built on a solid foundation is a strong and sturdy one. Enemies may come and attack buy the village remains unshaken. If you want to improve the durability of your village’s buildings, you should build a stonemason.

With a Main Building at level 5, you can now build your own Stonemason’s Lodge. It increases the durability of buildings in a village excluding the wall. So if an enemy comes to attack your village, damage brought by their catapults will be less. With this and a powerful wall, you have successfully put up a strong defense for your village. Enemies will have second thoughts on attacking your fortress!

It’s fun to explore when there are so many things to try. Check out how you can improve your defense forces and be able to stand against your enemies!

Let’s Talk About Defense


During a village attack, troops that are in your village will automatically act as defenders and will fight off the invaders or attackers. There are some things you need to know about defending your village.

The city wall is there simply to add a percentage bonus for your defense troops’ values. The palace and residence adds a fixed bonus for the defense value as well. Peek into your rally point. This is where you will see incoming attacks so you can prepare in advance. You can have stonemason defending your buildings against catapults from the enemy. An armory can be used to enhance the defense strength of all your troops but it’s limited only to the village where it resides. Your cranny will protect resources from raids and attacks. Granary stores the crops your defense troops need to take up. You can’t send starving troops to battle, you know.

Always take note of everything you need to know. Learn every action and every move you need to take to protect your village. Do well and your village stays safe.

Are you a “provider” to the raider?


It could be sad to think that my village is like a provider to this player who constantly raids it. Your opponent’s getting more and more from you and it seems like there’s nothing you can do about it.trav

But know what? I think it’s the lesser evil than having face your enemy and knowing that there’s no chance of you winning. In this case, trying is not a good option. You should be sure to at least have a chance at winning than just plainly leaving it out to luck.

For example, if you know your troops are outnumbered by your opponent’s, then don’t push through. It’s better to keep your troops safe until they are ready to fight. Try to find reinforcement that could help you in defending your village.

Remember, it’s a bigger loss to lose your troops than to lose resources. Your resources will continue to grow and it will not stop producing. But training and preparing troops can take time especially for a beginner so it is best at this point to just be a little more patient. Let your enemy have his laugh for now. Let your revenge cook up a little.

Now, I’m trying to build up an army. Training troops little by little each day.

Unbelievably Sad Reality


Here’s a recent update on that player who constantly raids my village; He’s at it again. Apparently, I was not able to fend off his attacks and I almost got my troops in jeopardy. Although he got away with a lot of my resources, my troops are still in good position.

I still have my hopes up and I am just preparing my way to get my revenge on him. I can’t just sit around and let him loot everything my village produces. There must be a way for me to beat him and that’s one thing I have to find out. I can’t keep on harvesting goods and then sit and do nothing letting him take whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Since then, he raided my village twice already. It’s unbelievable but that’s a sad truth I have to face right now.

All I can do is figure out a way how to stop him. I need to protect my village.


I hope someone learned his lesson…


I posted yesterday about a player who constantly raids my village. Well, he tried to attack the reinforcement for me and guess what? He failed flat on his face. I’m not trying to be mean but you can see for yourself.



He lost all of his troops. He didn’t stand a chance. I sure hope someone learned his lesson to not take my little village too lightly.

It’s important for one to learn how to defend his village. Although you can hide your troops so you can keep them safe from being attacked especially when you see that you cannot match the incoming attack, then it’s better to hide your troops and keep them safe. It takes time to train troops so treat and use them wisely. This will come in really handy when you’re still starting. It takes really long hours to train troops and when you don’t have that much resources, you can’t train a lot of them at a time so it will take you even more time.

Keep upgrading your resources and granaries to keep your resources up. It’s always important to monitor your resources as you will need them every single time. They’re very important!