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The Dirtiest Travian Gold Hack That Works Every Time


Back In The Game With The Travian Gold Hack

I’ve been playing for the last few weeks, warming up my talent and getting the hang of the game and have discovered a travian gold hack worth sharing.

This blog gets about 10-15 subscribers per day (in the form on the left and various other pages) which comes with a certain responsibility. I get questions from players; there are some basic questions and some good technical ones that I’d like to help out with.

One of the questions is related to a common problem: You need to delete your account, but there is still gold in the account. Normally you could transfer the gold that you purchased, but if you did not pay for it (with money) then transferring it can become a problem.

So the question becomes: How Can I Transfer my Un-purchased Silver and Gold to Someone Playing on the Server?

Cheaters Never Prosper

The problem with a lot of players in Travian is they think running multiple accounts is better than properly managing one, solid, well planned account. Untrue.



With the travian gold hack you need to remember that this is not for people looking to run multiple accounts and transfer gold between them. In fact this trick is not for:

  • Scripters
  • Botters
  • Disrespectful Players
  • Terrorists
  • Freeloaders
  • Kitten Killers

The travian gold hack is for players who want to transfer gold to their friends, their allies or other actual players on the server.

So how does this all work?

The Travian Gold Hack Exposed

Silver can be transferred to other players via the “auction house”. Game rules do not prohibit any auctions by themselves and therefore this trick in full compliance with them.

We need two things to make this work:

  1. travian gold hackTransferring the gold to silver
  2. Finding someone to play with you trust.

First you transfer all your non-money purchased gold to silver.

A player puts one consumable item (ie. ointment) or item that he does not need up for auction. Player B places a bid for that item in the amount of [number of silver from you – 1]. You put an offer for all the silver you have. Wait until the auction ends. After that, player A will get all the silver.

Please note that if you recently played through the same computers / PCs with the player you want to give silver and gold that are not purchased, you will not be able to see each other’s auctions. In this case, the only way to transfer silver and gold through the intermediary  in a manner similar to the above.

Hoards of Useless YouTube Videos

People post YouTube videos, and things like that to make you sure there is “hack for Travian, silver and gold”,  “cheat for Travian”, etc. From my experience: I’ve tried them all. None of them work.

I know they don’t work because I tested them on a separate computer and every one of these tricks ends up hacking your computer and installing malicious software on the computer.

Use the Travian Gold Hack to play the game and have fun, screw the scamming videos, they’ll just make your life miserable and give your enemies an advantage you don’t want them to have: lack of focus!

NLX Server Starting Soon + Dead Accounts


So I’ve been told. I’m excited to see how this goes with my new work schedule. I have this schedule where I arrive at the office at 7:45 and work until noon. Then from 12-5 I work on strategy. This leaves me with plenty of time to play Travian on my iPhone. :-)

ive reconnected with one of the members of the A-Team from NL. Maybe I can join the end of a COMX or USX server and take over someone’s account. So many people quit Travian after starting there never seems to be a shortage of account to pick up, once someone else has done the heavy lifting. :-)




Apparently, this post will not be about the reports of my previous experiments. Today, I’m bidding adieu to the Travian account I’m using.  It’s current situation is just hopeless. There’s no way to defend myself against the countless raids on all of my villages everyday. I never have enough resources to rebuild and create troops.

For short, I have no other choice than to start anew. It makes me feel bad that just because I can’t find a solution, I’m abandoning it right away. I have invested time and effort to solve the problem but there’s just no better way to do so.

Farewell my Travian account…

I promise to not make the same mistakes in the new one I made with you.

Experimentation Day 6: Another Defense Attempt


So upon checking my remaining troops, I have one village that still has a lot of troops. It’s in one of my small villages. Knowing that some attackers may take this village of mine lightly since it’s quite small, I’m leaving 2,000 troops to defend it.

Like what I said in my previous posts, many of my attackers don’t have more than a thousand troops in making their raids. So having this much troops to defend my village will have high possibility for success. Now, I just have to wait.

Yesterday’s experiment still has no results but I will report them all tomorrow. The current problem I have right now is that I don’t have resources to create more troops for my villages. Since raids come every 30 mins., there’s never enough resources left for me to build troops. I might have to make a solution for this because even though I have lots of troops left, if I keep up with my attacking and defending experiments, they’ll eventually run out.

Experimentation Day 5: More Attacks!


So the previous experiment in which Ieft 1,000 troops to defend my village somehow ended up quite well. I was right about when I said that attacks coming to my villages only had a few number of troops. I guess it surprised the attacker who sent less than a hundred troops when he found out that there are a thousand troops in my villages. Most of his troops were lost and I was able to defend my village well. So that’s a good start. Experiment 4 went smoothly and for the first time, an experiment led to a good result.

For today’s experiment, I’m continuing to send attacks to the most frequent raider. Although I’m a weaker player than he is, I’m hoping that he’ll realize to not take me lightly. I’m sending him this:



I know it’s not a lot of troops but I’m hoping it can match up to his. We’ll see about it in the next 33 and so hours.

Experimentation Day 3; Previous Experiment Results



This is it. What’s 700 compared to more than 3,000 troops plus a hero? And aside from this, the enemy has now sent even more attacks to my other villages as well. His attacks/raids has troops ranging from 50 to the maximum of 6,000!

I really don’t have that much troops and I don’t have that much village. Now that my enemy knows how much troops I only have, I suppose that any further attacks I make will not be considered threatening. So for today’s experiment, I’ve decided to try and give him an attack he won’t expect.

Since now he’s probably thinking that I’m a weakling and I can’t overcome his attacks, I’ll send him a big one. I’m sending a raid with 10,000 troops. Yes, it’s a big big risk but I can take this chance to see how it will result to. Yes, I know that him being able to send an attack with 6,000 troops could mean he has more than that and he has a chance to defeat my troops but it’s worth the risk to try. I won’t learn anything sitting around waiting that these enemies will just someday stop attacking me.


Experimentation Day 2: Another Attack to the Raider


travSo yesterday’s experiment has no results yet since it needed 33 hours plus to complete. But today, I have made another attack on one of the other villages of the same player I sent an attack to. The plan is to continuously attack him and see how he reacts.

This attack will take 30 hours to complete and I sent 500 troops to raid another village he has. He’s a big player and he has an alliance. So pretty much, I’m not expecting anything spectacular or wonderful as a result of this. Because compared to him, I’m the ant and he’s the boy with the magnifying glass. He can wipe me out as he is a big player. In addition to that, the alliance he belongs to is ranked 3. I guess that’s pretty big too so I really don’t stand a chance.

We’ll see how all these will come up tomorrow. I’m getting really curious. But if ever I get pulverized, I’m pretty sure I’ll just laugh about it.

Experimentation Day 1: Attack on a Raider


travSo, I am planning on doing different experiments everyday for the next few days. Meaning, I’ll be doing things that may or may not result in something good but I’m doing it anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I have tried to do things in a careful and somehow strategic manner but being too careful has done me no good. I can’t just dodge attacks and hide from my enemies. Starting today, I’m taking risks.

For today, I’m sending an attack to a raider. He raided me with 400 troops so I’m sending an attack, a raid, to him with 700 troops. So that’s almost double the number of the troops he sent. But I’m not sending it to his capital because I think it’s too big for me to take on. The player has 16 villages for crying out loud! I’m taking in one of his smaller villages.I have many troops stowed away so I can use them. Although sadly, troops that I have distributed among my other villages are now gone because all my villages have attacks now. So the troops that I had made everyday are no longer there. It scared me for a moment though because I thought I had zero troops left. Good thing I still have thousands kept safe and I’ll slowly pull them out.

Yes, I know that this is not the wisest decision but I have to try something, somehow. Maybe, just maybe, I can get attackers to quit farming my villages. This time, there’s a harm in trying but I’m willing to accept what ever consequences this may lead.

Wish me luck!