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The Curse of Kamikaze – Disband the Travian Army


The art of the disband has been around for ages. Fifty odd years ago the Japanese realized that a system of exchange where one person was sacrificed in exchange for the death of a whole boatload of people was a worth swap.disband

While a troop type does not exist in Travian where the one solider dies and takes 100+ more with them, the concept of a suicide mission does exist in the context of saying goodbye to your army and looking forward to it (hopefully).

This has happened to few of us,  so it definitely deserves some mention.

If your army is trapped during an attack (Gauls have traps), on  the rally point you can see there is one option “Dismiss army”. By choosing this action you put your army in “kamikaze mode” and disband it.

As Gaul, things are a little different. When you capture the enemy’s army, you have couple of possible outcomes:

  • A) Peace negotiations – To try to negotiate the release of the army (possible to be pulled question of damage compensation).
  • B) Inform your alliance about the situation and ask them to organize a synchronized attack from several sides to release the prisoners.
  • C)  Sit down and cry – the Travian Manual never resorts to this!
  • D) “Release the army” – This is much better option, if the enemy doesn’t want to negotiate because the army consume food resources.

There is also a D1) option – Leave your army trapped because, if the enemy doesn’t kill them, they will start to eat his resources after 3 days of being captured.

After all, as you can see, the LAST option is to put your army in “Kamikaze mode”!!

In my experience – Good synchronized attacks (which ended ingloriously for me) was when my 19 heroes were trapped in Gaul village in neighborhood . My ally used a diplomatic and tactical approach. He warned the Gaul enemy,  and sent fake attacks, but defender took everything so seriously that he released the troops.

That was the risk.

Initially my personal favorite was to disband the army. But considering diplomacy and your overall goal to instill fear into your enemy, I eventually realized that this was not always the best solution.

When you attack Gauls, don’t ever, ever try to raid them, just attack them normally.

When you attack normally, and you have more army then Gaul got his traps, the army who didn’t got trapped will release the trapped army and everyone goes back home. Now, if you try to raid Gaul, and you have more army then Gaul got his traps, the army who didn’t got trapped will NOT release the trapped army and prisoners stay.

Travian Catapult Attacks: How NOT to Do it


So I have a few accounts, one of them is on USX. I’m not doing really well, but I’m the only person on that travian account… no duals. It’s like, my “private account”… actually more like a test account, to see if playing Gaul is actually fun.

Turns out, the answer to this is: it depends, because…

Last night, I made a mistake (who doesn’t?): I sent an attack to a village without faking all of the other villages belonging to that player and in so doing, get to say “bye bye” to a good chunk of my farming resources:catapult attacksSo the lesson here is that when you’re attacking someone who has a few villages, it’s always best to:

  • Fake catapult attack all the other villages
  • Make sure all the fake catapult attacks arrive at the same time
  • Probably a good idea to have scouted all the villages as well (unless you’re planning on sending the catapult clearing wave to a village you did not scout)

The attack is a little bit interesting since I did send a catapult clearing wave to get rid of the troops that were in the village… but my goal, at least initially was to make a farm out of the village.. not to say “goodbye” almost 1600 troops. Oh well.

I’m not sure why, but this season of USX has been extremely boring… maybe because I’ve gone out on my own, or maybe because there are less than 4000 players on the server. Travian is just not quite as popular as it used to be, and I think I know why… but that’s subject for another blog post.

Catapults always make things a little more interesting… only in this case I didn’t use them!

Travian Tribes: The Gauls


This will be the last part for our series about the Travian Tribes. We’ll go over details about the Gauls this time. So for those who are planning on starting Travian or who have already started and has the Gauls for their tribe then hopefully you’ll find this helpful!

Gauls are pretty much peace-loving people. If you’re a player who prefers to play defensively, then the Gauls are perfect for you. They have fast units and are great at defense. They could be aggressive but their best attacking troop will require research first. Mainly, their troops use clay but some can rely on iron like their Swordsman and Haeduan troops.

Speaking of troops, let’s look over the Gaul troops one by one.

  • Phalanx – This is the Gaul’s simple infantry unit in which they are cheap and quick to produce. Good in defense but has a minimal power in attacking. Balance your troops well and this troop will be very much helpful in defense.
  • Swordsmen – An offensive unit of the Gauls tribe are the Swordsmen although they can be expensive to produce. This troop is the only effective infantry attacker of the Gaul tribe.
  • Pathfinder – They are the scouts of the Gaul tribe and moves quite fast to scout other villages.
  • Theutates Thunder – A light cavalry and raid force of the Gaul tribe. They move very fast which is an advantage to this troop thus making them very useful in raiding. Do not keep them in the village when there’s an incoming attack because they are not good at defense.
  • Druidrider – This troop is the mobile infantry defender of the Gauls tribe. In the game, they are the fastest defensive unit and are the best at it.
  • Haeduan – Though the Gaul tribe is good at defense, this troop proves itself as a heavy cavalry unit and is a powerful attacker. Imagine pairing them up with the Druidrider troop.

Each tribe has their own special characteristics that make them better from the others. Though they have weaknesses, given the time, they can be trained to be great at battle. Surely enough, every effort you spend on them will lead definitely lead to victory.

Getting the Travian Guals Started on the Right Foot


Guide for Gauls

If you decided to play with the tribe Gauls you probably realized that you need some tips on how to take advantage of the benefits offered by Gauls. Their biggest advantage is in the initial stage of the game. If you didn’t start from the beginning of the server, do not expect a top 50 ranking. You need to take advantage of the benefits the Gauls offer in the beginning of the game, when everyone else has just started as well.

The “Phalanx & Haeduan” Early Game Trick

Advanced players often use gold coins, and later I will explain how much and for what so that you can maximize your gold and make it count for 3-4x it’s worth.

At the beginning of the game upgrade your trappers to the highest possible level so that you can be insured from the other players raiding and stealing your resources.

Who has tried to plunder you in the beginning and you captured his entire army, he must send another attack to liberate the army. Then you capture more of his troops… He will no longer attack.

Your crannies have 2x larger capacity than other nations. All experienced players know that in the beginning of the game they should avoid raiding Gauls. When you have this secured from looting, you can begin to train Phalanx. They are very inexpensive (or in addition to their cheapness, it’s stupid to die for nothing, so train scouts. The attack is not their stronger side, in defending against cavalry are solid, slightly less effective against infantry.

They can’t take many resources, but they are so cheap that you can build them in greater volume. This gives you the real advantage in the beginning of the server, when everyone else’s level is also low like yours.

Start immediately to plunder, primarily inactive players in your neighborhood and immediately from the robbed resources create 2 or 3 more phalanxes. Don’t forget to also upgrade your crop fields so you can support your troops. If you run out of crop, you’ll lose soldiers.

Keep a watchful eye on the crop fields. Production of wheat must be relatively high.

How do you rob resources in relation to that which you need? Well this is where the use of gold comes in handy. The best uses of your gold are:

  • First for the NCP,
  • When you see that your warehouses and silos are full and need to spend down
  • Then more for finishing constructions immediately.

Gauls can build only one resource field or building in the village at a time. From buildings, first rising up are silos and warehouses to the required level, then barracks, and then the stable. For the beginning you are not required high levels of Stable and barracks.

If you want to grow quickly, it is important that there is always something that is being built, and there are always troops that are being trained.

When your resource fields are around levels 5-6, and looting continue to be so good as far, you will explore and begin to train Theutates Thunders (TTs). Then you can follow the questmaster.

It’s time to choose a hero. You can choose between Phalanx, Druid, Haeduan, Theutates Thunder.

For me Haeduan is the best hero for Gaul, he is quite offensive and same the defensive. You can think of it as a hybrid troop. He is very expensive, and consumes a lot of food.

Generally for Gauls, the most important resource is clay. Clay is used for building your army. Fortunately in the beginning of the game, you can use your market or NPC gold trading to acquire it cheaply, since wood is then the most wanted (Highlanders) resource.