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T5: Travian Kingdoms


Who’s excited? I know I am! Why you ask? Well..

Travian International Open Beta has started yesterday!

Travian really did put an effort to improve and make every players’ game experience much better. This time, Travian has released a beta version for the new Travian Kingdoms. If you haven’t seen pictures of it yet, then feast your eyes, my friends.



Screenshot 2015-03-19 21.36.03
Looks nice, doesn’t it?
Screenshot 2015-03-19 21.36.10
Ooh.. Chat boxes!
Screenshot 2015-03-19 21.36.17
Now that’s a village!


Screenshot 2015-03-19 21.36.22
Who wouldn’t love a village that looks like this? Damn!
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In the Travian Kingdoms, a player can control the fate of his stat and supervise a military force. While the king is busy ruling and doing his kingly duties, governors are busy taking care and making sure the village’s economy continues to develop.

I’m pretty sure there are a lot more exciting things about this new Travian. And what better way to know them than playing the game right? This will definitely be a greater gaming experience.

Yay! New reasons to love Travian! What do you think about it?