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Horse Drinking Trough: Troop Upgrade for Romans


It’s amazing in Travian because there are so many ways and options you have to improve your troop units. We’ve been discussing them in previous posts but since I have a Roman tribe, I’d like to talk about the Horse Drinking Trough.trav

This is one structure that only Roman tribes can build and it’s very helpful. Although you will require a Level 20 Stable and a Level 10 Rally Point, you will not regret putting efforts to build this.

The horse drinking trough will decrease the training time required and upkeep for the cavalry troops. This can even be built in a Roman Wonder of the World village. What’s great about this is that it accelerates production time of cavalry troops by 1% every time you level up. Low crop supply? No worries! An HTR wil lower the crop consumption of all Roman cavalry units in the village. Each specific troop has a specific amount of decrease in crop consumption. The Equites Legati will consume one crop less when at level 10. At level 15, your Equites Imperatoris will consume one crop less. Finally, Equites Caesaris will consume one crop less at level 20.

This may just be one of my favorite things about the Roman tribe. Although it comes with its own downsides but once you’ve developed your tribe, everything is nothing but a beauty.

Hero Adventures!


Adventures are quests in which you need to send your Hero to for him to gain experiences. Aside from that, adventures will allow you to earn rewards such as silver, troops, loot or items. There are two types of adventures: normal and difficult. A normal adventure can inflict lesser damage but experience gained by your hero would only be low. However, a difficult adventure can increase your hero’s experience by way much more than normal although there is greater risk of damage and loss.

Thetrav location to where the adventure will be has no influence on the difficulty of the adventure. Whether you send your hero to the mountains or you send him to a Natarian village, they can both be extremely dangerous. Increasing your hero’s fighting strength can help him in his adventures.

As for me, I’ve pulled out my hero and sent him to a normal adventure. I’m still trying to play safe so I’ll just see how this will go. With maybe a higher experience, I can send him to a difficult adventure soon. His experience level is still very low so I’ll be aiming to increase it.


Travian Tribes: The Romans


On my previous post, we talked about the things that new players need to know about Travian. One of the things I mentioned was knowing the each tribe; what makes each of them different from the rest. Well now, I’m making a series tackling about each tribe in detail so you can know them more. We’re starting off with the tribe I have, the Romans.

On past posts, I blogged about them already so you can check them out. I’ll go directly to specifics.

Romans is the second mos popular tribe. They are balanced and can be strong in both attack and defense. A Roman army is high quality but low in quantity. Although, they may consume less crop that other tribes’ armies but the downside to it is that they are expensive to train which also takes a long time.

The Romans have several troops which are good at both attack and defense.

  • Legionnaire – The basic unit of the Roman army and can be built without research. They are considered to be a general unit and are good for 3 main functions: basic light infantry, attacker, infantry raider and cavalry defender.
  • Praetorian – Best infantry defender in the game; This troop might be good in defense but the attack skills are lacking. This troop should not be used in attacks. It’s suggested to not use this troop in raids since movement is slow and carries the least amount of resource.
  • Imperian – A heavy infantry attacker of the Roman army and may be the attacker. Considered the foundation of the Roman’s attack force although defense may be poor and should not be used for defense. Downside of this troop is that its expensive and slow to produce.
  • Equites Legati – A Roman scout. Scouts other villages to know troop count, defense and amount of resources. This troop cannot attack nor can it defend. If this troop is in your village, they can detect if there are enemies scouting you.
  • Equites Imperatoris – The main cavalry raider of the Roman army. Good to use for raiding both light and medium defended towns. This troop is quick and an easy raider and as per Roman standard, cheap.
  • Equites Caesaris – Slow but very powerful. Although compared to Teutonic Knights, this troop has the edge on speed. A very good troop to use as a defense unit.
  • Battering Ram – Heavy support weapon for infantry and cavalry. Their task is to destroy enemy walls thus increasing other troops’ chance to overcome the enemy.
  • Fire Catapult – They destroy the fields and buildings of enemy villages. They can be defenseless when they’re not escorted by other troops. (That’s one thing you should always keep in mind!)

A Roman tribe can be very powerful! Learn to use them well and you will definitely be on top of your game.


Scouting Might Be a Life Saver!


Recently, I’ve had problems on raids and attacks which helped me learn how to keep my troops safe and keep my resources from being taken away. I’ve learned to train and send troops and how to dodge an incoming attack you know you can’t match. There are a lot of important decision making you need to do in playing Travian and it’s very important you make the right ones.Equites_Legati

One important thing every beginner needs to learn is how to scout a village. Scouting is important if you want to increase the chances of winning an attack. By scouting your target village, you get information you will need upon doing the attack.

I have Romans so my scouts are Equites Legati. Good thing about them is that they are fast moving and cheap to research. To scout, you need to click the village you wish to scout and then select “Send Troops.” Enter the number of scouts you want to send and choose “Attack: Normal” or “Attack: Raid.” Keep in mind that you should not send other troops with your scouts or else, it won’t work.


Are you a “provider” to the raider?


It could be sad to think that my village is like a provider to this player who constantly raids it. Your opponent’s getting more and more from you and it seems like there’s nothing you can do about it.trav

But know what? I think it’s the lesser evil than having face your enemy and knowing that there’s no chance of you winning. In this case, trying is not a good option. You should be sure to at least have a chance at winning than just plainly leaving it out to luck.

For example, if you know your troops are outnumbered by your opponent’s, then don’t push through. It’s better to keep your troops safe until they are ready to fight. Try to find reinforcement that could help you in defending your village.

Remember, it’s a bigger loss to lose your troops than to lose resources. Your resources will continue to grow and it will not stop producing. But training and preparing troops can take time especially for a beginner so it is best at this point to just be a little more patient. Let your enemy have his laugh for now. Let your revenge cook up a little.

Now, I’m trying to build up an army. Training troops little by little each day.

I’m the one who got pissed…


Apparently, the player who constantly attacks me is not as dumb as I thought. He’s a pretty good player and he got me. trav

What I did yesterday was I was dodging his attack. I sent my troops elsewhere and transferred my crops into one of my villages so when he gets to my village which he was targeted to, there’d be nothing there. But what he did was he attacked my weakest and smallest village first, Blueberry Muffin. And then, he attacked my other village in which where I sent my resources, Raisin Bran Muffin. Finally, he attacked my most developed village, Corn Meal Muffin. It was a good thing I had my troops elsewhere or else, they might have been wiped out too.

This is not the end of this. Someone has to pay. I hope I can do it. I need to prepare well. It’s time to train troops for one big attack.

I hope someone learned his lesson…


I posted yesterday about a player who constantly raids my village. Well, he tried to attack the reinforcement for me and guess what? He failed flat on his face. I’m not trying to be mean but you can see for yourself.



He lost all of his troops. He didn’t stand a chance. I sure hope someone learned his lesson to not take my little village too lightly.

It’s important for one to learn how to defend his village. Although you can hide your troops so you can keep them safe from being attacked especially when you see that you cannot match the incoming attack, then it’s better to hide your troops and keep them safe. It takes time to train troops so treat and use them wisely. This will come in really handy when you’re still starting. It takes really long hours to train troops and when you don’t have that much resources, you can’t train a lot of them at a time so it will take you even more time.

Keep upgrading your resources and granaries to keep your resources up. It’s always important to monitor your resources as you will need them every single time. They’re very important!


I’ve got a frequent Raider…


So lately, I have noticed one player who constantly raids my village taking advantage of my resourced but lack of good defense skills. Since I’m still learning, I am still trying to get the hang of the game. Lately, I’ve been busy upgrading buildings and training troops.

This is really pissing me off. He’s getting away with almost everything! But no worries, he’s just given me a reason to train even more troops. I’m planning on pissing him off with an attack that I want to make sure will succeed. I’m training troops that will match or even exceed his.

He’s constantly taking advantage of my poor precious village and now, it’s time for revenge! No, I won’t do a raid because I’m not seeking to take back the loot he took. I simply wanna piss him off! *evil laugh*

Wish me luck! Will start scouting when my scouts are ready! 😉


Attack and Raid


In Travian, you can choose to attack or raid. When you say attack, it means that your sole purpose is to destroy your target. An attack can cause damage to both the attackers and the defenders even though it’s successful. An attack does not provide the same profit as a raid.

By attacking, you can destroy walls and buildings of the target. It is also a means to conquer another village or could also be a way for you to release trapped troops. Before making an attack, always make sure to scout first because this has a very high risk.

A raid’s main purpose is to gather bounty and are usually less vicious than an attack. The good thing about a raid is that armies will do battle until at least one side is reduced in strength by 50%. There are these what we call Trappers in which their mission is to capture raiders. In order to free captives, you need to do a successful attack as I mentioned earlier.


Training just a few troops. :)

Trying to Raid


I just made a raid. It was quite an impulsive decision. I was like, “Okay, let’s try raiding a small town” and then I just did. I think part of my way to learn is by exploring. Just continuing to try different stuff each day.

One of my small villages got attacked and it made me sad. My troops definitely got busted. But I guess that’s part of developing. I’m keeping up on increasing the levels of my buildings and constructing new ones as well. The Embassy that I built on one of my villages is done.

I’ve been learning a lot so far. I continue to study the game to fully understand it. I learned to many strategies and I’m pretty much getting excited to try them.

Hope I could keep up improving my little village. I can’t wait to see progress day after day!


Here’s a screenshot of one of my village’s resources. Currently upgrading one of my crop fields.