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Scouting Might Be a Life Saver!


Recently, I’ve had problems on raids and attacks which helped me learn how to keep my troops safe and keep my resources from being taken away. I’ve learned to train and send troops and how to dodge an incoming attack you know you can’t match. There are a lot of important decision making you need to do in playing Travian and it’s very important you make the right ones.Equites_Legati

One important thing every beginner needs to learn is how to scout a village. Scouting is important if you want to increase the chances of winning an attack. By scouting your target village, you get information you will need upon doing the attack.

I have Romans so my scouts are Equites Legati. Good thing about them is that they are fast moving and cheap to research. To scout, you need to click the village you wish to scout and then select “Send Troops.” Enter the number of scouts you want to send and choose “Attack: Normal” or “Attack: Raid.” Keep in mind that you should not send other troops with your scouts or else, it won’t work.