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How Not To “Fake (FAIL) it Till You Make it” in Travian with Oasis (Bonus: And a Pro-Tip)


Hey travian gamers, since I don’t post on the weekends Elvis has asked that I introduce him so he can share some love with the blog. You can read all about him here.

The following is a post by Elvis…

My Travianistic Morning – Just Out of Bed!

No matter how bad of a night’s sleep I get, the morning always excited me because it’s that time of day that I get to log into my Travian account and spend resources on anything I want. I can:

  1. Build TONS of troops
  2. Host a Party
  3. Level up my Residence

Sometimes I can do all three of these.

First I host a party, then I build troops, but I don’t use all my resources, then I level up my residence or transfer resources to another village to do the same.

The Travian Oasis Fail – What Not To Do

But today, was different, as I was looking for a good oasis to use up those (17x) cages I just plundered with my hero, I saw this:


As you can see, here we have an oasis that hasn’t been occupied for some time, as it’s inhabited by animals (literally). That’s fine. But in the oasis’ reports section there are 3 attacks in the same minute… that have red swords! Each of these attacks looks like this:

go-oasis-failWhat is the point of faking an oasis that is owned by nature?

I have no idea but I’m hoping someone is going to slap me across the face and tell me to wake up and realize what is happening in this oasis is indeed normal… because I have no idea.

Going on to the second part of this post…

How to Know You’re Doing Things Right in Travian

Right, so there are a few litmus tests that you can do to see if you are on the right track with your quest to avoid getting raided. Put differently, here is how you know it’s time to demolish your crannies so you can build a second warehouse or granary:

– If when you login each morning there are no “during the night” attacks on your village.

I’m not referring to a random raid where someone plunders your village with 1000 ECs sent without first scouting. I’m talking about a few raids where you’re losing resources and other players think they can raid you. That’s the problem: They know they can get away with it.

Travian is all about being the bully that bullies all the other players. Of course you don’t want to make a personal enemy out of an egotistical account ranked #13 who feels its their mission to “teach you a lesson” but you do want to be raiding very regularly.

I’m Gaul, and I have:

  • 4 Farm lists. I think everyone on the map that is smaller than me, is on that farm list.
  • 4 Farm lists that get used at least 3x each every day.

This is the idea… use your farm lists every day. This accomplishes 2 things:

  1. Of course you get more resources. But more importantly,
  2. You make it very difficult for players in your SW/SE/NW/NE area to grow into a formidable threat.

That #2 is really important. Don’t worry about losing a few TTs when you raid someone.. that’s not the point. The point is you’re destroying their pitiful parties of troops so that they don’t grow into a large force that is out of your control and poses an actual threat.

Travian Goal: Expanding Empire & Culture Points


travPlayers that don’t have goals are probably the worst type. They’re impulsive and they tend to make reckless decisions which lead them to a pointless game play. There is not a single game that has no ultimate goal. Even a game as simple as Flappy Bird have a goal and it is to get the farthest as possible. More so with a strategy game like Travian. Once it is reached by one player, the server ends and everyone has to start all over again. But of course, if you’re not that of a dreamer, then you could aim for simpler goals like building a huge empire or be the best at raiding or be able to conquer other villages.

But in order to get to that ultimate goal, you need to have a daily goal. These daily goals is a stepping stone towards that big aim of yours. For me, my aim is to be able to do successful attacks and raids and no longer be the farm. You may say that it’s a bit low but hey, I’m a beginner. As far as I can remember, I’ve been farmed ever since I started playing. So my aim is to finally be the one to farm and not the one being farmed. It’s not much but it will get me through.

Now this is how I plan to get it done. First, I build and improve my first village. I want to make sure that my capital is big and strong. Second, I build other villages. These smaller villages will help me gather a bigger army. When that happens, I will then be able to do attacks and raid villages. As of the moment, my village is looking pretty good although I will be needing to do some more serious upgrade. Time. Time is all I need.



I’d be glad to say that since my Beginner’s Protection came to an end, no serious attacks have came. I guess it is very advantageous to join a server that has just started. Everyone’s still starting out so you’ll have less problems.

So this is what I had to deal with today. As you can see, I build a residence. I was so eager, actually too eager, to build a second village that I missed important details about it. Yes, you need a Residence to build a second village since you will have to train settlers, at least 3, to found a new village. What went wrong was I didn’t know that there would be other requirements for me to build my second village. You don’t just need a Residence, you need culture points. As for me, I still need 1,231 culture points for me to build my second village. That’s still a lot! I won’t say I wasted my resources building the Residence but if I knew I couldn’t build my second village yet, I should have hold off the construction and used my resources for other purposes. Maybe building troops to attack an oases or build a Trapper.

Since it’s already done, I just have to make the most of it. I have made an article about culture points. Right now, I can’t build a building that will produce high culture points yet since my Main Building is still working its way to level 6. I need it to get to level 10 for me to start moving. I suppose my Residence will be sitting there for quite some time but I will make sure that I put it to good use as soon as possible. At the same time, I have to find a way to be able to defend myself from attackers. I guess you could say, “No pressure.” but you’d be wrong. There’s so much pressure but I have to keep my head straight. I shouldn’t let my mistakes get the best of me. I’d say the same thing to any beginner who are still struggling.

Don’t lose focus on your aim. Even if errors happen and mistakes are made, don’t let it get you off your course.

Travian Strategy: Is your mindset holding you back?


What’s your story? What do you think will happen with your strategies? Are your plans going to help you work your way to be a top player? Or are there things holding you back?may25-2

Most of us do not make a conscious decision about how we’re going to play. It’s just a game anyway. Rather, we just wing it. And unfortunately, many of us, especially beginners, just end up in painful experiences and become pessimistic thus completely hindering progress.

How many new players ever said, “That’s just my luck.” when the game don’t turn out the way they planned? Or make grandiose statements claiming that bad things always happen and cheating is needed to succeed in the game?

No matter how bad or things can get, let’s say you can’t prevent or fight off the numerous attacks coming into your village, maybe you didn’t start right? You see, from the very beginning, you will need skill and the right strategy. Starting off with the wrong strategies and no clear direction can affect the outcome of the entire game. And once the server has ended, you’d still be the favorite farm of every player.

Do not limit yourself to what you can do. Take time to research and learn what strategies work best. Start right by learning what tribe works best with your aim. For example, Gaul tribe works better on defense. They have a special building called the Gaul Trapper which can make traps in your village and imprison any raider or attacker. If you want to be an offensive player and raid your way to the top, choose the Teutons. They are the most successful raiders and their infantry is the best in the game. But if you want to play equally good at defense and offense, choose Romans.

Before you start any server, it’s best to have a plan set. Although, you can still learn your way through but do not let any disappointments and failure competely hinder you from continuing. You still have a long way to do. Best tip is to join a server that has just started. You can have more time to improve since other players are also still just starting.

g36-ltrIf you continue to tell yourself the same story of failure, you will continue to be one over and over again. Remember, if your startegy didn’t work, try a different one. You can always start over and learn from your previous mistakes. Develop a pattern and protocol like upgrading. You should be able to do some each day until they all reach their maximum levels. Expand your empire by building more villages. A great trick is have a village intended for a single purpose. For example, you have one or more villages solely for building troops. This will help you build a huge army to attack bigger players.

Travian is a mindset. It will all come down to what you think and what you know you can do and must happen. Empower your beliefs and let it help you be a successful player. Because when you’re certain about your potential, you take a massive action. And when you take that massive action, you get massive results thus motivating you to do more. You know you’re capable of being one of the big player and not a mere raiding target.

Condition your mind. You want to live up to your full potential. If now isn’t the time, then when?

Raiding in Travian: Oases Raid and Raid Defenses


Doesn’t good news always make your day? It is sure to make anyone happy when they hear good news. But what if it’s backed up by bad news? It just ruins everything. Well, that’s what my Travian had for me today. It tells me the good news, then followed by bad news…

..and then another bad news.

Plus one more bad news.

I guess I really can’t expect everything to go smoothly as it is. Here is the good news I was talking about:

trav 3

Doesn’t that report look great? A successful defense against an attack. Nine enemies captured and 1 enemy dead. Well, I say my troops did pretty well. There really is power in number. I say that any player, regardless of what tribe you are, you should really make the effort of improving anything that would give you a great number of troops. As long as you have your enemies greatly outnumbered, chances of winning against them is very high. Much more if you have specialized troops and then you are great in number, you will surely get the game going. But of course, all of these need resources. Not just crops, iron, wood or clay but most importantly, time. Time is the only resource you can’t get enough of in Travian. It is always the one you’re sure to get short of. So rushing things won’t get you anywhere. You can’t rush it. Patience is very valuable at this time. You really have to take every step slowly and carefully. So make wise use of your time. Be sure to invest it in projects that need priority.

Going back to my report, that’s it. I got a good news of a defeated enemy. But then, I had to read my other reports. They did not contain more good news. It just went like this…

trav 2

One defeat..

trav 1

..and then another.

Who couldn’t possibly get annoyed? My troops were wiped out just like that. Damn. Just when I was getting the hang of things, this happened. Well, it’s inevitable. There are a lot of strong players out there. I really just wish they don’t feed on the weak, you know?


At least, I tried. I just have to continue making progress if I want more of those good reports. I have lots of resources now and I’m looking forward to expanding them even more. Now, my warehouse is working it’s way to level 5. My main building is at level 12. Work on upgrading your main building. Prioritize it. The higher the level of your main building, the less time it takes for others to level up. So, it’s a clever use of time management. Take it as a tip.

Since I’m working on my warehouse, I can store more and more resources. Which also means, I can train more troops. I need lots of resources if I want a big army, right? I can then raid more oases and hopefully, occupy one soon. My village is situated trav 5at an area where there are three unoccupied oases of clay. Since my tribe is Gaul, this is a big help for me. I’ll work on that anytime soon. Right now, I’m still prioritizing on getting more and more troops. Hopefully, I can avoid future attacks so I can gather loads of troops.

Hold on! The bad news isn’t over. Yep, there’s definitely more. Oh, don’t worry. This is the last one, for today.

trav 4


That’s right, folks. My hero died, again! She’s on her way to being revived. Man, I can’t afford anymore of these deaths. It’s costing me too much on reviving her. I can use the extra resource for more troops, you know? It’s really frustrating. But again, I won’t mope all day about it. I just need more ways on getting more resources.

Also, I still don’t know what to do with my prisoners. I can just set them free. I really don’t care. I just want troops. But I’ll still try to see if I can use them for my advantage. They are not so many so ransoming them doesn’t seem to be very promising although I could still try for a few amount of resources. But I’d still need to build a marketplace and I also don’t have resources for that yet. Although right now, I’m busy using up my resources. I don’t want them to just simply go to my farmers. I’m not that generous. Since I can’t do much defending myself yet, I’ll use them as much as I can.

That’s not much for today but I’m glad I’m making clearer progress. At least, it’s a milestone. My first successful defense. Just you wait. There’s more where that came from!

Travian Update: Attacking an Oases and Trapping Prisoners


Some things don’t always go the way you want them to. There are things that are just way out of your hands and the only thing you can do, adjust. You have to think of a solution to every dilemma you are in. Moping and complaining about it just won’t help so you have to view things in a different perspective to see a different way around the problem. Playing can be like that; not just life. Well, for some players, playing is life.

My Travian is doing surprisingly well today. I finally collected my rewards from doing tasks and it has helped me do both improvements and troop building today. I have finally upgraded my trapper and I can now put 22 traps. 5 of them are occupied actually. It did work and it captured some of my enemies. Sad thing though is that the last troops I built all got killed but I had enough resources today to create 17 troops. My trapper has caught some prisoners and I have no idea what to do with them. So as usual, I did some forum reading and found that I can have them ransomed. So far, that’s the only thing I have found and I don’t think that’s going to work well with me. Why? It’s because I only have 3 from one player and 2 from another. I don’t think that’s very valuable. Besides, I don’t have a marketplace yet so I can make exchanges. I also still don’t know how to set them free. (Haha!) I’m going to learn that eventually though. So let’s just wait for the perfect timing.

Currently, my troops are attacking an unoccupied oases. Since it’s one of my tasks, I had to do it. I’m not hoping much from it since it’s an attack on an oases that has nothing in it. They might just come home bringing nothing but rats. Well, at least it can increase my hero’s experience a bit. After this, I might give attacking an oases with wild animals in them and see how far my troops can go. I guess with this, I can see how much I’m capable yet as of now.

I have also bid at an auction. Still, this was part of a task so I did it and I got my hero a Helmet of Healing. It looks pretty cool on my hero. Cost me 100 silver and it’s my first time making a purchase like this. I think I might be bidding more when I find some things interesting.

You could say that a lot has been going on but I say this is just the beginning. Finally, we’ll start to stir things up!

Travian Update: Village Raids and Gaul Trapper


Talk about perfect timing. It seems like events don’t want me to become an offensive player. I did talk about finally doing attacks in my article yesterday. It was not mean to be as a raid  arrived at the perfect time and got all my troops killed. So you can expect that the 4 Phalanxes that I trained yesterday all died.



To make things worse, my hero died (again!). Her health was on full when I sent her on a dangerous adventure so I don’t know what went wrong. Maybe it was too much for my hero. I guess I should cease for the moment in sending my hero on dangerous adventures. Not until I boost her experience level a bit, only then will I resume on sending her back. It’s costing me much on the resources already on reviving her. It’s not cheap, you know.

Today, I’m not upgrading anything in my village. I spent all of them in training troops and I was able to train 7. I would need 3 more and then I can try doing an attack. My trapper is also ready. I created 3 traps to set up in my village. It’s my first time using it so I’ll try to see if it works effectively in trapping enemies.

I have been checking out more articles from Dan T. Massicotte and I found one interesting. It’s an article about raiding players. I guess if you want to be an offensive player, the Teutons is the best tribe of choice. Their troops are cheap to train and are fast moving. They can also carry more load. They are really good in terms of raiding. Although you can pretty much do the same with other tribes but there are just others who have the edge.

I have to use the advantage my tribe has. It’s the most effective way of playing for me. I just want to know if I can use the trapped enemies for my own. I still have to search on that. Though, it would be nice if I can torture them. Just kidding… …or not.

Anyway, I will keep update on the progress I’m making. I’ll also let you guys know how the trapper worked for me. I have the feeling that upgrading my trapper and be able to effectively use it will help me reduce the number of raids coming into my village. I will no longer be a farm. Oh, this is great! This is absolutely exciting. I can’t wait to see how my enemies will slowly decrease in number since they would be trapped in my village. Now, I’m really glad I went for Gauls. This is very handy and I can finally get rid of farmers. They will so regret being my enemy.

Travian Attack: Raiding and Troop Specialty


It has been more than a week since I have been busy upgrading and leveling up my resource fields and buildings. I guess it’s time to shake things up a little. Although, I don’t have enough resources yet to produce a troop large enough for a sure successful raid yet. So this is what I’m up to. Since there has not been any attacks coming to my village recently,  I will create and collect a troop with 10 Phalanxes and try to attack an oases. Well, collect because all I can make is 4-5 troops at a time. I don’t know if that would be enough but I guess I’ll find out. I will send my hero along with them. I suppose you can say that this is an experiment so we will just have to find out.

For far, nothing new actually. The usual upgrading will stop temporarily today. I need to use the resources I have for training troops. These Gauls really use up a lot of clay it is unbelievable! I really need to upgrade these clay resources more than others. Well, at least I know that I have to prioritize my clay fields. There is definitely a lot of work that needs to be done but hey, making sure there is progress everyday, though slow, as long at it’s continuous then there’s no problem.

As I always do, I’ve been on to some research and I ran into this site with really helpful information about Travian. A website called Ezine Articles by an author whose name is Dan T. Massicotte. I found an article that he did about Travian Troop Specialties. It seems that g36-ltrbased on what he said about Gaul tribes, I shouldn’t focus on becoming an offensive player. Gaul tribes are good at defense and it is their specialty. I also just have learned about this building called “The Trapper.” In Travian Wikia, it is defined as a Gaul-specific building designed to build more traps for the attackers. Basically, it’s not a recommended strategy for a Gaul player to be offensive. So from this day on, I guess I should switch course. I can be an offensive player but taking advantage of my tribe’s specialty will help me advance better.

This is a whole new path for me so I guess I have to rethink my strategies. Most especially that I spent all of my days from the very start improving what needed to be improved to become an offensive player. Good thing is that I can still use all of this to my advantage. It’s still not too late to change my goal of playing because I still am a beginner.

I have just built a trapper and its construction is now ongoing. travI guess I have to build a new village. I’ll try to figure out how. I can use the second building mainly for building troops. This can help me become offensive while taking advantage of my defensive specialties.

Looks like I have more work on my hands as I anticipated. But this change will definitely be for the better. I can’t wait to see how this will turn out.

Cheating just don’t work


Oops! Clumsy move. My hero died again. Well, this is embarrassing.  It’s a funny story actually because I actually tried sending my hero again on a dangerous adventure without full health. This time, I tried to send my hero to another dangerous adventure that had less time. Still didn’t work though. So I guess, I proved it twice. Never send your hero on a dangerous adventure without full health. That should become a rule. But no worries, my hero is on her way to being revived.

This week, I’m starting with more and more and more upgrades and level up. I have to speed up progress. I think if I take too long to do this, I might end up being a farm and then I would no longer be able to do things. That would be like a trap. I can’t afford for that to happen.

I’m glad that my main building is now at level 11. That’s a big improvement from my other villages before. My barracks is now level 4, my granary at level 7 and a cranny at level 6. Big achievements! I really neglected a lot of stuff in the past that is why I’m making up for it. I really don’t want to make the same mistakes. Neglecting the same things could lead to the same scenario.

I’m pretty much excited about all this. Although I have seen that searching the internet is just not enough. That is why I’m looking for books. Just searching for some good ones that can help me step up my game. But so far, I haven’t found a good one yet. Oh well, I guess it’s not time. At least I have a strategy I follow for now and the pro tips can wait; once I actually become a pro.

I’m a beginner so I have to embrace it, learn from it, move on from it. I know there’s much to learn but playing while learning on the way is simply the best. I don’t want to get all desperate and resort to cheating. Yes, it can be nice to see you get on the top the easy way but it just loses the essence, you know? The achievements don’t feel as satisfying as they are supposed to be. And most of all, it’s not fun anymore. You are just simply cheating and you are no longer playing. Where’s the fun in that?

Advice From A Beginner


Just a few more minutes left and my hero is revived.


I can start sending her onto new adventures again. I don’t know if it’s right but I’m kind of happy she died. Waiting for that health to boost back up to 100% actually takes a longer time than just reviving the hero. Although it would need resources but if you have a lot, then why not? I think it’s a good strategy to just let the hero die and revive her to get back on the game quicker. It’s a lot faster which comes in with the convenience of not having to wait days for the health to reach 100%.

I’m still working on upgrading my fields and my buildings. With my village, I think after getting the barracks to a level 10, I might be able to start attacking. But before I can do that, I have to level up my resour3es first. The more resources I have, the more troops I can build.  Maybe when I’m ready to do attacks, I can start on attacking an oases. Well, since that one is also on my list of tasks that I have to attack an oases. That’s a good place to start before I can go looking for players like beginners or inactive ones to attack. I also need to research on that as well since I still don’t know how to find out if the player is either a beginner or inactive.

Pretty much, I still got a lot to learn but I guess that’s part of progress. I would also be glad to tell you that attacks or raids coming to my village have lessened. Isn’t that just great? I just hope I didn’t jinx that. Well, I am hopeful that if ever the time comes when I will start to be a target for players to farm, I would be more prepared to face them. Better yet, I would be capable of handling some enemies. Oh, how proud I would be when that day comes. So, I have to keep focus that what I’m doing today would lead to that goal. It’s really important to have your goals set right from the beginning so that every move you make coordinate with one another. You wouldn’t want to make a complete mess of stuff and it will be such a big waste of time and effort.

My suggestion is to create a game plan. Although it’s just a game and you can go all crazy if you want but if you want to play well, you somehow have to take some things seriously. From the very start, determine what kind of player you want to be, either a defensive or offensive player. And then from there, you think of a step by step plan on how you can achieve that. For example, in my case, I want to be an offensive player. I want to attack and conquer. So what do I do? I focus on improving my troop force. I invest my time on getting the buildings I would need to research troops. I would prioritize doing things that would benefit my troops. The options go on. That’s how I think is the best way to get things going. With this kind of strategy, you get to save time and resources. You can get to your goal faster when you have things well planned out. Remember, Travian is a strategy game. Pretty much, the player with the best strategy rules the game. It’s great to learn from other players but it’s also good to learn things on your own.

I’m not an expert yet so I won’t give much advises. I’m still a beginner learning my way through this game. I just wanted to share with you guys what I learn on the way. It’s great if we all share experiences so we can also learn from each other aside from learning through experience.

My Hero Died!!!


Oh my gosh! My hero died! I can’t believe it! She died! Well, lesson learned is that to never send your hero on a dangerous adventure when her health is not full even though it’s more that half. It’s unbelievable. I wasn’t really expecting that. See here, in the past dangerous adventures I sent my hero to, it doesn’t really reduce her health much. So when I saw her health was more than half, I really thought I could get away with it and just be left with a really low health level which I can just wait to boost up again. I guess I really screwed that up. I now therefore conclude that for every full hero health, just one dangerous adventure is enough or else your hero gets killed.

I just did what I usually do which is research on how to resolve this. I’m just glad it’s not as complicated as getting strategy guides because that would definitely need more than just the internet to get answers. I’d need a book or a manual or something. But upon looking through forums and discussions, I found one guy said that you just wait for the hero to revive. It will cost resources and time but that’s pretty much the only way. And since that’s the only answer I got, then I’m sticking with it. I guess I’ll just wait and see if my hero revives after a few hours.

Another thing is that there’s now another attack coming in to my village which is not good. Oh, how I wish I could do more but I have to stick to the game plan. The plan right now is to upgrade, upgrade and upgrade. That’s the best one I’ve got and I think it has its potentials.

On the bright side of all these, my main building is now in level 10! Hooray for that! Halfway to getting it to it’s maximum level. Isn’t that just exciting? I also happen to have built a warehouse now. More resources coming right up! My barracks is doing quite well too. It’s now in level 3. I do need to do upgrades on my rally point though. It’s still at level 1.  You could say that’s lame but hey, I’ve got a new building so that’s nice enough, right? Give me a break, guys! It’s really not easy.3264065_1371205306660.04res_500_278 How I wish there’s a way to build multiple buildings at the same time. If any of you know, please let me know in the comments.

Well, for today, I have used up all my resources into upgrading. I always do that so that if an attack comes soon, there would be less resource because I already utilized them. Pretty clever, huh? That’s a great strategy if you can’t move your resources elsewhere. Use them. That way even though you ran out of resources, you haven’t actually lost anything. Take a look at the resources I have left:



And my village? Looking better and better:



There’s still a lot of work to be done but I’m glad it’s going well right now.