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Travian Interview with the Cheda the Butcher


An Interview with Cheda Worth Referring Back To

Cheda the Butcher is famous player and an active member on the .rs Travian domain.  Cheda is also the founder of the alliance called cheda“Bitange”.

I have the unique privilege to interview Cheda asking him some questions about his experience with Travian. Interviewing top players is something I’d like to do more often and if there are questions that you guys would like me to be asking please let me know in the comments or by hitting “reply” on the email newsletter.

I try my best to answer every email message sent in. Don’t be shy! Please send in a message and tell me what kind of information you want from these pros!

Ok, without further delay, let’s get into the interview. I have included my questions in bold.

How did you find out about Travian, Cheda?

Many of my friends started to play the game. I was reluctant to play, but eventually gave in because there was so much opportunity to work together.

Do you still play? 

I play but at a lower intensity than I was playing 3 months ago. For now I’m playing on RS2 and I help on an RS5 account evenings.

Which Tribe is your Favorite and Why? Do you Prefer Offensive or Defensive?

Teutons have always attracted me. What I like the most about them is:

  • Their plunder bonus
  • Rapid development at the beginning,
  • Large amount of military

I still play a lot of active accounts. It was quite logical. I think I’ve always been offensive though thinking to play and a serious one deff account and see how I will be successful there or not.

What Are Your Biggest Successes in Travian? Which Do you Prefer: Tear down, defend or build a wonder of the world?

My greatest successes in Travian are gaining a lot of friends, I have a dual called Pop (3 servers on the the same acc) who is able to cross the 600 kilometers to see other Travian players, like me.  I play Travian with the almost same team for over 3 years.

Another achievement that I am proud is that I have created an alliance called “BITANGE”  which is perhaps best know on the RS domain. There are thousands of players who have worked with my alliance.  That’s what makes me proud.

I prefer to tear down other people, construction has never attracted me even though I have sitted a couple WWs.

Would You Say There Are People in Travian You Can Safely Call Friends Outside of Travian?

Of course, I think they are the only reason I have played Travian for so long.

What Is Your Opinion of Travian Games?

I think they are doing a great job. They are very good at keeping a vigilant eye on the cheaters in the game and their punishments for cheaters come swiftly making the game fun for people who play by the rules.

What Advice Would Give to People who Want to Get Better at Travian?

I would say two things. First, you want to make sure you know how to understand the game. Second, make sure you respect others. Winning is important, but not at “any price”

Winning lasts for 1 round. Respect is eternal.

Needs Based Upgrading in Travian


Needs based upgrading in Travian is about leveraging time and your immediate needs so that you can stretch your resources as far as possible. One of the most common problems in Travian is that every player needs an unequivalent amount of resources to across the four categories to upgrade buildings, fields, and build troops.

For example, a Gaul player needs more clay than iron. So if they log into their account in the morning and build as many TTs as possible they will have < 1200 clay and a lot of iron left. At this point there is very little the player can do in this village except maybe trade some iron for clay in the marketplace or use gold to the NPC tool.

Anti Needs Based Upgrades

One upgrade that addresses this needs based resource problem is the main building. needs main buildingAs you can see in the picture on the right, the amount of resources in one category is very similar to the others. Of course crop is always lower since the building upgrade costs hourly production of crop as well. Maybe this isn’t the reason and I’m just really dumb because I don’t know the real reason… but this is the best conclusion I can make.

needs small partyAnother anti-needs based “build” is a small party. I’m a big time party-er in Travian. If I partied in real life as much as I do in Travian I would have no job, be delusional about life and totally suck in Travian. Fortunately the resource structure of the small party is fairly equal across the wood/clay/iron resource cost.

As an aside, I kind of feel like the iron resource in Travian needs to be replaced with alcohol. It just makes more sense that alcohol would make a better party than iron. And it kind of applies to the other upgrades as well…

… training a soldier cannot be done until he takes his first class of mead. Right?

… settling a new village could not ever be done without drinking a lot of alcohol… I think. Anyway…

The Way of the Needs – Barracks

The best way to use a needs – based strategy for building and upgrades is by looking at how you are using up time. I have 2 examples.

First, we have the barracks. Umm, here is a picture for you:

needs barracksMy barracks is currently at level 15. I have the resources to upgrade it (thanks to the NPC tool and my rich parents) to level 16 which would train troops faster. But look at my queue.

Needs based upgrading would ask the question: “Am I going to waste the extra resources spent on the upgrade by not training soldiers in my barracks for a few hours each day?”

A player who answers “Yes” to this question needs to focus their resources (thank god for feeder villages and farms!) on building up a consistent queue of phallies in the barracks. It’s like running taking up a new sport such as squash and purchasing a $1,500 racket. The question that goes with that racket is: “Will I be playing/practicing squash every day?” or “Do I have sufficient experience with other squash rackets to be able to appreciate the difference this one will make?” or “Am I experienced enough to justify purchasing this racket?” Whatever the question is… it probably doesn’t justify the “upgrade”, much like the barracks upgrade.

Oh Shit!

Ok guys, I have to head out for an emergency (I’m human after all…) will finish this post tomorrow. But you’re getting the point, I’m sure.

Travian Battle: Troop Research and Strategy


troop researchTroop Research

One major way to grow in Travian to research new troops. You really can’t just settle for the only troop available for you since you will need troops doing specific tasks to succeed in every battle you wish to send them in. So you will need to do troop research and build more. Now, each tribe has their own different types of troops but one thing for sure is that they are all the same in the way that each tribe can have a specific troop for either cavalry or infantry. There are troops that are good at defense, there are those that are better at offense. There are troops that can do specific tasks like the ones that can break a village wall. You would want to gain advantages so you can win over your enemy.

Using these troops to device a strategy is a complicated topic. Usually, the best way to learn these strategies is to have them tried out yourself and discover the best way for you to succeed. You can do research online and check for tips but I strongly recommend you to take this time and relax. You may not be an expert yet, I know I’m not, so don’t expect that you can come up with a clever strategy that you can immediately win. Don’t be afraid to start humble and learn your way through.

The Academy

To do troop research, you will need an academy. There are certain prerequisites for every troop and some will require you to build not just an academy but other buildings as well. Since I’m Gaul, I’ll be using Gail troops as an example and look at what are the things you need to learn for troop research.

troop research


These is a screenshot from my academy. As you can see, there are requirements that need to be present before you can start researching a certain troop. I already have the requirements needed to research the Swordsman. Some troops require a Smithy or a Workshop but it’s not limited to that. Some troops from other tribes could require other building such as a Blacksmith, Horse Drinking Pool and others. It depends on what troop you’re going to research and what tribe you have. Now, it’s important that you know which ones you might need to prioritize. You wouldn’t want to waste time and resources on troops that are not that necessary yet. Although, the aim is to have all the troops. Well, the more the merrier and the more troops you have, the more complex your army could be. Troop research will help you expand the capabilities of your army. It well then be much more easier to device a battle strategy since you have the troops you need to make every battle a success.

Travian Tribes

The Gaul tribe is best at defense so most of their troops are excellent defenders. Like the Druidrider who is the fastest defensive unit in the game. Even the basic Gaul troop which is the Phalanx is a very valuable defender even though his attack power is minimal. So for troop research, work on the troops that will be needed to compensate for what your tribe is less capable at doing.

The Roman tribe is equally good at defense and offense so you can expect their troops to have equally good attackers and defenders. Romans are considered elite and their troops are individually strong. Although, the downside to them is that they are only good in quality and not in quantity because they are expensive and takes a lot of time to produce. But in battle, you don’t just need quality but also quantity. It’s hard to win over an enemy when you are greatly outnumbered. Troop research for Romans should be done to expand the number of troops you can build.

The Teutons are the best raiders in the game. Although, Teutons are very poor at defense. There are only a few troops in the Teuton tribe that are capable of defense so troop research on defense troops and to start building them is important.

Army Building

I am only starting troop research and right now, the idea is to get troops that will be used for raiding. Since you can’t avoid other players to raid you, you will need troops that could counter an enemy’s attack. So now, I have researched Pathfinders and have started building them. They are scouts. You will need scouts to know if there are other enemy scouts in your village. Also, I’ll be then working on getting Theutates Thunders because I’ll be needing them to raid villages. But I have to get my Smithy to level 3 first before I can research these troops.

Most likely if you are starting troop research, prioritize a powerful moving troop and scouts. They will be the most needed at first. So if you’re Gaul, start with Pathfinders and Theutates Thunders. If you’re Roman, you can start with Equites Legati and Equites Imperatoris. If you’re Teutons, you can expect your basic troop to be good at raiding already since Teutons are best at it. But, Teutons are poor at defense so you can build Scouts and maybe a troop that will be good at defense.

This is an overview of how you can research and build new troops. The best strategy is still the one you device on your own and you’ve been able to come up from the learnings you gained through your experiences. Don’t worry about rough starts but be sure to be wise enough to avoid major downfalls.

Good luck!

Travian Strategy: New Villages. Settling Near or Far?


New Villages

Expanding your Travian empire by building more new villages is one

of the many things in Travian that needs careful planning. You do not simply build a village and go “eenie meenie miney mo” on choosing where to build your new villages.

Choosing a location may need certain requirements. You would also have to assess where and why you would want to build new villages there. So, we’ll look over some tips and simple strategies on how to assess where you would want to build your next village.

Questions to Ask

There are certain questions you might need to ask yourself on deciding where to build your new villages. Here are a few examples:

What’s the first thing you should think about when choosing a location? Should it be near your capital? Should you build it right next to your capital?

Should you build it far from you capital? How far should your next village be? 5 squares from the capital? 10 squares from the capital? 20 squares from the capital?

For every question you ask, follow it up with why? Why should it be near? Why should it be far? Why should it be 10 or 20 squares far from the capital? Are there pros and cons?

Settling Near the Capital

For everything, there are advantages and disadvantages. Settling near your capital can have advantages. One advantage is that movement between troops is fast. For example, you have villages that you built solely for the purpose of training troops. When you need troops to gather into your capital ASAP, you can immediately have troops sent without much time lost. Then for whatever reason you had all your troops gathered in the capital, whether for an attack or raid, then you can get them moving immediately. This will come in handy if you want to be an offensive player. Having many villages can help you create a big army faster. Moving troops from one village to another will be more time efficient too.

In relation to training troops, if one village may require a need for resources, transferring them will be faster as well. But, there is a disadvantage to this. If you choose to transfer resources in your other villages to protect them from raids, then it might not be as effective as you think. Your enemy can easily raid your villages one after another since they are not that far. So take precaution on the purposes you decide on when building new villages next to each other.

You can reconsider settling near though when your capital is luckily near an open oases. You can take advantage of the available resources near you.

Settling Far the Capital

Obviously, settling far has the opposite pros and cons with settling near. It takes longer time to send reinforcements and transfer resources. But, transferring resources from village to village to protect them from raids could be a good idea when your villages are far from each other.

One advantage of settling far is that you can find more farms. By expanding your scope, you can find more sources for loots. Also, if there are many enemies around your capital, building new villages near the capital is just a bad idea. You can avoid enemies when you build new villages far from the capital and use them to gain more if your capital is facing way too much problems.

Careful Strategy

You would have to remember that every decision made should be thoroughly reconsidered. But, everything is a case to case basis so it’s important that you think about your purpose and aim for constructing new villages.

Travian Strategy: Is your mindset holding you back?


What’s your story? What do you think will happen with your strategies? Are your plans going to help you work your way to be a top player? Or are there things holding you back?may25-2

Most of us do not make a conscious decision about how we’re going to play. It’s just a game anyway. Rather, we just wing it. And unfortunately, many of us, especially beginners, just end up in painful experiences and become pessimistic thus completely hindering progress.

How many new players ever said, “That’s just my luck.” when the game don’t turn out the way they planned? Or make grandiose statements claiming that bad things always happen and cheating is needed to succeed in the game?

No matter how bad or things can get, let’s say you can’t prevent or fight off the numerous attacks coming into your village, maybe you didn’t start right? You see, from the very beginning, you will need skill and the right strategy. Starting off with the wrong strategies and no clear direction can affect the outcome of the entire game. And once the server has ended, you’d still be the favorite farm of every player.

Do not limit yourself to what you can do. Take time to research and learn what strategies work best. Start right by learning what tribe works best with your aim. For example, Gaul tribe works better on defense. They have a special building called the Gaul Trapper which can make traps in your village and imprison any raider or attacker. If you want to be an offensive player and raid your way to the top, choose the Teutons. They are the most successful raiders and their infantry is the best in the game. But if you want to play equally good at defense and offense, choose Romans.

Before you start any server, it’s best to have a plan set. Although, you can still learn your way through but do not let any disappointments and failure competely hinder you from continuing. You still have a long way to do. Best tip is to join a server that has just started. You can have more time to improve since other players are also still just starting.

g36-ltrIf you continue to tell yourself the same story of failure, you will continue to be one over and over again. Remember, if your startegy didn’t work, try a different one. You can always start over and learn from your previous mistakes. Develop a pattern and protocol like upgrading. You should be able to do some each day until they all reach their maximum levels. Expand your empire by building more villages. A great trick is have a village intended for a single purpose. For example, you have one or more villages solely for building troops. This will help you build a huge army to attack bigger players.

Travian is a mindset. It will all come down to what you think and what you know you can do and must happen. Empower your beliefs and let it help you be a successful player. Because when you’re certain about your potential, you take a massive action. And when you take that massive action, you get massive results thus motivating you to do more. You know you’re capable of being one of the big player and not a mere raiding target.

Condition your mind. You want to live up to your full potential. If now isn’t the time, then when?

Get in the Game: 5 Travian Strategies to be a Successful Player


travian-villageYou cannot win a game you do not play. This is true in any game, either sports or video games or even in life. And yet many of us stand on the sidelines because we are unsure of the strategy to use in order to win the game. Like in the game Travian, it will cost you time, effort and resources.

Truth is, you are already playing and you can’t avoid being the underdog. The prize is worth the effort but you have to put more of it if you want to earn the prize.

By now, you probably don’t know yet what strategy to use to get you through in Travian. If your way of playing isn’t the best, you’ll most likely be frustrated by your lack of progress and realize that you need to invest more effort, time and resources to get on top – otherwise, why would you keep on researching what others do? You want to know how they do it and what’s the strategy they use.

Here’s how you can get in the game

1. Know the Timeline
Time is the only resource you can’t get enough of in Travian. You cannot ever know how much time you’ll have before bigger players start to make you a farm. However, the basic thing you have to do is down to two phases: properly manage your time and learn to prioritize.During the first phase of time management, this will require careful planning. Know how much time you need and aim for a deadline. Then comes the second phase, prioritizing. Knowing what you are aiming for will let you learn what to prioritize. In the case of offensive players, you learn to prioritize improving your troops and being able to create more. For defensive players, you learn to prioritize improving defense mechanisms to ward off attackers.

2. Gain the Advantage
In connection to number one, you can save time by knowing a certain advantage. In Travian, knowing the tribe that will help you with your game aim can help you not only save time but also getting an edge in the game. Each tribe, Romans, Gauls and Teutons have a specialty. Knowing what they can do best will help you progress faster and better. Perhaps, you’ve seen other players grow well in the game. If you get an advantage, you can compete with them. Join an alliance, that is one advantage you shouldn’t miss.

3. Make Your First Move
It’s time to make an important decision and it is to finally get in the move. Don’t think that constructing buildings and upgrading resource fields is the only thing you need to do. Even in the case of defensive players, you need to make a move. You need to learn how to attack and fight back those players who might be farming or chiefing you.

4. Automate It
Now that you have formulated your winning strategy, it’s time to automate it. Remember that it is you guide throughout the game. Whether you choose to be defensive, be offensive or be good at both, you have to let that strategy be a rule – it has to be automatic. Execute every plan, every raid, every attack, every adventure and let that strategy lead you to being one of the top players. If your strategy don’t work, don’t fret. You can always try again. As long as there is progress in your village, you can always find a way to shift and do things differently.

5. Make the Impossible Shot
In a strategy game like Travian, you can never guess what’s coming. You’ve got a winning strategy but it is a risk. Don’t be afraid to take it. This means that we struggle with feelings like worrying about failing or being the player that is just present to be farmed. That’s why we’re coming up with a strategy. As long as you have one, you have nothing to worry.

It may seem impossible to be a top player and you may even resort to cheating. So what happened? You get discouraged. But it is not how it is supposed to be. After days and months of playing, you have made progress so keep that in mind. As long as you are progressing, you can always find a way around every problem.

You have a winning strategy to get in the game – become your own star player, make things happen and get in the game!

Adventurous Travian Dual “Couples”


home-slider-trivianEvery year thousands of teams set out on the journey to play Travian on one of the speed servers. For some, it is the best and most reward journey they ever go on. But for others, getting along with sitters and duals is a constant source of contention.

So what is the difference between players that make it to the top 10 and duals that can’t break the 100 ranks and end up hating each other?

The stresses with playing Travian are inevitable – the cost of gold, the first few days, the seemingly never ending troops to build and move around. This is all to be expected since everyone starts their Travian account from zero and builds it up.

To help you better understand and navigate the process of dealing the duals and keeping each other organized, I have made a list of the top 3 “dual relationship” strategies that have worked for me.


Your ability to manage the stress that comes with playing Travian is more important the more duals are playing on the account. When someone experienced a stressful moment, due to too many attacks coming in or losing too many villages… or even playing the game takes too much time out of their personal life, they tend to get dramatic and want to quit.

This is why you and your duals need to develop a stress management plan that includes organization and delegation so that everyone knows what they have to do on the account. Making duals responsible for various activities is a good way to achieve this. Creating a “daily account management routine” is another great way to accomplish this.

It may also be a good idea for duals to take time off from playing Travian. Rather than rotating through 4 people on the account, why not give one person a 4-day vacation so they can come back refreshed? This method often works very well with duals who are from an older audience and who have personal lives outside of Travian (work, kids, relationships, etc.)


Spending time away from Travian should be taken for what it is. It should not be a time when you are logging into the game and checking your villages one last time before going to bed.

Discussing travian related issues or secretly playing the game when your spouse/partner is around is a great way to agitate them and make them think that you “love travian more than you love” them.

When you play travian with your duals, it’s also easy to turn your bedroom and personal life into an extension of the game. Just remember that as harmless as this may seem, it actually can wreak havoc on the intimacy of your relationships outside of Travian.


When you play Travian with your duals, it’s easy to fall into the trap of treating your duals like your subordinates. But just because you are playing an account together as a team doesn’t mean that you have to be the boss and bitch everyone around. Travian is, after all, all about teamwork.

Keep in mind that you are running a large account that requires someone working on it 24/7. You can keep things going smoothly with your duals by:

  • Saying “please” and “thank you”
  • Not blaming your dual when something goes wrong on the account.
  • If you are talking over the phone, don’t interrupt!
  • Be mindful of your language, don’t swear too much
  • Give your undivided attention to your duals when you are creating a strategy

Keeping your relationship with your duals professional does not need to mean that you are being cold
and distant toward them. It simply means being mindful of what you are saying/chatting. By treating
your duals with respect, you will create a gaming environment that is more fun and healthier for everyone.

It’s Time To Experiment!


That’s it! I give up!

I though it was a terrible thing already having so many attacks on one village. I kept on transferring resources and distributing them to each of my villages to dodge attacks. Now, all of my villages have incoming attacks and I don’t know what to do anymore. There’s nowhere for me to transfer my resources and troops to keep them safe. I’m all out of choices.

So today, I have decided. I’ll take risks on experimenting on different things. Win or lose, I don’t care anymore. I just want to see what will happen when I do certain things. Becoming too conscious and protective of my village won’t do my any good. I have to do something that hopefully will stir things up.

So from tomorrow on, let the experimentation begin!

Travian Settlers


Travian can allow a player to have more than 1 village. In order to build a new village, you need to have settlers.

Settlers are units which are used to create new villages. They are expensive but is very much necessary if you want to expand your empire. You will require a level 10 palace or residence to build these units, one at a time. Only 3 settlers can be created and once these first 3 are sent out, you will need to upgrade your palace to level 15 or the residence to level 20 for the next 3 settlers. But if you’ve built a new village, you can continue creating them there.

These settlers are killed when the village is under attack because they only have little attack or defense capabilities. You will need troops if you want them protected. If you have friendly neighbors whom you’ve built a good relationship with, you can send them to a Gaul’s trap where they can be safely hidden up until you need them.

Farming in Travian


So I recently found out that if someone frequently raids you, what he’s doing is farming and his farm is your village.

I didn’t expect that there’s actually a name for it. I thought he was just taking advantage of me, apparently, that’s what you do if you go on farming. In Travian, farming means to raid a village for resources and no other reason. You go back to that village often to raid it to supply more resources to your own village. Yes, you gain resources in your own village but you can get immediate and large loots when you go raiding. For many players, farming is the main source of resources. If you’re the one doing the farming, this is a really good way to gain resources but if you’re the farm, you should protect your resources.

There are ways in which you can avoid being the farm. Build crannies to hide your resources from attackers. For beginners who still have Beginners Protection, it is highly recommended to build a cranny before it ends. When your cranny reaches level 10, you can then build a new one. Remember, a cranny cannot be targeted by catapults. It can help you so much so remember to keep upgrading so you can build more.