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Travian Tribes: The Teutons


In continuation to the previous post about the Roman Travian tribe, this article will be all about the Teutons. Like I said before, in playing Travian, it’s very important to know your tribe well. Knowing your tribe will greatly enhance your performance and strategy therefore it’s a must that you get to know your tribe first!

We’ll be talking about the Teutons in this part of the series and I hope this will give you the information you need for your Teuton tribe. Let’s get started!

Teutons are the most successful raiders. They are aggressive and a cheap attack troop. What’s good about them is that they can build troops quickly although the drawback is poor attack and weak hero strength. But though their infantry are the best, the cost of their cavalry might just be the worst.  A Teuton village can have a low wall defense but their walls are very strong thus making them difficult to destroy. A Teuton tribe is good for experienced players. As I have mentioned earlier that they are aggressive, it makes them a good tribe for active players.

Let’s look over their troops and what characteristics does each one have.

  • Macemen – Also known as Clubswinger; They are the raiding unit with medium attack. Come in handy during the early stages of the game because they are cheap to build and are quickly and easily trained although the drawback is a poor defense.
  • Spearman – Best at defending against cavalry among all the 3 tribes.
  • Axemen – The strong combat infantry unit of the Teuton tribe.
  • Scout – They are excellent in finding out an opponent’s resource, troop and defense level but you might want to take note that they are a lot slower than the Roman and Gallic counterparts since they are the only ones that move on foot.
  • Paladin – The slowest and weakest attacking unit but has a very high defense against infantry and is cheap to build.
  • Teutonic Knight – This is the Teuton troop with the highest combat value and is a strong cavalry unit. Good thing about this troop is that he can quickly decimate any defensive force.

So there you have it, the troops of the Teuton tribe and some basic information about them. Pretty much gives you a bird’s eye view and you can know them better by putting them in action.