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How Not To “Fake (FAIL) it Till You Make it” in Travian with Oasis (Bonus: And a Pro-Tip)


Hey travian gamers, since I don’t post on the weekends Elvis has asked that I introduce him so he can share some love with the blog. You can read all about him here.

The following is a post by Elvis…

My Travianistic Morning – Just Out of Bed!

No matter how bad of a night’s sleep I get, the morning always excited me because it’s that time of day that I get to log into my Travian account and spend resources on anything I want. I can:

  1. Build TONS of troops
  2. Host a Party
  3. Level up my Residence

Sometimes I can do all three of these.

First I host a party, then I build troops, but I don’t use all my resources, then I level up my residence or transfer resources to another village to do the same.

The Travian Oasis Fail – What Not To Do

But today, was different, as I was looking for a good oasis to use up those (17x) cages I just plundered with my hero, I saw this:


As you can see, here we have an oasis that hasn’t been occupied for some time, as it’s inhabited by animals (literally). That’s fine. But in the oasis’ reports section there are 3 attacks in the same minute… that have red swords! Each of these attacks looks like this:

go-oasis-failWhat is the point of faking an oasis that is owned by nature?

I have no idea but I’m hoping someone is going to slap me across the face and tell me to wake up and realize what is happening in this oasis is indeed normal… because I have no idea.

Going on to the second part of this post…

How to Know You’re Doing Things Right in Travian

Right, so there are a few litmus tests that you can do to see if you are on the right track with your quest to avoid getting raided. Put differently, here is how you know it’s time to demolish your crannies so you can build a second warehouse or granary:

– If when you login each morning there are no “during the night” attacks on your village.

I’m not referring to a random raid where someone plunders your village with 1000 ECs sent without first scouting. I’m talking about a few raids where you’re losing resources and other players think they can raid you. That’s the problem: They know they can get away with it.

Travian is all about being the bully that bullies all the other players. Of course you don’t want to make a personal enemy out of an egotistical account ranked #13 who feels its their mission to “teach you a lesson” but you do want to be raiding very regularly.

I’m Gaul, and I have:

  • 4 Farm lists. I think everyone on the map that is smaller than me, is on that farm list.
  • 4 Farm lists that get used at least 3x each every day.

This is the idea… use your farm lists every day. This accomplishes 2 things:

  1. Of course you get more resources. But more importantly,
  2. You make it very difficult for players in your SW/SE/NW/NE area to grow into a formidable threat.

That #2 is really important. Don’t worry about losing a few TTs when you raid someone.. that’s not the point. The point is you’re destroying their pitiful parties of troops so that they don’t grow into a large force that is out of your control and poses an actual threat.

Horse Drinking Trough: Troop Upgrade for Romans


It’s amazing in Travian because there are so many ways and options you have to improve your troop units. We’ve been discussing them in previous posts but since I have a Roman tribe, I’d like to talk about the Horse Drinking Trough.trav

This is one structure that only Roman tribes can build and it’s very helpful. Although you will require a Level 20 Stable and a Level 10 Rally Point, you will not regret putting efforts to build this.

The horse drinking trough will decrease the training time required and upkeep for the cavalry troops. This can even be built in a Roman Wonder of the World village. What’s great about this is that it accelerates production time of cavalry troops by 1% every time you level up. Low crop supply? No worries! An HTR wil lower the crop consumption of all Roman cavalry units in the village. Each specific troop has a specific amount of decrease in crop consumption. The Equites Legati will consume one crop less when at level 10. At level 15, your Equites Imperatoris will consume one crop less. Finally, Equites Caesaris will consume one crop less at level 20.

This may just be one of my favorite things about the Roman tribe. Although it comes with its own downsides but once you’ve developed your tribe, everything is nothing but a beauty.

Stonemason: Keeping your village standing strong


Atrav village built on a solid foundation is a strong and sturdy one. Enemies may come and attack buy the village remains unshaken. If you want to improve the durability of your village’s buildings, you should build a stonemason.

With a Main Building at level 5, you can now build your own Stonemason’s Lodge. It increases the durability of buildings in a village excluding the wall. So if an enemy comes to attack your village, damage brought by their catapults will be less. With this and a powerful wall, you have successfully put up a strong defense for your village. Enemies will have second thoughts on attacking your fortress!

It’s fun to explore when there are so many things to try. Check out how you can improve your defense forces and be able to stand against your enemies!

Gather ’em up the Rally Point!


travFor an aggressive player, keeping your troops in good shape is a major priority.  So for a beginner who aspires to be a great conqueror who can win battles, being informed on how to be able to do so is important. You may be upgrading your barracks, stable and others but putting your troops to the test is crucial.

By going on scouting, you can know about your enemy’s troops and resources. Saying that you found out how many troops there are in the village you’re targeting, wouldn’t it be great if you can check to see if your troops will stand against the enemy’s?

Good thing you can!

The Rally Point you will establish in your village will allow you to see results of hypothetical battles. You can do that with the rally point’s Combat Simulator. This will let you choose a tribe of the attacker and defender and whether the action will be an attack or a raid. Results will show you how many unit you and the enemy lost.

That’s not the only thing you can do with you rally point. You can also send troops to specific destinations. This really comes in handy when you know that you won’t stand a chance in an incoming attack so you can dodge it by sending your troops away rather than losing them all in a battle.

Your rally point will help you keep track of your troops. Explore and learn more!

More improvements! More upgrades!


tiki-download_fileSo we’ve been talking about improving and creating new troop units in the previous article. But did you know that if you can build new troops, you can also enhance their weaponry.

How do you it?

Build a Smithy!

A Smithy is a building where its melting furnaces will enhance and improve the weapons and armors of your troops. This building can’t be built immediately. To do so, you will need a Main Building Level 3 and an Academy Level 1. Only then will you be able to create a Smithy in your village.

Every time you increase the level of the Smithy, you’d be allowed to order fabrication of much better weapons and armor. If you have more than 1 village, an upgrade in the weapons and armor of your troops will only be available for the troops where the Smithy is currently built. This means that if you have a Smithy in Village A, troops from Village B won’t have better weapons and armor.

Explore more what you can do in your Travian!

What you need to know about your Barracks


The Barracks is a building in your village where you can train and create your infantry troops. For Roman tribes, you can train your Legionnaire, Praetorian and Imperian troops here. Teutonic tribes can train Clubswinger, Spearman, Axeman and Scout in the barracks. Whereas for the Gallic troops, barracks is where the travPhalanx and Swordsman are trained.

It’s important to keep you barracks upgraded all the time. The higher the level of your barracks is, the lower the time it will require to train troops. So with a high barracks level, you can create troops faster keeping them coming.

You can build a Great Barracks which gives you a second barracks in the village. It functions the same way as the normal Barracks but costs of training troops here is more expensive. The only advantage is that you would not need extra research to train troops.

You can build advanced troops but you will need to research them using the Academy building. There is also a way for you to improve the weapons and armor of your infantry troops by doing research in your Smithy.

Travian Tribes: The Gauls


This will be the last part for our series about the Travian Tribes. We’ll go over details about the Gauls this time. So for those who are planning on starting Travian or who have already started and has the Gauls for their tribe then hopefully you’ll find this helpful!

Gauls are pretty much peace-loving people. If you’re a player who prefers to play defensively, then the Gauls are perfect for you. They have fast units and are great at defense. They could be aggressive but their best attacking troop will require research first. Mainly, their troops use clay but some can rely on iron like their Swordsman and Haeduan troops.

Speaking of troops, let’s look over the Gaul troops one by one.

  • Phalanx – This is the Gaul’s simple infantry unit in which they are cheap and quick to produce. Good in defense but has a minimal power in attacking. Balance your troops well and this troop will be very much helpful in defense.
  • Swordsmen – An offensive unit of the Gauls tribe are the Swordsmen although they can be expensive to produce. This troop is the only effective infantry attacker of the Gaul tribe.
  • Pathfinder – They are the scouts of the Gaul tribe and moves quite fast to scout other villages.
  • Theutates Thunder – A light cavalry and raid force of the Gaul tribe. They move very fast which is an advantage to this troop thus making them very useful in raiding. Do not keep them in the village when there’s an incoming attack because they are not good at defense.
  • Druidrider – This troop is the mobile infantry defender of the Gauls tribe. In the game, they are the fastest defensive unit and are the best at it.
  • Haeduan – Though the Gaul tribe is good at defense, this troop proves itself as a heavy cavalry unit and is a powerful attacker. Imagine pairing them up with the Druidrider troop.

Each tribe has their own special characteristics that make them better from the others. Though they have weaknesses, given the time, they can be trained to be great at battle. Surely enough, every effort you spend on them will lead definitely lead to victory.

Travian Tribes: The Teutons


In continuation to the previous post about the Roman Travian tribe, this article will be all about the Teutons. Like I said before, in playing Travian, it’s very important to know your tribe well. Knowing your tribe will greatly enhance your performance and strategy therefore it’s a must that you get to know your tribe first!

We’ll be talking about the Teutons in this part of the series and I hope this will give you the information you need for your Teuton tribe. Let’s get started!

Teutons are the most successful raiders. They are aggressive and a cheap attack troop. What’s good about them is that they can build troops quickly although the drawback is poor attack and weak hero strength. But though their infantry are the best, the cost of their cavalry might just be the worst.  A Teuton village can have a low wall defense but their walls are very strong thus making them difficult to destroy. A Teuton tribe is good for experienced players. As I have mentioned earlier that they are aggressive, it makes them a good tribe for active players.

Let’s look over their troops and what characteristics does each one have.

  • Macemen – Also known as Clubswinger; They are the raiding unit with medium attack. Come in handy during the early stages of the game because they are cheap to build and are quickly and easily trained although the drawback is a poor defense.
  • Spearman – Best at defending against cavalry among all the 3 tribes.
  • Axemen – The strong combat infantry unit of the Teuton tribe.
  • Scout – They are excellent in finding out an opponent’s resource, troop and defense level but you might want to take note that they are a lot slower than the Roman and Gallic counterparts since they are the only ones that move on foot.
  • Paladin – The slowest and weakest attacking unit but has a very high defense against infantry and is cheap to build.
  • Teutonic Knight – This is the Teuton troop with the highest combat value and is a strong cavalry unit. Good thing about this troop is that he can quickly decimate any defensive force.

So there you have it, the troops of the Teuton tribe and some basic information about them. Pretty much gives you a bird’s eye view and you can know them better by putting them in action.

Favorite Roman Troops


Okay, so I play with a Roman tribe and so far so good.

I couldn’t really tell which troop is my favorite. Each ones have a different specialty and I say that all of them are really good and to assure victory in battle, I guess I’d like to have them all deployed!

Most of my troops are Praetorian and they’re good at defense. I just made an attack and I’m hoping for positive results. I’m still starting and my poor village got attacked. Sadly, all my troops was down and my village got raided successfully. Definitely an epic failure! Oh well. I’m working on expanding my troops to better defend my village and so I can attack others successfully.

If you ask me, I’d like to expand my army with loads of the Equites Imperatoris troops and Equites Caesaris. I think I’d love to see how an attack will go if I send out lots of them.

I’ll post an update here on what happened to the recent attack I sent out. If you guys got some comments and suggestions, feel free to post them! They’d be highly appreciated!