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Winner Mindset: How top players make it


winner mindset


A lot of new players find struggle in getting the hang of the Travian game. I remember when I first started out when I had no idea what was going on. I didn’t know what would happen if I do this or if I do that. It really takes time to learn although for some, it may come as a piece of cake. But if you’re one who is willing to change ways and perform at your best, then there are some things you have to deal with about your mindset. A winner mindset will get you going and these tips I’m going to give you will help you get on the game.

I know these because I have experienced them. It is not easy to be a beginner in a game because you know there are a lot of experts that could bring you down. It’s really a tough battle but with the right strategy and the right mindset, you can make your way to the top.

winner mindsetWinner Mindset – Tips on How To Gain Momentum

  1. Don’t say, “I’m still new and I’m just learning.” You’ve been playing for a month or two already and yet you still say this? Even at the start of your game, don’t say that. Yes you’re new but you need the winner mindset to make things happen. Saying that you’re still new and you’re just learning will bar you from seeking expert techniques. You’re constantly thinking that you’re a newbie so tendency is that you’ll stick to the beginner’s tips. It’s good to learn basic strategies but you can’t stay in them forever. It might be hard for you at first to understand expert techniques but if you won’t push it, then you will not progress.
  2. Don’t say, “I wish there won’t be so much raids.” Reality check: Like it or not, there will be raids. You can’t just hope and pray that raids won’t come. Do something that will make raids in your village unsuccessful. A winner mindset will always tell you to act on something instead of wishing it’s not there. The raids will come and they will keep on coming if they’re always getting resources from you. You have to defend yourself against them. Work on your defense and work on your crannies. Make sure you have troops. Protect your village, most especially your resources, from the enemies.
  3. Don’t say, “My village can’t develop because of the constant farming.” This is in continuation to the previous one. Again, it’s a crime to not build up defenses. If you won’t defend yourself, enemies will continue coming. But just because they continue coming, doesn’t mean you’ll just give up. What do you want to do? Start a new server all over again? And if you’re again being farmed? Will you just stop and then start over again? Do you really want to stick to a cycle like that? Someone who is up for the win don’t think that way. A winner mindset will always tell you to figure things out. Find a way to solve the problem, not avoid it.
  4. Don’t say, “I still don’t understand that strategy so I’ll just not mind it for now.” If you think like this, you’re the problem, not the game. The game is not difficult, you’re just making it hard for you. You have to understand how things work. The better you know the game, the better you can play. You can’t just wait for a miracle. This is a strategy game, you have to figure out a strategy. Devise one if you must and if you can. Saying that you will skip it will definitely cost you a lot of time and it will make you lose progress. By the time you’re ready to learn it, you’re already way behind.
  5. Don’t message a player to stop attacking you. Okay, maybe for some, this is effective. But please, begging for mercy from the enemy? That is just ridiculous. Someone with a winner mindset definitely knows to have some pride. It’s so small of you to ask the enemy to stop attacking instead of working on defending yourself from them. And then what? You’ll offer to give resources in exchange for not attacking you? Yes, you’re not being farmed. You’re a slave. What if you can’t send anymore resources and the enemy attacks you, what would you do then?

winner mindsetBe The Winner

No matter how hard it can get, remember to keep in track of your actions. Through this, you will learn. By learning, you can improve. Don’t settle and be content by being just a player. You would want to be so much more. Only then can you say that you have truly enjoyed playing.

Invitation To Have A Travian Sitter, Learning What It Is. Bonus: Travian Stalker Update!


Travian Stalker Update

Today, I logged into my Travian account to check for updates. Yesterday, I talked to you guys about this Travian stalker whose been asking for my Facebook account. Things just got even way more creepier today. I received this message from him today:

travian sitter

I guess that made his intentions clear. I really didn’t expect this. Does he really think it can be just like that? What an idiot. He even gave me his number. Yes, you read that right. He gave me his number saying that I can just text or call him. I guess he’s really serious or just really desperate. This guy probably has no one in his life. I just don’t understand why he thinks he can find a girlfriend just like that. I’m not that stupid.

Anyway, I’m just trying my best to keep him off my village so I’m going with the flow. Not that I’m saying I’m giving away myself to him. Like hell, that would happen. What I’m saying is that I make up excuses so he won’t keep on flirting with me and at the same time, feel pity for me so that he won’t attack my village. I just hope he believes those stuff that I’m saying. I’m trying to be dramatic so I can sound at least a bit convincing.

Message of Invitation

Enough about that weird, creepy stalker guy. Today, I received an invitation. This person is offering to be my Travian sitter. I’m a little doubtful because I don’t think you just get invitations for something that is advantageous to you. My first thought is that this person might want something from me. Becoming my Travian sitter might get me in trouble.

To those who don’t know what a sitter is, let’s discuss it, shall we?

Travian Sitter

A Travian sitter is useful when for example you’ll be away for a while and you need someone to take care of your account for you. This works well if you don’t have any duals. A Travian sitter’s job is to maintain your account when you’re not able to do so. They have ability to do things in your account but the owner of the account can limit what a Travian sitter can do. They can upgrade resource fields, upgrade buildings, launch raids and send reinforcements and even create a new village.

Two sitters can be added in one account. You can find this is the Options bar on the upper right corner of the screen.travian sitter

Once you click the Options button a new window will find this window like the one below and you will just have to click the Sitter tab.travian sitter

This is where you can add or remove a Travian sitter. The owner of the account can immediately remove a sitter anytime he wants to. There are rules about this system in Travian. For in depth understanding, visit the Travian game rules page.

A Travian Sitter is different from having duals. Travian Sitters are recognized by the Travian software whereas duals are just agreements between players in using one account to help the owner. Duals are not recognized by the Travian software.

A lot of things can happen when you have a sitter and it may be difficult if that someone cannot be trusted or else you will risk getting banned. A disadvantage to having a sitter is that you may make enemies you don’t want to make. Things done in your village may not be as you want them to be. The good thing about sitters over duals is that a Travian sitter can be limited to certain tasks. If you are clever, you can have this used to your advantage but make sure that you can keep monitoring your account because sitters can get you into serious trouble.

Here is a list of what a Travian sitter can and cannot do:

Sitters can:

  • Raid
  • Build Buildings
  • Send Messagea
  • Change villages
  • Settle Villages
  • Build Troops
  • Research Troops
  • Upgrade Troops
  • Join an Alliance
  • Look at your statistics
  • Buy Gold
  • Use NPC Merchant
  • Pose being you

Sitters Can’t

  • Cheif
  • Do a Normal Attack
  • Use Catapults
  • Edit your Profile, Preferences and Account details
  • Use Gold
  • View Alliance Options
  • Leave an Alliance

Make sure you can trust your sitter. You wouldn’t want to end up being banned or getting into so much trouble.


My Hero Died!!!


Oh my gosh! My hero died! I can’t believe it! She died! Well, lesson learned is that to never send your hero on a dangerous adventure when her health is not full even though it’s more that half. It’s unbelievable. I wasn’t really expecting that. See here, in the past dangerous adventures I sent my hero to, it doesn’t really reduce her health much. So when I saw her health was more than half, I really thought I could get away with it and just be left with a really low health level which I can just wait to boost up again. I guess I really screwed that up. I now therefore conclude that for every full hero health, just one dangerous adventure is enough or else your hero gets killed.

I just did what I usually do which is research on how to resolve this. I’m just glad it’s not as complicated as getting strategy guides because that would definitely need more than just the internet to get answers. I’d need a book or a manual or something. But upon looking through forums and discussions, I found one guy said that you just wait for the hero to revive. It will cost resources and time but that’s pretty much the only way. And since that’s the only answer I got, then I’m sticking with it. I guess I’ll just wait and see if my hero revives after a few hours.

Another thing is that there’s now another attack coming in to my village which is not good. Oh, how I wish I could do more but I have to stick to the game plan. The plan right now is to upgrade, upgrade and upgrade. That’s the best one I’ve got and I think it has its potentials.

On the bright side of all these, my main building is now in level 10! Hooray for that! Halfway to getting it to it’s maximum level. Isn’t that just exciting? I also happen to have built a warehouse now. More resources coming right up! My barracks is doing quite well too. It’s now in level 3. I do need to do upgrades on my rally point though. It’s still at level 1.  You could say that’s lame but hey, I’ve got a new building so that’s nice enough, right? Give me a break, guys! It’s really not easy.3264065_1371205306660.04res_500_278 How I wish there’s a way to build multiple buildings at the same time. If any of you know, please let me know in the comments.

Well, for today, I have used up all my resources into upgrading. I always do that so that if an attack comes soon, there would be less resource because I already utilized them. Pretty clever, huh? That’s a great strategy if you can’t move your resources elsewhere. Use them. That way even though you ran out of resources, you haven’t actually lost anything. Take a look at the resources I have left:



And my village? Looking better and better:



There’s still a lot of work to be done but I’m glad it’s going well right now.

Clay Shortage. More Raids.


I can’t believe I’m so stressed out about having clay shortage! There is just never enough clay for me to do things in my village. Plus, I’ve been having trouble upgrading my resources because I worry if I upgrade them without being able to defend my village yet, it will all be slept away by raiders. But I guess it’s a risk I have to take since I have no other choice. Having no resources will take me nowhere. I just have to make sure I update it as frequent as I could so I can avoid giving them all away to raiders.

Speaking of raiders, I think I’m currently being farmed by a player. Although it’s not something very alarming yet still, there are losses so I have to do something about it somehow anytime soon. There hasn’t been much change in my routine recently. Just the usual upgrades and sending my hero to adventures.

My hero’s health is a bit low. It’s taking a while to heal. So I’m not going to be sending her to any adventures just yet. I need to give her time to heal so I can send her on dangerous adventures. Apparently, sending your hero to normal adventures don’t do much. It seems to me that it’s just a waste of time and resources. Why? My hero comes back with very little increase in experience and knowledge that there’s almost no increase. It’s practically useless. Then my hero’s health just continue to go downhill. I thought maybe sending me hero to all these adventures may not be such a good idea. Going on those dangerous adventures really work well but I have to make sure my hero’s health is up and good.

One of my tasks is to attack an oasis. To be honest, I have no idea how I’m going to do that. I always get caught up by a raid thus causing me to lose trained troops every time! I can’t collect enough troops to be able to do an attack. I’d say collect because I’m currently in the position of not being able to train many troops at once. I guess I need to upgrade my barracks.

I can’t wait for the day to come when I can finally tell you guys that all is well, very well. But I’m still hopeful. I guess it’s all up to me so I have to do things right! Fight! Fight! Fight!


New Travian Tips Guide


The following is a guest post by a friend who wrote a short PDF with some tips for Travian that he is making available exclusively on this blog.


Hey everyone,

In preparation for releasing my Kindle book on Travian, I thought it would be nice to release a mini-PDF version that helps you guys out, since I know most of you guys need a hand with the gaming.

Please enter your email in the form on the right (it’s perfectly safe, don’t worry…) and you will get a PDF by email, after you confirm your email address by clicking a random looking link in an email.

Let me know in the comments if you like the PDF and if there is anything you would like to see me blog about on this blog, in the future… hopefully I’m invited to make a post on here again.

Experimentation Day 4: Troops for Defense


challenge-accepted-memeSo I’ve noticed that many of my raiders think that I don’t have that much troops. Why I think so? It’s because the attacks on my villages usually have very little troops only. Some even don’t reach a thousand troops. I think they might be underestimating me a little that is why I’ll try to defend them.

To do so, I’ll try leaving troops in my village to fight off attackers. I’m leaving 1,000 troops to stand by. There will be an incoming raid soon and results won’t be long. I’ll report tomorrow the results, casualties and including the type of troops mine had to attack.

Let’s see how this will work out…



Keep calm and…..trav

…calm and…


That’s it. I had enough. If these attacks are really coming, I just don’t care anymore. They’re farming me and I can’t do anything about it. How can I go against 15 ATTACKS?!

This is just ridiculous! I have no idea what’s going to happen to my village when all these attacks actually come. I might just lose everything, or worse, the entire village. I’m tired of keeping my troops and resources out. They still get away with their raids anyway. Everyday, they keep on increasing and I keep on transferring my resources and it’s just useless.

I can just lie down, try not to cry and then cry a lot but I won’t. It’s all too silly and I’m currently in the position of not being able to fight them.

Yikes! 11 Incoming Attacks!!!


So the recent attacks that has now gone from 5 to 11. And I tried to 12345look for some answers why could this be happening. I recently found out about chiefing. I still don’t get a full grasp about it but I do know is that chiefing is somehow like threatening. You threaten another village by sending fake attacks.

I read that there are different ways some players do chiefing. I think it’s a matter of strategy and it really depends on how you handle it. Also, knowing what tribe your enemy is also counts. Tactics will differ depending on the tribe. I’ve also read that it’s a way for players to make their enemies clear out the troops in the village although I still don’t understand for what reason. Some of the things I learned is that it’s to get troops out then you send catapults to destroy the village.

It’s blowing my mind especially that I am sort of falling for the trap because my troops are out of the village. Wish me luck!

Owning Multiple Villages


borat-thumbs-upIt amazes me how quick it is to build troops when you have multiple villages. You can get them all together and viola! Massive troops for attacking! It’s awesome. So I guess that’s a great aim for beginners. Aim to get multiple villages. Use them to attack and raid. You can attack your own villages. I think it’s a great way to practice. At least you have everything in your own hands. Practically, there’s really no loss but if ever there is, not that much. It’s actually pretty cool.

To help you build lots of troops, make sure to upgrade your main building and barracks to the maximum level. Helps get things moving faster saving you lots of time. Give it a try.

Comment how it works for you.