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Natar & Wonder of the World


What are Natars?

Natars are tribe that apparently, no human player would be able to play. These Natars are quite unique because they have Thorned Warriors, War Elephants and Axeriders. How cool is that!

You can conquer a Natar village though. This will allow you to build the Wonder of the World since this can only be built in a Natar village. You might want to take note that the capital of the Natars, the Old Ruins, cannot be conquered. Also, the village in which you conquered to build a Wonder of the World cannot become a capital.

The power of the Natar grows along with the level of the Wonder of the World. A word of caution is that players which have the Wonder of the World with a higher level could get attacked by other Natars that have a bigger army.

This is quite interesting really and I’m curious so I’m checking out how I can achieve this.

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