Favorite Roman Troops


Okay, so I play with a Roman tribe and so far so good.

I couldn’t really tell which troop is my favorite. Each ones have a different specialty and I say that all of them are really good and to assure victory in battle, I guess I’d like to have them all deployed!

Most of my troops are Praetorian and they’re good at defense. I just made an attack and I’m hoping for positive results. I’m still starting and my poor village got attacked. Sadly, all my troops was down and my village got raided successfully. Definitely an epic failure! Oh well. I’m working on expanding my troops to better defend my village and so I can attack others successfully.

If you ask me, I’d like to expand my army with loads of the Equites Imperatoris troops and Equites Caesaris. I think I’d love to see how an attack will go if I send out lots of them.

I’ll post an update here on what happened to the recent attack I sent out. If you guys got some comments and suggestions, feel free to post them! They’d be highly appreciated!


Granary: You gotta stock up!


Well, I’m upgrading my granary.

Granaries are where crops produced will be stored. The higher the level of your granary is, the bigger is its capacity. If you wanna increase your produce then increasing the level of your granary will come in handy. Crops are necessary for troops going into battle and even in upgrading other buildings and resources. The granary can be upgraded up until level 20. When you granary reaches this level, you can now build an additional granary.

There’s also what is called a Great Granary. This one is well, obviously it’s great because it provides triple the storage of a standard granary. It can keep crops safer and drier than the standard granary. Like the standard granary, you can upgrade it until level 20 then you can start building additional ones.

It’s important to manage your crops well. A great granary can help you know who does not send enough grain. This can make the game feel easier making victory sweeter.


My upgrading granary. :)

The Hero & The Hero Mansion


Like any other game, Travian has a hero in which it’s one of the most important and crucial part of the game. From the start, we have the hero.  The hero is trained in the Hero’s mansion.  We have the hero to strengthen an army and capturing an oases. And on occupying an oases, you will need a hero’s mansion. You can occupy 2 oases at level 15 and at maximum (level 20), you can occupy 3.

Your goal will determine which unit to train as a hero. You can either train a strong attacking unit as a hero or utilize the hero for defense. You can train up to 3 heroes but you can only have one active at a time.

At the beginning, the hero will be at level 0. To gain experience, the hero must fight battles. It’s good advice to keep sending them to adventures from time to time. Don’t let your adventures pile up because it’s simply not good. The more adventures you send your hero in, the more experience he’ll get. But keep watch on his health, it takes a lot of time for it to be at the maximum again.

Your hero’s skills will include:

– Attack

– Off bonus

– Def bonus

– Resources

The hero can be equipped with items found on adventures or bought with silver at auctions. These equipment are like bonuses that will give your hero the edge.  Items could include a helmet, body items, left and right hand items, shoes and horse. What you equip them will matter on what their purpose are.

Learn more about your hero and you could be a step closer to ruling Travian!


Strategies and Wise Decision Making


Some may think that playing a game is simple but sometimes, it takes more than common sense to succeed. Especially in a strategy game like Travian, you would really need to put some thought on each move you make and wise use of the resources you have.

Logic, it counts so much.  Right thinking comes with right actions and right actions leads to the right results. Yes, it’s just a game but can you really do it right? It’s not the matter of whether or not it’s a game but I suppose you can assume that it can be a test of your decision-making skills or how logical you can be.

So far, playing the game has been fun. I continue to explore and learn more about it and how to play it. Although all I have right now is a plan to increase my tribe’s defense but I want to know if this strategy will really work. As someone who is new to the game, I’ll just try to be humble and accept any possible attacks that could defeat or even destroy me. I suppose it can still help me learn somehow. Skills and experiences needs a lot of time so I can accumulate them and that’s what I’m more focused on now.

Hooray for Travian!


Travian: The Start of a New Adventure


All hyped up!

New Travian account with 3 villages. I’m so excited to start this game.  I may not be an expert yet but I’m getting strategies in mind on how to nail this game. Although, I’m sure enough that these strategies are the obvious ones but I cant wait to see them in action.

This Roman empire will rise to victory! I’m planning on improving resources as much as I can. Maybe improving my defense as well in case of an attack. But what I am very much interested in right now is finding a strong alliance. A great alliance will help me in so many ways and I think it’s the one of the best strategies, yet.

Having a Roman tribe as a starter in the game could be risky. They’re not as fast as Teutons when it comes to a raid and their defense is not as good as the Gauls. So developing a Roman tribe with good offense should be a first priority. But since my account already has 3 villages and is somehow developed already, I think I’ll be having different priorities.

I’m sure I’ll get the hang of this and I’m excited on how this will turn up.


Getting the Travian Guals Started on the Right Foot


Guide for Gauls

If you decided to play with the tribe Gauls you probably realized that you need some tips on how to take advantage of the benefits offered by Gauls. Their biggest advantage is in the initial stage of the game. If you didn’t start from the beginning of the server, do not expect a top 50 ranking. You need to take advantage of the benefits the Gauls offer in the beginning of the game, when everyone else has just started as well.

The “Phalanx & Haeduan” Early Game Trick

Advanced players often use gold coins, and later I will explain how much and for what so that you can maximize your gold and make it count for 3-4x it’s worth.

At the beginning of the game upgrade your trappers to the highest possible level so that you can be insured from the other players raiding and stealing your resources.

Who has tried to plunder you in the beginning and you captured his entire army, he must send another attack to liberate the army. Then you capture more of his troops… He will no longer attack.

Your crannies have 2x larger capacity than other nations. All experienced players know that in the beginning of the game they should avoid raiding Gauls. When you have this secured from looting, you can begin to train Phalanx. They are very inexpensive (or in addition to their cheapness, it’s stupid to die for nothing, so train scouts. The attack is not their stronger side, in defending against cavalry are solid, slightly less effective against infantry.

They can’t take many resources, but they are so cheap that you can build them in greater volume. This gives you the real advantage in the beginning of the server, when everyone else’s level is also low like yours.

Start immediately to plunder, primarily inactive players in your neighborhood and immediately from the robbed resources create 2 or 3 more phalanxes. Don’t forget to also upgrade your crop fields so you can support your troops. If you run out of crop, you’ll lose soldiers.

Keep a watchful eye on the crop fields. Production of wheat must be relatively high.

How do you rob resources in relation to that which you need? Well this is where the use of gold comes in handy. The best uses of your gold are:

  • First for the NCP,
  • When you see that your warehouses and silos are full and need to spend down
  • Then more for finishing constructions immediately.

Gauls can build only one resource field or building in the village at a time. From buildings, first rising up are silos and warehouses to the required level, then barracks, and then the stable. For the beginning you are not required high levels of Stable and barracks.

If you want to grow quickly, it is important that there is always something that is being built, and there are always troops that are being trained.

When your resource fields are around levels 5-6, and looting continue to be so good as far, you will explore and begin to train Theutates Thunders (TTs). Then you can follow the questmaster.

It’s time to choose a hero. You can choose between Phalanx, Druid, Haeduan, Theutates Thunder.

For me Haeduan is the best hero for Gaul, he is quite offensive and same the defensive. You can think of it as a hybrid troop. He is very expensive, and consumes a lot of food.

Generally for Gauls, the most important resource is clay. Clay is used for building your army. Fortunately in the beginning of the game, you can use your market or NPC gold trading to acquire it cheaply, since wood is then the most wanted (Highlanders) resource.