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Travian Hero Attributes: What to Prioritize When Distributing Them?


hero attributesThe Hero

One of the valuable things your hero gets when he comes back from an adventure is experience. It’s not just the resources, the items or any other thing your hero can get when he goes to an adventure. The more the experience level of your hero increases, the more kill your hero can make. So if you want your hero to be the conqueror you wish him to be, then sending him on adventures one after another will increase his experience. Send him to adventures and battles. Don’t worry about your hero dying because he will still get experience and earn hero attributes points. Take note also that reviving a hero is fairly cheap and is quick too. Reviving a hero is even more practical than waiting for his health to boost back up but if you have ointments, you could use them as well. Just don’t hesitate to send your hero to wherever he can get experience. Every time you can earn an experience level, you can add to your hero attributes points.

Hero Attributes

Points for your hero attributes are separated into four:

  • Fighting Strength – The points you put into this ability will increase the attack and defense value of your hero. But do take note, your hero count as cavalry in case he is equipped with a horse and as infantry in case he is not equipped with a horse.
  • Off Bonus – The points put into this ability for your hero will  increase the attack value of the whole army by 0.2% per point (maximum of 20%). Remember though, that the army will only receive the bonus when they are attacking along with the hero.
  • Def Bonus – The points you put into this ability will increase the defense value of your whole army (This means all own troops defending. The village where they come from is unimportant.) by 0.2% per point (maximum of 20%) Like the off bonus, this will only apply if your hero is with your troops.
  • Resources – The points you put into this ability will increase the resource output of the village where the Hero is located.

The hero attributes points your hero receives when his experience level increases can be distributed to these four depending on where you’d like to add the points. Now, this will be another part that you need to carefully think about. Increasing a hero’s attribute points may not come that easy so you would want to make sure that the points are distributed depending on where you need them.

Book of WisdomTravian_-_Book_of_Wisdom

What if you had a sudden change in strategy and the hero attributes points you have earned and distributed will not be very helpful to you anymore? Can you reset these points and redistribute them?

Fortunately, the answer is a big YES!

You will need a tool to do that. This tool will reset the hero attributes points your hero has earned and will allow you to redistribute them depending on your need.

Where can you get this Book of Wisdom, you ask?

Simple. There are two ways. If you are lucky enough, you can find it in adventures. Sometimes, lost things could be found in adventures such as hero items, silver and troops. Well, this is one of the many things your hero can pick up from adventures. But if you cannot find one, then your second option is to buy one from an auction. There are plenty of things you can find in auctions that you could just buy with silver. Some valuable items may be high costing but a Book of Wisdom should come in cheaply so that’s not a problem.

Clay Shortage. More Raids.


I can’t believe I’m so stressed out about having clay shortage! There is just never enough clay for me to do things in my village. Plus, I’ve been having trouble upgrading my resources because I worry if I upgrade them without being able to defend my village yet, it will all be slept away by raiders. But I guess it’s a risk I have to take since I have no other choice. Having no resources will take me nowhere. I just have to make sure I update it as frequent as I could so I can avoid giving them all away to raiders.

Speaking of raiders, I think I’m currently being farmed by a player. Although it’s not something very alarming yet still, there are losses so I have to do something about it somehow anytime soon. There hasn’t been much change in my routine recently. Just the usual upgrades and sending my hero to adventures.

My hero’s health is a bit low. It’s taking a while to heal. So I’m not going to be sending her to any adventures just yet. I need to give her time to heal so I can send her on dangerous adventures. Apparently, sending your hero to normal adventures don’t do much. It seems to me that it’s just a waste of time and resources. Why? My hero comes back with very little increase in experience and knowledge that there’s almost no increase. It’s practically useless. Then my hero’s health just continue to go downhill. I thought maybe sending me hero to all these adventures may not be such a good idea. Going on those dangerous adventures really work well but I have to make sure my hero’s health is up and good.

One of my tasks is to attack an oasis. To be honest, I have no idea how I’m going to do that. I always get caught up by a raid thus causing me to lose trained troops every time! I can’t collect enough troops to be able to do an attack. I’d say collect because I’m currently in the position of not being able to train many troops at once. I guess I need to upgrade my barracks.

I can’t wait for the day to come when I can finally tell you guys that all is well, very well. But I’m still hopeful. I guess it’s all up to me so I have to do things right! Fight! Fight! Fight!


Updates on my village


Shuto is doing okay. I really won’t say my village is doing very well. I’d be lying if I say so. It’s because there has been a number of raids coming at my village. There has been more recently than before so I’m a little worried. I don’t know if sending a message to the players and ask them nicely to leave me alone would work. I think that’s bit inappropriate since this is a game and there is competition but I can’t help but think of it as a desperate measure. But I won’t do it. I don’t think I could go that far.

Right now, I’m doing what I can with my resources. My main building is now at level 7. Hooray for that. Granary is leveling up to level 4. Once it’s done, I’ll level up my cranny and barracks. I need to start training troops. But I’m a bit hesitant with it since attacks come to my village and I can only train like 4 Phalanx, it might just be a waste of resources. My focus now is to continue my progress on the village.

I need to get all of my resource fields on to level 1. It is part of my task and I have some things undone.



They are all just about upgrading the resource fields so I can get that done soon. The trick right now is not to collect my rewards yet. Collecting them and leaving them unused will be just like collecting them and giving it to the raiders. I really don’t want that right now.

I’m currently researching about how to join an alliance. I already have an embassy and I need to join an alliance. It will help me defend myself especially if I belong in a big alliance with big players. I’m still reading about it. Most of what I find is that you have to get invited. I don’t know how that works yet but I’m continuing to read about it. Although I’m not rushing getting into an alliance but it is a goal right now.

I have a Gaul tribe and one thing I noticed is that they take up so much of the clay resource. I didn’t really notice that when I had a Roman tribe before. That’s why I need to upgrade my resource fields most especially clay. I’d be prioritizing that once I get my granary and cranny upgraded.

I’ve equipped my hero with a horse and I continue to send her on adventures everyday even though her health is not full. I just don’t send her on dangerous adventures to make sure she doesn’t get killed.

Raids, raids, raids and slow progress


Well, darn these players who feed on the weak! They should take on someone their own size.

I have to admit, I’m quite pissed to see that raids have been raining on my village already. Seriously people? You’re big villages.MEME

If you want loot, wouldn’t there be more on bigger villages compared to starting ones? Do you really have to feed on the weak and helpless? Such cowards! Man up, people!

This is so annoying! It’s holding me back on my progress. I’ve been doing well lately. I’ve got more resources and my cranny is now up. All I have to do is build more to protect more resources. But these raids are keeping me from progress.

Anyway, I hope my barracks will be up before I know it. I need troops and I need them to start doing raids of my own. But apparently, there are still a lot of work to be done. Although I’m checking a blog about a beginner’s guide to raiding and it has some helpful tips every beginner should know. Not much on the pro tips but basics so it’s pretty much good info already.

For now, I have no plans of doing raids yet. I want to make sure first that I have the enough resources I would need. But, I might build troops just to see if they can defend my village. I guess it’s a gamble and a bit of experiment but I won’t do that just yet. I have other better things to spend my resources on.

So for my next projects, I have to build a Barracks and and Embassy. My Barracks will be up soon in any minute now then I’ll be building my Embassy. These are all things in the task list which I mentioned in the previous post. Very helpful if you need to know which buildings to prioritize building.

Also, don’t forget to upgrade and upgrade and upgrade your main building. I learned that the higher the level of the main building is, the faster other buildings will construct. Time saved! It’s a very helpful tip.

Oh! And don’t forget to upgrade your cranny and granary from time to time. The higher the level, the more space there is. So if you want to improve resources, you will need to increase space first. It will be useless to upgrade your resource fields if there’s no space to store them, right?

I guess you could say that at this stage, you will really have nothing else to be busy about than establishing your village. You have to set up everything you need for a “fully operational” village. You have to build this, upgrade that, improve this, construct that. Pretty much, that’s just it actually.

I suppose I should also stop worrying about the raiders. As long as they don’t increase and they are not as frequent then it’s probably not much to worry about. It really won’t make you lose much. So far, only about 100+ of each resources is lost. Yes, it’s not that big therefore it’s not worthy to complain much about. It just pissed me off that’s all but I know being mad about it  won’t solve anything. I really just hope it won’t increase or become frequent. Becoming a farm is just the worst. What’s even “worster” that than? Being a frequent farm for so many players. Now that’s a nightmare.

If ever that happens again, I’ll definitely freak out. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know it’s the reason why I abandoned my previous account. A situation like that would be hopeless. So don’t lose hope yet. You’re still starting so a lot could still change. Just don’t let it hinder you from progressing. Still, do as much as you can. It may slow you down but it can’t really stop you. Take it easy and all will be well.

To let you know also, I’m still sending my hero to adventures. No rest for the hero. When she comes back from a dangerous adventure and lost some health points, I send her again to a less dangerous adventure. That way the experience points continue to increase without much risk.

Hero got some extra points!


My hero got back home from a dangerous adventure and guesshero what? He got some attribute points! I placed them all in the Off bonus so that when my hero goes with the army for an attack, they all get a 0.2% increase in attack value and I think it’s great!

What’s even great is seeing how much experience my hero is gaining. Though I’ve sent him to a dangerous adventure, he came back well which is nice. I was so afraid before of sending my hero to dangerous adventures because I always feared that it might not be worth the risk. Turns out, it actually is. Earning point for you hero will not only benefit the hero himself but also the entire troops.

Lesson I learned today, invest in your hero. His improvements will benefit the rest of the troops.

Hero Adventures!


Adventures are quests in which you need to send your Hero to for him to gain experiences. Aside from that, adventures will allow you to earn rewards such as silver, troops, loot or items. There are two types of adventures: normal and difficult. A normal adventure can inflict lesser damage but experience gained by your hero would only be low. However, a difficult adventure can increase your hero’s experience by way much more than normal although there is greater risk of damage and loss.

Thetrav location to where the adventure will be has no influence on the difficulty of the adventure. Whether you send your hero to the mountains or you send him to a Natarian village, they can both be extremely dangerous. Increasing your hero’s fighting strength can help him in his adventures.

As for me, I’ve pulled out my hero and sent him to a normal adventure. I’m still trying to play safe so I’ll just see how this will go. With maybe a higher experience, I can send him to a difficult adventure soon. His experience level is still very low so I’ll be aiming to increase it.