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Advice From A Beginner


Just a few more minutes left and my hero is revived.


I can start sending her onto new adventures again. I don’t know if it’s right but I’m kind of happy she died. Waiting for that health to boost back up to 100% actually takes a longer time than just reviving the hero. Although it would need resources but if you have a lot, then why not? I think it’s a good strategy to just let the hero die and revive her to get back on the game quicker. It’s a lot faster which comes in with the convenience of not having to wait days for the health to reach 100%.

I’m still working on upgrading my fields and my buildings. With my village, I think after getting the barracks to a level 10, I might be able to start attacking. But before I can do that, I have to level up my resour3es first. The more resources I have, the more troops I can build.  Maybe when I’m ready to do attacks, I can start on attacking an oases. Well, since that one is also on my list of tasks that I have to attack an oases. That’s a good place to start before I can go looking for players like beginners or inactive ones to attack. I also need to research on that as well since I still don’t know how to find out if the player is either a beginner or inactive.

Pretty much, I still got a lot to learn but I guess that’s part of progress. I would also be glad to tell you that attacks or raids coming to my village have lessened. Isn’t that just great? I just hope I didn’t jinx that. Well, I am hopeful that if ever the time comes when I will start to be a target for players to farm, I would be more prepared to face them. Better yet, I would be capable of handling some enemies. Oh, how proud I would be when that day comes. So, I have to keep focus that what I’m doing today would lead to that goal. It’s really important to have your goals set right from the beginning so that every move you make coordinate with one another. You wouldn’t want to make a complete mess of stuff and it will be such a big waste of time and effort.

My suggestion is to create a game plan. Although it’s just a game and you can go all crazy if you want but if you want to play well, you somehow have to take some things seriously. From the very start, determine what kind of player you want to be, either a defensive or offensive player. And then from there, you think of a step by step plan on how you can achieve that. For example, in my case, I want to be an offensive player. I want to attack and conquer. So what do I do? I focus on improving my troop force. I invest my time on getting the buildings I would need to research troops. I would prioritize doing things that would benefit my troops. The options go on. That’s how I think is the best way to get things going. With this kind of strategy, you get to save time and resources. You can get to your goal faster when you have things well planned out. Remember, Travian is a strategy game. Pretty much, the player with the best strategy rules the game. It’s great to learn from other players but it’s also good to learn things on your own.

I’m not an expert yet so I won’t give much advises. I’m still a beginner learning my way through this game. I just wanted to share with you guys what I learn on the way. It’s great if we all share experiences so we can also learn from each other aside from learning through experience.

Clay Shortage. More Raids.


I can’t believe I’m so stressed out about having clay shortage! There is just never enough clay for me to do things in my village. Plus, I’ve been having trouble upgrading my resources because I worry if I upgrade them without being able to defend my village yet, it will all be slept away by raiders. But I guess it’s a risk I have to take since I have no other choice. Having no resources will take me nowhere. I just have to make sure I update it as frequent as I could so I can avoid giving them all away to raiders.

Speaking of raiders, I think I’m currently being farmed by a player. Although it’s not something very alarming yet still, there are losses so I have to do something about it somehow anytime soon. There hasn’t been much change in my routine recently. Just the usual upgrades and sending my hero to adventures.

My hero’s health is a bit low. It’s taking a while to heal. So I’m not going to be sending her to any adventures just yet. I need to give her time to heal so I can send her on dangerous adventures. Apparently, sending your hero to normal adventures don’t do much. It seems to me that it’s just a waste of time and resources. Why? My hero comes back with very little increase in experience and knowledge that there’s almost no increase. It’s practically useless. Then my hero’s health just continue to go downhill. I thought maybe sending me hero to all these adventures may not be such a good idea. Going on those dangerous adventures really work well but I have to make sure my hero’s health is up and good.

One of my tasks is to attack an oasis. To be honest, I have no idea how I’m going to do that. I always get caught up by a raid thus causing me to lose trained troops every time! I can’t collect enough troops to be able to do an attack. I’d say collect because I’m currently in the position of not being able to train many troops at once. I guess I need to upgrade my barracks.

I can’t wait for the day to come when I can finally tell you guys that all is well, very well. But I’m still hopeful. I guess it’s all up to me so I have to do things right! Fight! Fight! Fight!


Beginner’s Protection


Every new Travian player has a Beginner’s Protection. This protection is during a period between 3 and 14 days depending on the time between the start of the world and the activation of your account. You will receive an automatic message which will inform you of the length of your beginner’s protection.

While you are under the beginner’s protection, troops cannot be sent to you whether it is a reinforcement or an attack/raid. This is also applicable to you as the player under the beginner’s protection; this means that you too cannot send troops whether attack or reinforcement. In addition to that, attacking unoccupied oases is also not possible. Other restrictions while under the beginner’s protection are being unable to send or receive resources. It is not possible to end the beginner’s protection earlier than intended.

Although there’s not much action you can do while you’re under the beginner’s protection but take this time to build yourself because once it ends, you’ll be pretty much a target for many players. Take this time to build defenses. Crannies are important to protect resources so don’t forget that one too. There are a lot of things you still need to learn while being a beginners so don’t be so disappointed with the limited things you can do.

What every beginner should know about dealing with attacks.


Every beginner always have to learn how to face battles. If you’re a beginner, I guess you’d start off by learning how to train troops, stimulating them into battle, doing attacks. It’s also important to learn how to join alliances which will help you to grow immensely. As a starter, you know you’re surrounded by expert players. Those who can easily wipe you off with one strike. That’s why every new player should know this one thing,

“Never face a battle you know you don’t stand a chance at.”

I know new players can get so excited. They wanna try everything and take attempts that may sometimes be unwise. Remember, Travian is a strategy game. One loss could mean so much. For someone who is still starting, you need to keep in mind that you’re goal is to improve. Taking a chance with battles that you know you can’t win will cost you so much thus increasing the time it’ll take for you to improve your village and resources.

Always know your enemy. Once you see that you can’t win against a certain player, dodge every attack possible. Your best decision is to keep your troops and resources safe. As a beginner, you could be a target for many players because they know you’re weak. Don’t give them that advantage. Take time to improve and then you will have your time.

Tips for Newbies: What You Must Know


It’s fun to play games but in a strategy game like Travian, there are things that you certainly must know and be familiar with in order for you to actually understand and enjoy the game. Newbies, like me, may face some problems starting out. Therefore, it’s good to learn the basics to be fully equipped when you start out.

So, here’s a list of my tips for beginners in playing Travian:

  • Learn how you can survive in times of attacks. You cannot avoid some players taking advantage of you and you may experience continuous attacks before you can build up an army. It’s important to make the attacker feel that his attacks are useless since you can just dodge them, thus more likely to decrease the chances of being attacked again.
  • Don’t be impatient. As starters, your village is not that well developed thus takes a longer time to train armies and build resources. Also, be patient with yourself. There might be some players who find it difficult to adjust and learn the game. Don’t worry, great things comes to those who wait. It will be worth it once you’ve been patient with it.
  • Know your tribe. The tribes are not there just for the simple idea of giving players choices but because they are different in certain ways. If you haven’t started playing yet but is still planning, study the characteristics of each tribe and choose one that you think will be right for you. But if you have started out and chosen a tribe already, make sure you familiarize yourself well with the tribe you’ve chosen. The knowledge will help you progress.
  • As you progress in building up resources, learn what you need to get and what are your priorities. The order in which you build the resources can be of much help.

I hope these can help other newbies like me.

Travian: The Start of a New Adventure


All hyped up!

New Travian account with 3 villages. I’m so excited to start this game.  I may not be an expert yet but I’m getting strategies in mind on how to nail this game. Although, I’m sure enough that these strategies are the obvious ones but I cant wait to see them in action.

This Roman empire will rise to victory! I’m planning on improving resources as much as I can. Maybe improving my defense as well in case of an attack. But what I am very much interested in right now is finding a strong alliance. A great alliance will help me in so many ways and I think it’s the one of the best strategies, yet.

Having a Roman tribe as a starter in the game could be risky. They’re not as fast as Teutons when it comes to a raid and their defense is not as good as the Gauls. So developing a Roman tribe with good offense should be a first priority. But since my account already has 3 villages and is somehow developed already, I think I’ll be having different priorities.

I’m sure I’ll get the hang of this and I’m excited on how this will turn up.