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Oh Chief! Oh My Chief! Travian Chiefing


What is Travian Chiefing?

In Travian chiefing is a great thing. It works like this: You build a village and I convert it over to my side by reducing the loyalty of the people of that village.

Their loyalty is what keeps them on your side. When that travian chiefingloyalty reaches 0%, then the village becomes yours provided you have an empty slot in the village you are travian chiefing from and you have sufficient culture points.

The Sentiment of Travian Chiefing

For many players, chiefing takes too much hassle. Gotta get the academy to 20… gotta get the residence to 20… gotta research it and have to train the senator. Booo

But the join of travian chiefing doesn’t come from stealing, much like catapulting someone’s village. The joy comes from:

  • Saving yourself time (since you don’t have to build)
  • Saying You’ve Done It

Travian Chiefing: Time Saving

Sure it takes time to upgrade those buildings, but the marginal increase of time is not really that great since you’re going to be clicking the “upgrade” button at some point, anyway… might as well be upgrading the academy.

And the act of chiefing a village does save time. You don’t have to travian chiefingupgrade all those fields manually. Nothing is more frustrating than upgrading those level 0 crop fields that take less than 5 minutes, but then forgetting to go back to the computer and do the next upgrade and letting 5 hours pass by. The other fields are a pain as well.

Unfortunately upgrades need to be done again. I don’t think upgrades are carried over to the new village owner. Obviously the troops aren’t carried over either… although I don’t see why they wouldn’t be, from a “real life” perspective. Wasn’t Rome run by the mob? Whatever…

Saying You’ve Done It: Travian Chiefing Facebook

Everyone knows that facebook only really exists so that friends can show off to their friends the cool things they’ve been doing and maybe… just maybe, their friends will get jealous.

And so it is with travian cheifing. Someone who does it a lot likes show off. But they also get emotional about it:

travian chiefingand

travian chiefing“I have just been settling” (pun…). Poor guy, he’s been settling all the time! Settling for settlers. What can a body do?

And then wait for it…

travian chiefing Tadaa!! “we’ve chiefed 1 village I am pretty sure”… the classic facebook show off. What reason could there possibly be, for telling me that he has chiefed a village?

To show off.. the classic FaceBook show off moment. Ha ha ha.

Now, if you will excuse me, I need to go back to my Travian account and deal with that 2% loyalty village up there before the village owner comes back online and fucks it all up!

Travian Culture Points and Celebrations


Culture points is something that interests a lot of players. With high culture points, you can find and conquer more villages. You can accumulate culture points by building and upgrading buildings. The higher the level your buildings are, the higher culture points it gives you per day. Now culture points are provided by buildings depending on what building it is. There are building that give high culture points and there are some that are lesser. The building that gives the highest culture points is the Treasury. Now this is one expensive building to construct but trust me, the investment will be worth it.

Aside from constructing and upgrading buildings, another great way to earn culture points is by holding celebrations. A celebration, or otherwise called as parties, are held in a Town Hall. There are two types of celebrations: a Small Celebration and a Great Celebration. A Great Celebration is otherwise called as Tea Parties or Grand Balls in other servers. The only disadvantage of celebrations is that they cost much resources but they will earn you great culture points. Of course, the Great Celebration will even cost more than a Small Celebration.

To build a Town Hall, you will need certain prerequisites. A Main Building at level 10 and an Academy at the same, level 10. So earning culture points through celebrations won’t be that easy. More investments of resources and time must be put in. But of course, this is one thing that you will need to do later on in order to progress.

Other building that give the most culture points are the Town Hall, Embassy, Palace, Academy, Workshop, Marketplace and Trade Office. For beginners, the first building that will provide you with high culture points is the Main Building. Construct other buildings as well to earn more culture points. The best you can have to earn culture points is by building an Embassy and a Marketplace. These buildings are mostly required for new players to build since these are part of tasks. You could also start with constructing a Residence. It is one of the second best choice for buildings with high culture points.

Of all the buildings, there one thing you can build that will not give you any culture points. That is the World of Wonder. Even to begin with, it has zero culture points. Now, culture points can be accumulated even with other villages you build. But don’t worry, even if you decide to get rid of one village, it will not affect your culture points in any way. It will remain as is and you will not lose culture points.

Right now, I’m planning on building an Academy anytime soon. With it, I can build a Town Hall so I can start holding celebrations. But that’s not my priority yet. I still have other plans. Rest assured, it’s in my to-do list. I am still trying to build a marketplace so I can have my prisoners ransomed. I have 40 prisoners from two different players. One with 22 prisoners and one with 18 prisoners. I released prisoners from one player since there were only two of the guys. It would be handy if you can use the prisoners for doing your own attacks. I think that would be a neat addition to the game. But since it cannot be, the best I can do to take advantage of it is by having them ransomed.

I’m still idle today since the error has still persist. I already made a report and I’m hoping to get a response within 12-24 hours. I’m really getting the feeling that I’m the only one experiencing this error since there is still no update from Travian about an error or maintenance. But anyhow, today was not wasted. I was able to do research and planned some things on what to do with my Travian account. Finally, I’m starting to get the hang of this game. I just need to do more upgrades since I would need resources. Lots and lots, loads and loads of resources. I’m planning on doing attacks and conquering an oases which I still have to figure out how to do. Still, I’m looking forward to what I can do.

I’m sure, any player would agree with me that you can’t let a day pass without checking your Travian account. What’s not to be excited about, right?

Travian Update: Attacking an Oases and Trapping Prisoners


Some things don’t always go the way you want them to. There are things that are just way out of your hands and the only thing you can do, adjust. You have to think of a solution to every dilemma you are in. Moping and complaining about it just won’t help so you have to view things in a different perspective to see a different way around the problem. Playing can be like that; not just life. Well, for some players, playing is life.

My Travian is doing surprisingly well today. I finally collected my rewards from doing tasks and it has helped me do both improvements and troop building today. I have finally upgraded my trapper and I can now put 22 traps. 5 of them are occupied actually. It did work and it captured some of my enemies. Sad thing though is that the last troops I built all got killed but I had enough resources today to create 17 troops. My trapper has caught some prisoners and I have no idea what to do with them. So as usual, I did some forum reading and found that I can have them ransomed. So far, that’s the only thing I have found and I don’t think that’s going to work well with me. Why? It’s because I only have 3 from one player and 2 from another. I don’t think that’s very valuable. Besides, I don’t have a marketplace yet so I can make exchanges. I also still don’t know how to set them free. (Haha!) I’m going to learn that eventually though. So let’s just wait for the perfect timing.

Currently, my troops are attacking an unoccupied oases. Since it’s one of my tasks, I had to do it. I’m not hoping much from it since it’s an attack on an oases that has nothing in it. They might just come home bringing nothing but rats. Well, at least it can increase my hero’s experience a bit. After this, I might give attacking an oases with wild animals in them and see how far my troops can go. I guess with this, I can see how much I’m capable yet as of now.

I have also bid at an auction. Still, this was part of a task so I did it and I got my hero a Helmet of Healing. It looks pretty cool on my hero. Cost me 100 silver and it’s my first time making a purchase like this. I think I might be bidding more when I find some things interesting.

You could say that a lot has been going on but I say this is just the beginning. Finally, we’ll start to stir things up!

The Trick to Building Fast


Time is¬†something that needs to be managed well in Travian. I learned that if you’re not wise in dealing with the time you have, you’ll be wasting so much of it. When instead of being able to progress further already, it will be a very slow progress if you don’t know how to handle your time well.

The trick to saving your time in building almost anything is quite simple, actually. All you have to do is upgrade your main building first. Once it reaches level 20, building anything will be faster. It’s an important time-saving trick in Travian and it’s pretty clever.

Oh! So you have a lot of time anyway and you’re not rushing but remember, if you improve slowly, during your long process, other players can take advantage of you. Good luck once you become a farm for other players. You’ll lose not only time but even resources. You really don’t want that to happen, right? So know your priorities.

Remember, Travian is a strategy game. It’s a matter of clever actions and wise decisions.

Working with your Marketplace


travVillages should have marketplaces. This is where you can trade with other players. It allows you to transfer goods with other places and even move resources around your villages assuming you have more than one village.

Why send resources?

You can send resources whether as a gift or to trade with other players. You can also use it to transfer resources among your villages. If you’re wondering what’s the purpose of sending resources among your villages, the answer is simple. You can send resources to one of your villages when it lacks the resources you need to upgrade or train troops. It can also come in handy during an incoming attack. Once you see one coming to one of your villages, you can transfer the resources so the enemy can’t loot them. It’s one way to dodge an attack because even if you can keep your troops away, the enemy can still take resources from your village and of course, we would not want that.

What’s a marketplace for if you can’t buy?

The marketplace can show you a list of what resources other players offer for sale. You can also check how long a purchase will take to arrive your village.

Of course, you can sell too!

With the marketplace, you can offer something for sale. Just indicate what and how much and it’ll be ready for sale.

Merchants can carry different load with them and it can depend on the tribe. Roman merchants can carry 500 units of resources travelling at 16 fields/hour. Gaul merchants can carry 750 units of resources travelling at 24 fields/hour. Lastly, Teuton merchants can carry 1000 units travelling at 12 fields/hour.

Take time to explore and learn what you can do with your Marketplace.

Happy playing everyone!