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NLX Server Starting Soon + Dead Accounts


So I’ve been told. I’m excited to see how this goes with my new work schedule. I have this schedule where I arrive at the office at 7:45 and work until noon. Then from 12-5 I work on strategy. This leaves me with plenty of time to play Travian on my iPhone. :-)

ive reconnected with one of the members of the A-Team from NL. Maybe I can join the end of a COMX or USX server and take over someone’s account. So many people quit Travian after starting there never seems to be a shortage of account to pick up, once someone else has done the heavy lifting. :-)

Here’s to the next 180 days of torture


New and fresh Travian account for me. With the past account that I had, I made a lot of mistakes. I’ll admit that. But now that I get to start anew, I certainly learned quite some things that I know I should not do with the new account.

I’m setting goals, straight and in plain black and white, so that I know exactly what I should aim for this time. As a beginner, it might be hard to get a right start. But getting a second chance at it will help me get on the right track. I have to set first things first. For my new Travian account, these will be the goals.

  1. Build a Level 100 Gaul Hero
  2. Settle Over 10 Villages
  3. Make new friends on USX, COMX and possibly UKX (The more the merrier, right?)
  4. Avoid Village Confusion (It was a pain, really…)
  5. NEVER EVER see 52 or more incoming attacks (I must not be a farm!)
  6. Upgrade building fast

Although I know there are a lot to work on and these goals may take time to achieve but I know if I just do things right this time, it’ll go smoothly. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you guys updated.

Wish me luck!

Travian Progress Across UKX, USX and COMX


niel patrick harrisSeems like Travian has come a long way from that older version.

We had tons of travian combat simulators and greasemonkey scripts thanks to guys like killroid that made the esthetic look and functionality much nicer.

And now with Travian 4, all that need has shrinked away because somehow, the graphic guys over at travian HQ made a better version.

Now there is some debate about what was made better vs. what was left behind. I’m curious, what does our audience think about the new Travian vs. the old one. Good or bad?

Or is it?