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Travian Farming: Looting Up Resources From Other Players


travian farming

Travian Farming

For a lot of players, farming is one of the most effective way of getting resources. Sometimes, you just can’t depend on your own resources so you would have to find other sources for wood, crop, clay and iron. Travian farming is when you raid villages, usually smaller than you to loot their resources. In Travian, you can’t just go on farming without a certain strategy. Otherwise, you’ll end up meeting an enemy you wouldn’t want to be making.

We will look over some strategies on how to farm and how to find a village to farm. Raiding villages for resources is necessary at times especially when you want to speed up progress. It will take time though to master the art of raiding but with experience, I’m pretty sure you’ll get there.

Strategies on How To Farm

travian farmingNow, one of the very first things you have to do when you go on Travian farming is to look for the village to raid. Best way to start is to look for a village with a population of 2. Villages with a population of 2 usually have no defenses, not even a wall. So to start, you would want to attack villages like that. Although, small villages will also come with small reaps. That’s okay. Start small in Travian farming and then work your way up to bigger villages as you progress as well.

Villages with a population of let’s say less than a hundred, like maybe 40 or 50, these guys are most probably farms if the rest of the neighboring villages already have more than a hundred population. Trick in picking a village to farm is to look for the villages that are behind in progress. So checking for their population and comparing them with the rest of the neighboring villages can be a way to choose a village to farm. Also, villages with small populations tend to have less or zero troops at all. They make excellent farms and you would want to target them.

One tip I can give though is that when you’re not yet ready to farm a village, you can raid oases but do not raid oases with nature troops. Usually, you don’t get a lot of resources from oases and having all of your troops killed for less resources is really not worth it. You can raid an oases though if you bring your hero along but having the hero equipped with cages. Otherwise, just don’t because it’s a waste of time, waste of troops and resources you get will not be that much. Attack an oases that has no nature troops.

Take note though that these are not always applicable. There can be villages with more than a hundred population but could be abandoned or for whatsoever reason has really poor defenses. You can raid them. Travian farming can be a lot of work but it all really pays off when you do it right. Make sure you explore more villages but take extra caution if you’re doubtful. If ever you are doubtful, send scouts. That’s always the most effective way to check if a village has troops or a good defense. Let your scouts be like a “checker” to check if a village can be farmed or not.

Protecting Yourself

You may be farming others but these other players can fight back. Always remember that. They might be small but some can actually take the time to build troops and get back at you. Or some may be wiser than you thought. For big villages, do not scout them. These big villages probably has scouts on their villages so if you scout them, they will know that you’re targeting them. You might just make an enemy. Always make sure there are scouts in your village. Send troops to scout other villages but always make sure you have scouts left in the village. Don’t send them all out.

Before you begin your Travian farming, make sure you have build up defenses. When you start Travian farming, you will never know that you have already made an enemy and it may come as a surprise. So before jumping in to Travian farming, make sure you will be able to defend yourself if ever some players decide to attack you back. Protect your village, protect your resources and make sure you have defenses. It’s the dumbest thing to do to jump in to Travian farming without setting up defenses.

Travian Resource Fields: How To Manage and Level Up Each Field Efficiently


resource fields

Resource Fields

I am pretty sure that most of you have noticed that the higher you upgrade a resource field or a building, it gets more expensive to upgrade even further. In the case of your resource fields, you may not be able to gain back what you have invested if you cannot manage your fields well. That is why there I think this tip about resource fields upgrading can be very helpful. You must always upgrade the lower level fields first.

Pushing Further – Wise Management

resource fieldsBear in mind the tip that I just gave you. Your resource fields must always be upgraded evenly. This is to make sure that you actually gain from upgrading your resource fields. Although there are building that will help you yield more resources but you might want to keep in mind that you need to efficiently gain resources. It is a bad idea to keep upgrading one of your resource fields more and more but then leaving behind other to a lower level. Make sure you upgrade your resource fields, wood, iron and clay, evenly. This means that you will make sure that they are not more than one level higher from each other. You will not be gaining resources effectively and it may cause you problems.

Early in the game, resources are crucial. This is why it’s important to protect them from raiders. This is why we build crannies. Now that you have resources and your resource fields are producing them efficiently, you can then push it further. Once you have built a second village, you can send resources from your capital to your second village so you can keep upgrading your resource fields. This is a very effective way to make sure that you will have enough, possibly even more, resources that you need.

Special Buildings

There are special buildings that you can build to help increase your resource production. For wood, you can build a Sawmill. For clay, you can build a Brickyard. For iron, you can build an Iron Foundry.

Now keep this exception in mind. Once you have, for example, your wood resource fields all at level 8, then upgrade one field to level 10 and then build a Sawmill. This exception is applicable also for your iron and clay resource fields.

Crop Fields

You may have noticed that I didn’t include crop in the previous discussions about upgrading the resource fields. This is because there is a difference in the way you should upgrade your crop resource fields.

Crop is very important and it is a resource that you would want to effectively make sure is producing abundantly. Troops, and in cases of Gauls, prisoners, consume crop. In the past, I have experienced a terrible problem with crop shortage because I have left it behind in the upgrading and I had troops and prisoners consuming crop regularly.

For crop, this is how you would want to upgrade it for better production. Once all of your crop fields reach level 5, build a Grain Mill. Upon completion, this is now what you have to keep in mind. Upgrade your Grain Mill for every level you upgrade you crop field. For example, you are now leveling your crop field to level 6, then level up your Grain Mill to level 2. Crop field to level 7, then Grain Mill to level 3. And this will go on until you reach level 8. Once all crop fields are at level 8, upgrade one field to level 10 and then by this time, you will then build a Bakery. Level up your bakery up to level 3 before proceeding to level up your crop fields to level 9. After all that’s done, upgrade your Bakery to level 4 before proceeding to upgrading your crop fields to level 10.

Conclusionresource fields

These are the best strategy you can do to maximize resource output and make sure that production is efficient. Always bear in mind that resources are very important and you would want to make sure that you do everything you can to effectively produce resources.

Travian Economy: Keeping It Up with Resources


travian economy


After the recent events of my struggle in getting my resources back on track, I certainly did learn my lesson. Your economy in Travian is something that should not be overlooked. Resources is like the blood-line of your village. Lack of it could lead to serious problems. The more you try to improve your village, the more resources you will be needing so you cannot settle for just right. As much as possible, try to keep your resources more than your need. That way, even though you get raided or attacked, you will not be greatly affected. You can easily get back up after an attack.

So having learned my lesson, I made a list of things you have to do to keep a good economy. The Travian Economy is just a concept though but it’s very important. Without a good Travian economy, you will be very vulnerable and prone to becoming the farm. That’s all you’ll ever be.

Let’s take a look at the things you need to do to maintain a good Travian economy.

Travian Economy

  1. Resource fields – Of course, this comes first since this is the most obvious. You have to keep upgrading your resource fields. Upgrading them will yield to an increase in production. But of course, with more production comes more resources and to avoid being constantly attacked, you need to protect those resources. Upgrade building that will store and protect more resources like the granary, warehouse and cranny. The cranny is the most important. If you want to keep your Travian economy up, protect those resources, build as much crannies as needed.
  2. Buildings for Resources – There are buildings that would help increase the production of your resources. For example, the Sawmill will boost your wood production. The more you upgrade this building, the higher the percentage of production boosted. The Brickyard will help boost your clay production. An Iron Foundry will increase the iron production. A Grain Mill (Flour Mill) will boost the crop production in your village. Aside from the Grain Mill, you can build a Bakery to improve the overall crop production by 5% per level, with a maximum of 25%. You don’t have just your resource fields to improve your Travian economy, you can construct specific buildings as well.
  3. Oasis – By capturing an oasis, you can increase the production of resources depending on what type of oasis you have captured. You can keep a survey for unoccupied oasis near your village and look for one you can occupy. Remember, an oasis can provide an instant 25% increase in resource production. Although this might be a big step for a player but this is a definite, sure way to improve your Travian Economy.
  4. Raiding – Short on resources but have troops? Why not make a raid? It’s one effective way to gain resources. There could be a lot of villages out there that you can raid and with an enough number of troops and the right army force, you can gain resources by raiding other players’ villages.
  5. Alliance members – One advantage of being part of an alliance is that members of the alliance help each other. When in need, you can try asking your fellow alliance members for a helping hand.
  6. Adventures – Your hero can help you improve your Travian Economy by going in adventures and bringing home loots. There are a lot of things your hero can find in adventures and resources are surely one of them.

Work On It

You could be all excited about making attacks or building a bigger village and Travian empire but remember that you can’t go anywhere without resources. Constructing buildings require resources. Training troops require resources. Keeping trained troops consume resources. Almost every action would require resources so don’t let your fields be left out and work on it. You will need them to assure a good Travian Economy.

Travian Resource Fields: Crop Shortage! No More Wheat Left – Troops Are Starving!


The Problem

This is probably one of the worst problems I have ever faced in Travian. I have experienced a lot of terrible events in Travian like being constantly farmed. I mean, that is something understandable since if you are weak, you really can’t avoid being the prey. The problem basically is caused by something that is way out of your control. But what to do when you know you caused the problem? It was because of a lack of strategy that brought you to this problem.

Resource Fields Crisis

I really can’t believe I missed out on this. I feel so stupid for upgrading every single building in my village but left out on upgrading my resource fields. Resources are the fuel of the village. Without it, you just can’t function. I have to admit, my resources are poor. And to make things worse, my hero died. I sent him on an adventure and he came home dead! I can’t believe it. I can’t even revive him since I have no crop left. It was a total resource fields facepalm moment. Believe me, I couldn’t be more disappointed with myself.

resource fields

It is quite humiliating to have been so poor at this simple strategy. Keeping the resource fields upgraded is really important and I guess, I learned that the hard way. The reason why my crop ran out because I didn’t really thought that my troops would consume them. That’s why I was having trouble keeping my crop resource up.

But, I made some good use with them to help me solve the problem…

A Trial to Resolve the Problem

Since my crop is almost zero, there was nothing else I could do. I can’t upgrade any of my resource fields which I though upgrading the crop would help me but my resources are not enough. Luckily, I have troops. My only solution? Raid an oasis.

That’s right! Since I can’t do anything to immediately increase my crop and I cannot afford to let the day go to waste and I was able to do nothing, I send my troops on to a raid in an oasis where there’s crop available so I can boost up my crop.

The oasis in which I sent my troops had lots of nature troops. Talk about crocodiles and tigers. I knew that my troops would probably not stand a chance but it was a gamble I was willing to play. What other choice do I have?

Then that’s it. Off my troops went to the raid. I wish I could’ve sent my hero with them but nope, I am not capable of doing so. I just bid my troops good luck. Although chances were slim, I had my hope up that at least, they would be able to send back crop home to make up for the resource fields shortage.

The Results

The report is in. My troops are on their way back to the village. I was nervous about checking the report. I didn’t know what to expect but I was hoping it was something good. But then, this is how it ended.

resource fields

My poor troops. I have almost nothing left. I lost 25 Phalanxes and 25 Swordsmen for 100 worth of crop. I don’t know if it’s worth it or not but I’m just at the least, thankful that they brought home something rather than nothing. Don’t you think? It’s not a very pretty report but I guess that’s good enough.

Lesson Learned

The only thing I can learn from here is to never neglect upgrading my resource fields. From now on, I’ll make it a priority to at least upgrade one resource field, especially crop. If I want troops, I better keep them fed.

Travian Resource


There are four basic resources for game play in Travian: Wood, Clay, Iron and Crop. These are things that will be necessary in probably most actions that you do. These resources are continually produced per hour and the amount produced is directly related to the level of your resource field; the higher the level, the more production. There are buildings that you can construct in your village to increase production such as sawmill, brickyard, iron foundry, grain mill and bakery. Upgrades to these buildings also increases the amount of resources produced even further.

Resources can be exchanged through the marketplace. The higher the level of your marketplace, the more resource units your merchants can carry. Sending resources can be done for transferring resources from one village to another if you have more than one village. You can also do it for the reason of giving resources to other players as gift.

Four Types of Resources:

1. Wood – This resource is used mainly for construction of buildings. Military units may still require wood. It’s also used up when you do upgrades.

2. Clay – This resource is the most needed of all. It’s used for buildings and resource fields. Remember that it is worth a great deal in the marketplace.

3. Iron – This resource is mainly used for Romans to recruit troops.

4. Crop – This resource is sometimes called as wheat. This is needed to feed your army and workers. It’s also used up when constructing buildings and upgrading fields.

Granary: You gotta stock up!


Well, I’m upgrading my granary.

Granaries are where crops produced will be stored. The higher the level of your granary is, the bigger is its capacity. If you wanna increase your produce then increasing the level of your granary will come in handy. Crops are necessary for troops going into battle and even in upgrading other buildings and resources. The granary can be upgraded up until level 20. When you granary reaches this level, you can now build an additional granary.

There’s also what is called a Great Granary. This one is well, obviously it’s great because it provides triple the storage of a standard granary. It can keep crops safer and drier than the standard granary. Like the standard granary, you can upgrade it until level 20 then you can start building additional ones.

It’s important to manage your crops well. A great granary can help you know who does not send enough grain. This can make the game feel easier making victory sweeter.


My upgrading granary. :)