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Travian Battle: Troop Research and Strategy


troop researchTroop Research

One major way to grow in Travian to research new troops. You really can’t just settle for the only troop available for you since you will need troops doing specific tasks to succeed in every battle you wish to send them in. So you will need to do troop research and build more. Now, each tribe has their own different types of troops but one thing for sure is that they are all the same in the way that each tribe can have a specific troop for either cavalry or infantry. There are troops that are good at defense, there are those that are better at offense. There are troops that can do specific tasks like the ones that can break a village wall. You would want to gain advantages so you can win over your enemy.

Using these troops to device a strategy is a complicated topic. Usually, the best way to learn these strategies is to have them tried out yourself and discover the best way for you to succeed. You can do research online and check for tips but I strongly recommend you to take this time and relax. You may not be an expert yet, I know I’m not, so don’t expect that you can come up with a clever strategy that you can immediately win. Don’t be afraid to start humble and learn your way through.

The Academy

To do troop research, you will need an academy. There are certain prerequisites for every troop and some will require you to build not just an academy but other buildings as well. Since I’m Gaul, I’ll be using Gail troops as an example and look at what are the things you need to learn for troop research.

troop research


These is a screenshot from my academy. As you can see, there are requirements that need to be present before you can start researching a certain troop. I already have the requirements needed to research the Swordsman. Some troops require a Smithy or a Workshop but it’s not limited to that. Some troops from other tribes could require other building such as a Blacksmith, Horse Drinking Pool and others. It depends on what troop you’re going to research and what tribe you have. Now, it’s important that you know which ones you might need to prioritize. You wouldn’t want to waste time and resources on troops that are not that necessary yet. Although, the aim is to have all the troops. Well, the more the merrier and the more troops you have, the more complex your army could be. Troop research will help you expand the capabilities of your army. It well then be much more easier to device a battle strategy since you have the troops you need to make every battle a success.

Travian Tribes

The Gaul tribe is best at defense so most of their troops are excellent defenders. Like the Druidrider who is the fastest defensive unit in the game. Even the basic Gaul troop which is the Phalanx is a very valuable defender even though his attack power is minimal. So for troop research, work on the troops that will be needed to compensate for what your tribe is less capable at doing.

The Roman tribe is equally good at defense and offense so you can expect their troops to have equally good attackers and defenders. Romans are considered elite and their troops are individually strong. Although, the downside to them is that they are only good in quality and not in quantity because they are expensive and takes a lot of time to produce. But in battle, you don’t just need quality but also quantity. It’s hard to win over an enemy when you are greatly outnumbered. Troop research for Romans should be done to expand the number of troops you can build.

The Teutons are the best raiders in the game. Although, Teutons are very poor at defense. There are only a few troops in the Teuton tribe that are capable of defense so troop research on defense troops and to start building them is important.

Army Building

I am only starting troop research and right now, the idea is to get troops that will be used for raiding. Since you can’t avoid other players to raid you, you will need troops that could counter an enemy’s attack. So now, I have researched Pathfinders and have started building them. They are scouts. You will need scouts to know if there are other enemy scouts in your village. Also, I’ll be then working on getting Theutates Thunders because I’ll be needing them to raid villages. But I have to get my Smithy to level 3 first before I can research these troops.

Most likely if you are starting troop research, prioritize a powerful moving troop and scouts. They will be the most needed at first. So if you’re Gaul, start with Pathfinders and Theutates Thunders. If you’re Roman, you can start with Equites Legati and Equites Imperatoris. If you’re Teutons, you can expect your basic troop to be good at raiding already since Teutons are best at it. But, Teutons are poor at defense so you can build Scouts and maybe a troop that will be good at defense.

This is an overview of how you can research and build new troops. The best strategy is still the one you device on your own and you’ve been able to come up from the learnings you gained through your experiences. Don’t worry about rough starts but be sure to be wise enough to avoid major downfalls.

Good luck!

Horse Drinking Trough: Troop Upgrade for Romans


It’s amazing in Travian because there are so many ways and options you have to improve your troop units. We’ve been discussing them in previous posts but since I have a Roman tribe, I’d like to talk about the Horse Drinking Trough.trav

This is one structure that only Roman tribes can build and it’s very helpful. Although you will require a Level 20 Stable and a Level 10 Rally Point, you will not regret putting efforts to build this.

The horse drinking trough will decrease the training time required and upkeep for the cavalry troops. This can even be built in a Roman Wonder of the World village. What’s great about this is that it accelerates production time of cavalry troops by 1% every time you level up. Low crop supply? No worries! An HTR wil lower the crop consumption of all Roman cavalry units in the village. Each specific troop has a specific amount of decrease in crop consumption. The Equites Legati will consume one crop less when at level 10. At level 15, your Equites Imperatoris will consume one crop less. Finally, Equites Caesaris will consume one crop less at level 20.

This may just be one of my favorite things about the Roman tribe. Although it comes with its own downsides but once you’ve developed your tribe, everything is nothing but a beauty.

Favorite Roman Troops


Okay, so I play with a Roman tribe and so far so good.

I couldn’t really tell which troop is my favorite. Each ones have a different specialty and I say that all of them are really good and to assure victory in battle, I guess I’d like to have them all deployed!

Most of my troops are Praetorian and they’re good at defense. I just made an attack and I’m hoping for positive results. I’m still starting and my poor village got attacked. Sadly, all my troops was down and my village got raided successfully. Definitely an epic failure! Oh well. I’m working on expanding my troops to better defend my village and so I can attack others successfully.

If you ask me, I’d like to expand my army with loads of the Equites Imperatoris troops and Equites Caesaris. I think I’d love to see how an attack will go if I send out lots of them.

I’ll post an update here on what happened to the recent attack I sent out. If you guys got some comments and suggestions, feel free to post them! They’d be highly appreciated!