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A whole week of progress


What a week it has been. But now as the week ends, I’m pretty glad about my progress. I have been able to achieve a lot. Good progress and good results from my efforts to improve the village. In just a few more days with just a few more upgrades, I would finally be able to do my first attack which will be in an oases. I could say that the only unfortunate event this week was my hero dying. But even though that happened, I discovered that it takes shorter time to revive the hero than to wait for the health level to boost back up to 100% so I won’t say it was a total loss. I learned something handy from it thus I guess it was a blessing in disguise.

My hero is now alive and kicking. I have just sent her to a new adventure and of course, it’s a dangerous one. I find sending my hero to a normal adventure such a complete waste of time since the increase in knowledge is not that high. It will only eat up so much time with so little benefit and is therefore not worth it. I really suggest sending your hero to dangerous adventures. It may decrease the health by significant amounts but the experience gained is much more and therefore, hero’s progress advances more.

Progress in my village and its resource fields has also been quite significant this week. Today, I’m moving on to continue upgrading my main building. It’s now at level 11 and I’m also expanding my warehouse for more resources. I think it’s time to add a new building to my village. Do any of you guys have any suggestions what’s beneficial to prioritize building? But I guess I can worry about that later. I have to make sure that whenever I start to be active in attacking and raiding, my village is already firm and strong.

 Although there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done but I’m glad to see I’m making progress. There’s now a big chance that it won’t take longer than I expected before I can begin some action. I know attacking and raiding is the most exciting part that’s why I can’t wait to finally be able to do it. I got some big plans waiting and there are so many things I want to finally be able to try. What I’m most excited about is starting to research on new troops. I can’t wait to see some new troops for some awesome action. Enemies will regret.

Of course, my village is being farmed!


I guess for a new player who’s just starting out, you really can’t avoid being farmed. When I checked my reports today, oh my gosh! Pages and pages of raid reports! I just don’t know how I’m going to react. I ditched my past account because it was hopeless because of the number of raids it was receiving and now it’s happening all over again! History repeating itself! How terrible! I don’t know what I’m going to do. But I do have an edge. It’s not a hopeless situation this time. There is still something I can do to turn things around.

First of all, I can still upgrade my buildings and my resource fields. I can use it to get up on my feet. With higher levels, I have higher capabilities which I can use for my advantage. Although, there might be a problem with building enough troops to get my army going. Right now, I’m incapable of building a huge troop but I guess I’ll figure it out somehow. If now, then I guess I’ll just puppy dog face all the raiders to get them to stop attacking me.



At least I’m glad that my progress has not been hindered by the attacks yet. I’m proud to say that my village is in good shape. My main building at level 10, my barracks now at 2 and my granary and cranny are at level 5.  Pretty neat, huh? There’s really nothing to it. As long as you have your goals set and you know what you should do, you can do it.

My resource fields are also doing very well. I have all fields now producing resources and all I have to do is continue upgrading them. Let me say, upgrading and leveling up is really a great strategy for beginners. It lets you build that strong player within. I bet in no time, I’d be able to do my own attacks and be able to fight off my attackers. I’m so positive about it!

My hero has just got her health in full. So I sent her to a dangerous adventure to a Natarian village and yes, you’ve guessed it. She earned attribute points! That’s right! More Off and Def bonus for my pretty hero. It’s definitely exciting! Soon, she’ll lead my battles toward great victory!

Upon doing a bit of research, I read that beginner’s should start attacking inactive villages. I think that’s a really good place for me to start if ever I want to finally jump into attacking and raiding. Although I still don’t know how to find out if that’s an active player or not but villages smaller than me would be a good target. I also need to attack an oases if I wanna get things going so I suppose I need to work on that too.

Not much pressure?

Oh no. It’s pressure alright. That thought that I have to finally do an attack. It’s like training, not troops, but myself. Oh man! I couldn’t feel more nervous about it. I mean, it’s very unpredictable. Yes, it’s exciting but it’s scary at the same time. You can never know what this will all lead to. It’s a gamble. You win, you gain. You lose, you lose a lot! Not only resources were put in but also time, lots and lots of time! If I make a mistake, like a huge one, it means that I wasted to much of my time and effort. We really don’t want this to be more of a loss than a gain, right?

But at the end of the day, it’s all still a game. You can either win or lose and sometimes, all you can do is hope for the best. But I suppose if you work hard enough, there’s actually a great chance for better things to hope for.

A Beginner’s Gaul Village


Boy, starting a new village sure makes your hands full of work to do. So many buildings to construct with so little resources so time is of the essence. I suppose at this stage, you really can’t settle for one task at a time. Right now, I’m doing as much as I can.

My new village only has a Main Building and a Rally point. I took some time to upgrade my Main Building and it’s currently on level 4. I have just finished building my Granary and I’m now upgrading it to level 2. I want to make sure that I have everything done right before my Beginner’s Protection ends.

Of course, while waiting for my buildings to level up, I always send my hero on adventures. The more, the better! It will help gain more experience and increase the skill level of my hero. Like I said, you really can’t waste time. Do as much as you can while you wait for building progress.

Once my Granary has upgraded, I’m going to build a Cranny. One thing I learned is that every beginner should prioritize building a cranny. When the beginner’s protection ends, you wouldn’t want your resources be swept away by enemies. You would have nothing left to upgrade or build troops or practically anything. There’s nothing to do when you have no resources. A cranny will protect and hide resources from attackers so it’s very important to have it on the top of your priority list as a beginner.

Beginner’s usually have a guide or a list of tasks to complete and it’s found on the lower right part of the screen. Looks something like this:

travThis list can help you know which to prioritize and it will also help you explore what every beginner should check on playing Travian. Make sure to do what’s listed there.

Oh! One more thing is that beginner’s don’t have complete resources. Go to your resources and check which needs developing. The list of tasks can guide you. As you can see on the image I posted above, it says there “Iron Mine.” That’s because I don’t have an iron mine yet so I will need to upgrade it to Level 1.

Let me show you how my resource fields looks like right now:



Now, I’m already upgrading an iron mine since I’ll be needing it, obviously.

It’s okay to not get everything done immediately and you really can’t expect things to go smoothly always. Try reading and researching. Reading from forums and discussions will help you see what others have experienced. You can also read blogs and articles. There are good content in them and you’ll find help there whenever you need it. Although, you cannot expect very valuable information to be freely available. If you’re into it, try getting yourself a manual. It will help so much. I mean, no “newb” player could ever publish a book about a game, right? It has to be someone who has probably played all his life and be a real expert at it. You can find gems in books and it will help A LOT!

For beginners, this can actually help for now. I’ve been reading Travian Wiki and there are a lot of practical information there that you can get for starters. Not much but it’s good for the meantime.

Travian can be really fun. Been playing it for a while and I’m sort of getting the hang of it. I know it’s not like most games that are all action with all the awesome graphics and the shootings and blow-ups and all that exciting stuff but I assure you, it can be just as fun.

What’s great about it is that if you’re a busy person but don’t want to leave the fun life, you can definitely squeeze in Travian in your time. Progress continues without you actually playing it. You can still do a lot. That’s the beauty of time-based games.

I’ll get back on you guys tomorrow for more updates. I’m pretty sure many more beginner’s like myself want to know how my progress will continue so you can also see what others experience and what are the differences from yours. We can all share the fun together.

travAnyway, here’s my hero. Hope you guys think she’s pretty because I do. She looks a bit fierce, doesn’t she?

Keep playing guys!!!

Stonemason: Keeping your village standing strong


Atrav village built on a solid foundation is a strong and sturdy one. Enemies may come and attack buy the village remains unshaken. If you want to improve the durability of your village’s buildings, you should build a stonemason.

With a Main Building at level 5, you can now build your own Stonemason’s Lodge. It increases the durability of buildings in a village excluding the wall. So if an enemy comes to attack your village, damage brought by their catapults will be less. With this and a powerful wall, you have successfully put up a strong defense for your village. Enemies will have second thoughts on attacking your fortress!

It’s fun to explore when there are so many things to try. Check out how you can improve your defense forces and be able to stand against your enemies!