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Experimentation Day 2: Another Attack to the Raider


travSo yesterday’s experiment has no results yet since it needed 33 hours plus to complete. But today, I have made another attack on one of the other villages of the same player I sent an attack to. The plan is to continuously attack him and see how he reacts.

This attack will take 30 hours to complete and I sent 500 troops to raid another village he has. He’s a big player and he has an alliance. So pretty much, I’m not expecting anything spectacular or wonderful as a result of this. Because compared to him, I’m the ant and he’s the boy with the magnifying glass. He can wipe me out as he is a big player. In addition to that, the alliance he belongs to is ranked 3. I guess that’s pretty big too so I really don’t stand a chance.

We’ll see how all these will come up tomorrow. I’m getting really curious. But if ever I get pulverized, I’m pretty sure I’ll just laugh about it.

Experimentation Day 1: Attack on a Raider


travSo, I am planning on doing different experiments everyday for the next few days. Meaning, I’ll be doing things that may or may not result in something good but I’m doing it anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I have tried to do things in a careful and somehow strategic manner but being too careful has done me no good. I can’t just dodge attacks and hide from my enemies. Starting today, I’m taking risks.

For today, I’m sending an attack to a raider. He raided me with 400 troops so I’m sending an attack, a raid, to him with 700 troops. So that’s almost double the number of the troops he sent. But I’m not sending it to his capital because I think it’s too big for me to take on. The player has 16 villages for crying out loud! I’m taking in one of his smaller villages.I have many troops stowed away so I can use them. Although sadly, troops that I have distributed among my other villages are now gone because all my villages have attacks now. So the troops that I had made everyday are no longer there. It scared me for a moment though because I thought I had zero troops left. Good thing I still have thousands kept safe and I’ll slowly pull them out.

Yes, I know that this is not the wisest decision but I have to try something, somehow. Maybe, just maybe, I can get attackers to quit farming my villages. This time, there’s a harm in trying but I’m willing to accept what ever consequences this may lead.

Wish me luck!

Are you a “provider” to the raider?


It could be sad to think that my village is like a provider to this player who constantly raids it. Your opponent’s getting more and more from you and it seems like there’s nothing you can do about it.trav

But know what? I think it’s the lesser evil than having face your enemy and knowing that there’s no chance of you winning. In this case, trying is not a good option. You should be sure to at least have a chance at winning than just plainly leaving it out to luck.

For example, if you know your troops are outnumbered by your opponent’s, then don’t push through. It’s better to keep your troops safe until they are ready to fight. Try to find reinforcement that could help you in defending your village.

Remember, it’s a bigger loss to lose your troops than to lose resources. Your resources will continue to grow and it will not stop producing. But training and preparing troops can take time especially for a beginner so it is best at this point to just be a little more patient. Let your enemy have his laugh for now. Let your revenge cook up a little.

Now, I’m trying to build up an army. Training troops little by little each day.

I hope someone learned his lesson…


I posted yesterday about a player who constantly raids my village. Well, he tried to attack the reinforcement for me and guess what? He failed flat on his face. I’m not trying to be mean but you can see for yourself.



He lost all of his troops. He didn’t stand a chance. I sure hope someone learned his lesson to not take my little village too lightly.

It’s important for one to learn how to defend his village. Although you can hide your troops so you can keep them safe from being attacked especially when you see that you cannot match the incoming attack, then it’s better to hide your troops and keep them safe. It takes time to train troops so treat and use them wisely. This will come in really handy when you’re still starting. It takes really long hours to train troops and when you don’t have that much resources, you can’t train a lot of them at a time so it will take you even more time.

Keep upgrading your resources and granaries to keep your resources up. It’s always important to monitor your resources as you will need them every single time. They’re very important!


I’ve got a frequent Raider…


So lately, I have noticed one player who constantly raids my village taking advantage of my resourced but lack of good defense skills. Since I’m still learning, I am still trying to get the hang of the game. Lately, I’ve been busy upgrading buildings and training troops.

This is really pissing me off. He’s getting away with almost everything! But no worries, he’s just given me a reason to train even more troops. I’m planning on pissing him off with an attack that I want to make sure will succeed. I’m training troops that will match or even exceed his.

He’s constantly taking advantage of my poor precious village and now, it’s time for revenge! No, I won’t do a raid because I’m not seeking to take back the loot he took. I simply wanna piss him off! *evil laugh*

Wish me luck! Will start scouting when my scouts are ready! 😉