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Travian Strategy: Is your mindset holding you back?


What’s your story? What do you think will happen with your strategies? Are your plans going to help you work your way to be a top player? Or are there things holding you back?may25-2

Most of us do not make a conscious decision about how we’re going to play. It’s just a game anyway. Rather, we just wing it. And unfortunately, many of us, especially beginners, just end up in painful experiences and become pessimistic thus completely hindering progress.

How many new players ever said, “That’s just my luck.” when the game don’t turn out the way they planned? Or make grandiose statements claiming that bad things always happen and cheating is needed to succeed in the game?

No matter how bad or things can get, let’s say you can’t prevent or fight off the numerous attacks coming into your village, maybe you didn’t start right? You see, from the very beginning, you will need skill and the right strategy. Starting off with the wrong strategies and no clear direction can affect the outcome of the entire game. And once the server has ended, you’d still be the favorite farm of every player.

Do not limit yourself to what you can do. Take time to research and learn what strategies work best. Start right by learning what tribe works best with your aim. For example, Gaul tribe works better on defense. They have a special building called the Gaul Trapper which can make traps in your village and imprison any raider or attacker. If you want to be an offensive player and raid your way to the top, choose the Teutons. They are the most successful raiders and their infantry is the best in the game. But if you want to play equally good at defense and offense, choose Romans.

Before you start any server, it’s best to have a plan set. Although, you can still learn your way through but do not let any disappointments and failure competely hinder you from continuing. You still have a long way to do. Best tip is to join a server that has just started. You can have more time to improve since other players are also still just starting.

g36-ltrIf you continue to tell yourself the same story of failure, you will continue to be one over and over again. Remember, if your startegy didn’t work, try a different one. You can always start over and learn from your previous mistakes. Develop a pattern and protocol like upgrading. You should be able to do some each day until they all reach their maximum levels. Expand your empire by building more villages. A great trick is have a village intended for a single purpose. For example, you have one or more villages solely for building troops. This will help you build a huge army to attack bigger players.

Travian is a mindset. It will all come down to what you think and what you know you can do and must happen. Empower your beliefs and let it help you be a successful player. Because when you’re certain about your potential, you take a massive action. And when you take that massive action, you get massive results thus motivating you to do more. You know you’re capable of being one of the big player and not a mere raiding target.

Condition your mind. You want to live up to your full potential. If now isn’t the time, then when?

My Latest Strategy



My resource fields are now all functional and produce-capable. I’ll be leveling them up but for now, I’m focused on developing my village. I haven’t done much yesterday on my village so I have to do some upgrades today. I have to make sure that the progress will continue. I cannot afford any delays right now since the raids have not stopped. They are quite on the rise actually. Not in the number of players but the number of attacks per player.

About the raids, there has been new players attacking me. This is exactly why I have to speed up on the progress. I need to be capable of attacking or defending as soon as possible! If I don’t do anything and fast, I might lose this village again.

To be honest, I have no exact idea what to do. All I know is that I have to upgrade and upgrade so that I’ll be able to produce a somehow big troop of Phalanxes so I can finally do an attack. My hero needs more skills too. I can’t get anywhere with this. I’m still too weak to ward off attackers. I need to build and strengthen up my village.

Right now, an alliance would be so much of a big help. I’m just a little confused on how I get invited into an alliance. I still haven’t seen how to do it or how to ask an alliance leader to give me an invitation. Do I simply message the guy or something? Is that how it goes? Or won’t I really be able to join unless asked to? Although I have read, upon making a little research, that some people prefer to not join an alliance. That I think is a bad idea. You really won’t be able to stand up against a player who has big guys behind him. You should know that when you mess with someone like that, you could be taken down easily once they team up against you. Remember, there’s power in number.

I found a blog, Travian Guide, which talked about alliance and it had some great tips in it about choosing an alliance to join. Not what I was looking for but still very helpful. I can’t believe there are spies in alliances. Some people are really that competitive? Then I guess I should be careful. There may be a lot of tough things about this game but I suppose nothing could be tougher than dealing with other people.

I have always said to myself that in any aspect, I want to do my best and be a winner. But that doesn’t mean that everything will go smoothly because there will be struggles. This game has really been testing my patience and I’m trying my best to be strategic in the best sort of way. There are a lot of improvements to be done but I’m not giving up. I want to be big! I want to be strong. Most of all, I want revenge. Can’t wait to finally feel that excitement of sending out countless attacks on players who would be begging me to spare them.

This is just the beginning…

Clay Shortage. More Raids.


I can’t believe I’m so stressed out about having clay shortage! There is just never enough clay for me to do things in my village. Plus, I’ve been having trouble upgrading my resources because I worry if I upgrade them without being able to defend my village yet, it will all be slept away by raiders. But I guess it’s a risk I have to take since I have no other choice. Having no resources will take me nowhere. I just have to make sure I update it as frequent as I could so I can avoid giving them all away to raiders.

Speaking of raiders, I think I’m currently being farmed by a player. Although it’s not something very alarming yet still, there are losses so I have to do something about it somehow anytime soon. There hasn’t been much change in my routine recently. Just the usual upgrades and sending my hero to adventures.

My hero’s health is a bit low. It’s taking a while to heal. So I’m not going to be sending her to any adventures just yet. I need to give her time to heal so I can send her on dangerous adventures. Apparently, sending your hero to normal adventures don’t do much. It seems to me that it’s just a waste of time and resources. Why? My hero comes back with very little increase in experience and knowledge that there’s almost no increase. It’s practically useless. Then my hero’s health just continue to go downhill. I thought maybe sending me hero to all these adventures may not be such a good idea. Going on those dangerous adventures really work well but I have to make sure my hero’s health is up and good.

One of my tasks is to attack an oasis. To be honest, I have no idea how I’m going to do that. I always get caught up by a raid thus causing me to lose trained troops every time! I can’t collect enough troops to be able to do an attack. I’d say collect because I’m currently in the position of not being able to train many troops at once. I guess I need to upgrade my barracks.

I can’t wait for the day to come when I can finally tell you guys that all is well, very well. But I’m still hopeful. I guess it’s all up to me so I have to do things right! Fight! Fight! Fight!


Updates on my village


Shuto is doing okay. I really won’t say my village is doing very well. I’d be lying if I say so. It’s because there has been a number of raids coming at my village. There has been more recently than before so I’m a little worried. I don’t know if sending a message to the players and ask them nicely to leave me alone would work. I think that’s bit inappropriate since this is a game and there is competition but I can’t help but think of it as a desperate measure. But I won’t do it. I don’t think I could go that far.

Right now, I’m doing what I can with my resources. My main building is now at level 7. Hooray for that. Granary is leveling up to level 4. Once it’s done, I’ll level up my cranny and barracks. I need to start training troops. But I’m a bit hesitant with it since attacks come to my village and I can only train like 4 Phalanx, it might just be a waste of resources. My focus now is to continue my progress on the village.

I need to get all of my resource fields on to level 1. It is part of my task and I have some things undone.



They are all just about upgrading the resource fields so I can get that done soon. The trick right now is not to collect my rewards yet. Collecting them and leaving them unused will be just like collecting them and giving it to the raiders. I really don’t want that right now.

I’m currently researching about how to join an alliance. I already have an embassy and I need to join an alliance. It will help me defend myself especially if I belong in a big alliance with big players. I’m still reading about it. Most of what I find is that you have to get invited. I don’t know how that works yet but I’m continuing to read about it. Although I’m not rushing getting into an alliance but it is a goal right now.

I have a Gaul tribe and one thing I noticed is that they take up so much of the clay resource. I didn’t really notice that when I had a Roman tribe before. That’s why I need to upgrade my resource fields most especially clay. I’d be prioritizing that once I get my granary and cranny upgraded.

I’ve equipped my hero with a horse and I continue to send her on adventures everyday even though her health is not full. I just don’t send her on dangerous adventures to make sure she doesn’t get killed.

Beginner’s Protection


Every new Travian player has a Beginner’s Protection. This protection is during a period between 3 and 14 days depending on the time between the start of the world and the activation of your account. You will receive an automatic message which will inform you of the length of your beginner’s protection.

While you are under the beginner’s protection, troops cannot be sent to you whether it is a reinforcement or an attack/raid. This is also applicable to you as the player under the beginner’s protection; this means that you too cannot send troops whether attack or reinforcement. In addition to that, attacking unoccupied oases is also not possible. Other restrictions while under the beginner’s protection are being unable to send or receive resources. It is not possible to end the beginner’s protection earlier than intended.

Although there’s not much action you can do while you’re under the beginner’s protection but take this time to build yourself because once it ends, you’ll be pretty much a target for many players. Take this time to build defenses. Crannies are important to protect resources so don’t forget that one too. There are a lot of things you still need to learn while being a beginners so don’t be so disappointed with the limited things you can do.

The Struggle Is Real


Lately, I have been having trouble keeping my Travian village in good condition. You may ask why. Simply because I feel like the progress is slow. It takes so much time to upgrade buildings, so much time to train troops. I’m losing patience. I can’t do an attack because my troops are still in small number.

But then I realized, all other players started out like me. I want to build a strong and huge village that I want to really succeed in Travian so I have to be patient. It’s the number one key to success in Travian. You really have to be patient and do as much as you can with the time available. So what I’m doing is I do things simultaneously. Since I have 3 villages, I upgrade a building one in each. Right now, I’m focusing on upgrading my Barracks because I need to build a big army. Then I’d train troops on the other village so I can put them all together. I think if I keep this up, I can see progress faster. I’ve been sending my hero to adventures so his experience will increase.

Travian is not just a game to test strategy and decision making skills but it is also a test of patience. Great things come to those who wait.

Keep playing and keep enjoying!

Updates on My Travian


In previous posts, I talked about how I’m upgrading my villages. But recently, I got busy because of that frequent raider who constantly loots my village. Great news is that he has now stopped and I can now go back to upgrading my village.Travian comx (1)

I’ve been building armies recently. I’ve been training troops with the aim to build a great army. Sadly, it takes so much time for me to build troops which is a disadvantage with a Roman tribe. I’ve been upgrading resources and buildings too. My granaries are looking good but I need to upgrade my iron resource because I notice that I get low on it when I train troops.

I’ve been upgrading my marketplace as well. They come in really handy when I transfer my resources to my other villages when a raid comes so that when the raider arrives, there’s no soldiers and no resources as well. It’s a great strategy to avoid a battle you know you can’t win.

What have you been busy about in your Travian recently?


Tips for Newbies: What You Must Know


It’s fun to play games but in a strategy game like Travian, there are things that you certainly must know and be familiar with in order for you to actually understand and enjoy the game. Newbies, like me, may face some problems starting out. Therefore, it’s good to learn the basics to be fully equipped when you start out.

So, here’s a list of my tips for beginners in playing Travian:

  • Learn how you can survive in times of attacks. You cannot avoid some players taking advantage of you and you may experience continuous attacks before you can build up an army. It’s important to make the attacker feel that his attacks are useless since you can just dodge them, thus more likely to decrease the chances of being attacked again.
  • Don’t be impatient. As starters, your village is not that well developed thus takes a longer time to train armies and build resources. Also, be patient with yourself. There might be some players who find it difficult to adjust and learn the game. Don’t worry, great things comes to those who wait. It will be worth it once you’ve been patient with it.
  • Know your tribe. The tribes are not there just for the simple idea of giving players choices but because they are different in certain ways. If you haven’t started playing yet but is still planning, study the characteristics of each tribe and choose one that you think will be right for you. But if you have started out and chosen a tribe already, make sure you familiarize yourself well with the tribe you’ve chosen. The knowledge will help you progress.
  • As you progress in building up resources, learn what you need to get and what are your priorities. The order in which you build the resources can be of much help.

I hope these can help other newbies like me.