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Invitation To Have A Travian Sitter, Learning What It Is. Bonus: Travian Stalker Update!


Travian Stalker Update

Today, I logged into my Travian account to check for updates. Yesterday, I talked to you guys about this Travian stalker whose been asking for my Facebook account. Things just got even way more creepier today. I received this message from him today:

travian sitter

I guess that made his intentions clear. I really didn’t expect this. Does he really think it can be just like that? What an idiot. He even gave me his number. Yes, you read that right. He gave me his number saying that I can just text or call him. I guess he’s really serious or just really desperate. This guy probably has no one in his life. I just don’t understand why he thinks he can find a girlfriend just like that. I’m not that stupid.

Anyway, I’m just trying my best to keep him off my village so I’m going with the flow. Not that I’m saying I’m giving away myself to him. Like hell, that would happen. What I’m saying is that I make up excuses so he won’t keep on flirting with me and at the same time, feel pity for me so that he won’t attack my village. I just hope he believes those stuff that I’m saying. I’m trying to be dramatic so I can sound at least a bit convincing.

Message of Invitation

Enough about that weird, creepy stalker guy. Today, I received an invitation. This person is offering to be my Travian sitter. I’m a little doubtful because I don’t think you just get invitations for something that is advantageous to you. My first thought is that this person might want something from me. Becoming my Travian sitter might get me in trouble.

To those who don’t know what a sitter is, let’s discuss it, shall we?

Travian Sitter

A Travian sitter is useful when for example you’ll be away for a while and you need someone to take care of your account for you. This works well if you don’t have any duals. A Travian sitter’s job is to maintain your account when you’re not able to do so. They have ability to do things in your account but the owner of the account can limit what a Travian sitter can do. They can upgrade resource fields, upgrade buildings, launch raids and send reinforcements and even create a new village.

Two sitters can be added in one account. You can find this is the Options bar on the upper right corner of the screen.travian sitter

Once you click the Options button a new window will find this window like the one below and you will just have to click the Sitter tab.travian sitter

This is where you can add or remove a Travian sitter. The owner of the account can immediately remove a sitter anytime he wants to. There are rules about this system in Travian. For in depth understanding, visit the Travian game rules page.

A Travian Sitter is different from having duals. Travian Sitters are recognized by the Travian software whereas duals are just agreements between players in using one account to help the owner. Duals are not recognized by the Travian software.

A lot of things can happen when you have a sitter and it may be difficult if that someone cannot be trusted or else you will risk getting banned. A disadvantage to having a sitter is that you may make enemies you don’t want to make. Things done in your village may not be as you want them to be. The good thing about sitters over duals is that a Travian sitter can be limited to certain tasks. If you are clever, you can have this used to your advantage but make sure that you can keep monitoring your account because sitters can get you into serious trouble.

Here is a list of what a Travian sitter can and cannot do:

Sitters can:

  • Raid
  • Build Buildings
  • Send Messagea
  • Change villages
  • Settle Villages
  • Build Troops
  • Research Troops
  • Upgrade Troops
  • Join an Alliance
  • Look at your statistics
  • Buy Gold
  • Use NPC Merchant
  • Pose being you

Sitters Can’t

  • Cheif
  • Do a Normal Attack
  • Use Catapults
  • Edit your Profile, Preferences and Account details
  • Use Gold
  • View Alliance Options
  • Leave an Alliance

Make sure you can trust your sitter. You wouldn’t want to end up being banned or getting into so much trouble.


Travian Stalker Is Back! Now, He Wants More?! Vibrator Story Part 2


The Travian Stalker

In my previous postings, I made an article about a guy in Travian whom I met. If you have read the story, you know that this guy is a Travian stalker and has been demanding personal things from me. He was being flirty but he is a guy who is way older than me. It’s really creepy.

Just when I thought that things couldn’t get creepier, it just did.

His Return

I have been updating my Travian account and if you have read my article yesterday about updates in my account, you know what’s going on. I was happy about the results of my hero’s adventures. He went home with 36 TT’s and the latest is 35 Druidrider. I couldn’t be happier with the first report but when I read the next reports, I was like, “oh. my. god.”

There was one attack that was quite damaging. With the 400 troops this player sent, my troops were wiped out. It was not very surprising and I guess that’s a normal thing to happen in Travian. What surprised me was the other report. It wasn’t just a raid, it was an attack. This attack came from, you’ve guessed it, the Travian stalker.

See the report right here:

travian stalker


I couldn’t be more outraged with what I saw! 8 catapults and he was able to destroy my cropland?! This is terrible. This is hindering me way too much with my progress and I have to do something about it. As I’m typing this now, an attack just came in from him and now my main building has been lowered to level 10 from level 11. There has been way too much damage already. I have to do something about this Travian stalker. I was able to make friends with him before by just going with his flirts. I bet I can manage to somehow manipulate him again and have him stop attacking me.

He sent me a message. I was not worried at all because I’m pretty sure  he just wants something again and I’m pretty confident I can make my way around him. This is what his message contained:

travian stalker 2

I told him that we were friends so why would he give me such a blow. Turns out, he does want something. This Travian stalker wants to know more about my personal life so now he’s asking to know what my Facebook account is. I guess it’s a trade. My Facebook in exchange for him to stop attacking my village.

I am so confused. I was planning on telling him a fake name which I just made up. I can’t just create and account because he’ll know I’m faking it. But if I don’t give him something, he’ll continue attacking me.travian stalkerto the point of destroying my village. He already destroyed my cropland. Who knows what he’ll do next. It was already lucky enough that his attack didn’t destroy my palisade. This Travian stalker is a bigger player than I am so I can’t fight him. I won’t be able to do a successful attack. Besides, if I do that, I just made myself a big enemy.

I need a plan to defeat this Travian without having to actually fight him.

Attempted Solution

This is what I will do, I will come up with the excuse that I don’t have a Facebook account because me and my boyfriend just broke up so I deactivated it. I’ll try to see if he’ll bite to that excuse. But, if ever he won’t, there is only one thing to do. I would just have to report him to the multi-hunter. I have no choice. I really do wonder how he’d react and what would happen if I report him. Things might just get a little more interesting. Until then, I’ll keep you guys updated on how this story will end up.

The Dilemma: Training Village Settlers But Having To Deal With Raiders


The Dilemma

The past few days have kept me busy about preparing to build my second village. I have been spending so much time and effort on upgrading resources and my residence (palace). I did so much to work on it and I have been doing on the side is researching new troops. Oh, but speaking of troops, I just found 36 TT’s from adventure which is just fabulous! Anyway, back to the topic, I have been taking care of a lot that would help me start working on my second village.

village settlers

As you can see, my village is now starting to look good and is in shape. So I am now ready to expand but the problem is I’ve been having too many raiders lately. Obviously, raiders are a problem. To expand and grow, you need resources. To build a second village, you need to train 3 settlers. I went to my residence to train village settlers but then, they are very expensive to train!

village settlers

I really didn’t expect them to be this expensive. Now, I know the solution is simple. I need to improve resource production to be able to train village settlers. The problem is the raids keep coming and I now don’t know if I should ward them off first or start working on the second village. I can’t just do both. That would be very difficult and I might make the wrong move.

Trying to Solve the Matter

Well, since the raids are hindering me from progress, I know I need to counter them. One of the raiders is my stalker. So what I did was send him a message. I am hoping that we can build a friendship again so that he’ll stop attacking me and may help me instead. Let’s hope for the best after I sent him the message. For the others, well, I have no other choice than to be train troops and protect myself. Since I don’t have enough resources to train village settlers yet, I guess I might as well use them to train troops instead so I ward off attackers and somehow be able to buy time for me to upgrade my resources and warehouse. I need more  resources to be able to train village settlers.

With my current actions, I suppose you could say that I would have to delay my plans on building my second village. Right now, I have no choice but to let it wait. I think the best thing I can do here is make sure that I will have enough resources to train my village settlers so that I can immediately use them. Village settlers can be killed during an attack so it is not ideal for me to build them one by one knowing that I village settlershave attacks coming in regularly. I have to take care of the attacks first before I train village settlers. Losing one settler is a very big loss since they use so much resources upon training.

Work Needed – Village  Settlers and Resources

It seems like it’s still a pretty long way before I can get the construction of my second village started but I can take this time to improve my village. There is no sense in just waiting because I have to get things going if I want to make sure that my 3 village settlers will be ready and I can finally have them trained and used. It seems that I have my work cut out for me so I better get things going.

This is where you see how important defense is. You can’t just always get back against your enemy. Fight them every time they attack you. That may not always be as effective as you think. Sometimes, the best way to keep enemies away is that to make them see that you are of no  use for them. No matter how much they attack you, there are no resources they can take. They cannot get anything from you or they lose troops whenever they attack your village because your defense is rocking the house. They will eventually leave you alone because they know that it’s no use and they need to improve.

Tip of the day: Keep your defenses rocking.

Travian Online Stalker Part 2: He’ll Give Me Resources???


Travian Online Stalker Experience

online stalkerHave you ever experienced a weird encounter? Well, in online games, you get a chance to meet a lot of people. You can make friends or make enemies and that’s one thing certain. Not unless of course you’re some sort of introvert who prefer to shut people out immediately. Although sometimes, making friends online has it’s perks.

But what if, your encounter is with a weird online stalker?

So previously, I wrote about a Travain online stalker who tried to ask for personal information from me. He tried to get my age and phone number. Of course, I didn’t give any of that out since that would not be ideal. You should never tell people online, whom you’ve never met personally, information about yourself. It comes with a danger, right?

Guess what? This time, I had another encounter with an online stalker.

Tough Guy

This new stalker guy seemed to be rough around the edges. Like my previous online stalker, he had the idea that we were from the same country because of my username. It’s in our native language so that’s how he was able to know.

He first made raids in my village. Since his attacks were of very little number of troops and I had quite a number of troops in my village, I was able to counter his attack. I think he felt intimidated by it so what he did was send me a message asking for peace and apologizing for the attacks he made in my village. It shocked me to see that his message was in our native language so he immediately knew we were from the same country. Then, this suddenly came about:

online stalker

Well, that certainly blew me off. I immediately knew what he was up to. Unlike the previous stalker, I was friendly to him. This time, I wanted to make him think that I was not interested so I acted a bit mean to him.

online stalker

It was a bad decision that I replied like that to him because the next events were certainly something I didn’t expect him to do. He sent me 8 attacks. EIGHT! To make things worse, my hero just died and having his attacks left me with nothing. I couldn’t revive my hero, I couldn’t build or upgrade a resource or building and I couldn’t train troops. I had to do something about it. I couldn’t just let him farm me just because he didn’t get what he wanted from me. I had to device a new plan to make this stalking thing an advantage to me.

Dealing With It

To make up for my somehow mean attitude, I showed him I was sensitive. What I did? I used girl power.

I acted all girly and cute. I acted like it made me feel bad that he was being mean to me. I sent him messages with sobs and “huhuhu’s” since I knew it would add a nice touch to it. I told him that if he keeps attacking me, I’d cry. Yes, I know it sounds childish and ridiculous but guess what? It worked.

online stalker

We have this word in our native language called “tampo.” It’s actually a milder form of being offended. You’re not really offended but somehow, you feel a little bad about something done to you. Usually, girls being in tampo with a guy usually works like magic. It can get a guy to do what a girl wants because it’s usually seemed to be something that’s adorable. That’s what I used on the online which made him stop attacking my village.

The Result

As expected, I got the online stalker to be my friend and best of all, he’s now willing to give me resources anytime I wish. Isn’t that just nice? I guess I can now use this to my advantage. Oh, I’m a lucky girl. I guess that’s one thing you can do when you have an online stalker. Although I’m not sure that something like this frequently happens on Travian but I guess you’ll never know.

Announcing the Travian Dating Site OR Travian AU2 Stalking?!? – Funny Vibrator Story



Online games are fun, aren’t they? Not only do they provide entertainment but they help us make friends. What’s great about it is that you get to meet people in different parts of the world. I remember the time when I was still in high school and I played Gaia Online a lot. I got to meet there a friend from France. We chat a lot and exchanged interesting things about ourselves and our cultures. We got to be friends for a while and of all, she was the best friend I made online. For some, it’s fun to find someone from the same country.

When you find someone from the same country, you tend to become friends easier. You talk and share personal things with each other. You could even team up with that person if the game allows it. It’s always fun to be making friends but sometimes, you can’t avoid meeting a creep.

Meeting Someone

I was going about my usual routine in Travian today. I checked reports, sent my hero on adventures, upgraded buildings, upgraded resource fields and training troops. I check messages if there are any and these past few days, I had been exchanging messages with someone. His first message was asking me where country I’m from. He noticed my username and village name was in our native language so he hunched that we were from the same country. So, I told him where I’m from and it was all exciting knowing that we were from the same country. We continued to exchange messages asking personal things about each other since it’s not that of a big deal in our culture to immediately ask personal questions to someone you’ve just met. He asked from which part of the country I was from. It would’ve been fun if we were not far from each other. I know a lot of people from Clash of Clans who flock into one clan because they’re from the same city and they set up meet ups so they can meet each other personally. But apparently, our places were a plane ride away so it’s pretty far.

The Awkward Part

It was all nice and friendly at first. He even apologized for attacking my village twice. So I guess that’s one less enemy. But then, he asked of my age. Of course, I didn’t gave it to him immediately. I told him I was shy. By the way, I know he’s a “he” since his name included an indication of his gender. So he told me how old he was and in return, I told him mine. He lied to me about his age because he thought I’m already old since I said I’m shy about my age.

The next message then shocked me…

He was asking for my number. He asked for my Viber account. Here in our country, it’s like a texting/chatting app. To ask for someone’s Viber account means to ask for that person’s number. I know it could sound weird because it sounds similar to a vibrator and if I wasn’t concentrating, I would’ve misread it since I don’t use that app. So when I read that message, I really didn’t know how to respond. My brain was still processing the thought that this guy could be flirting with me. The next message confirmed that since it’s content was asking me if I have a boyfriend. He was also asking for my personal Facebook account. It’s weird. It’s creepy. I didn’t know how to respond.

Here’s some screenshots of our conversations:

"ano pala age mo and may viber account kaba?" Translation: what's your age and do you have a viber account? **To ask for a viber account is to ask for a person's number
“ano pala age mo and may viber account kaba?”
Translation: what’s your age and do you have a viber account?
**To ask for a viber account is to ask for a person’s number
“Aw haha huli ka! 34 lang ako hehehe ** yrs tanda ko sayu, may bf kaba? Sorry ha matanong” Translation: Oh haha got ya! I’m only 34 hehehe I’m only ** yrs older than you. Do you have a bf? Sorry I’m asking so much questions.

After some thinking, I responded by showing him I was a bit upset that he lied to me about his age because I was being honest. I think he thought I was trying to be cute and girly so he was kidding by telling me that if I no longer reply to his messages, he’d attack me. I’m trying my best to keep it cool. I don’t want him to think I’m interested. I’m even seriously thinking of toying with him. (Yes, I can be a bit evil.)

The Wait

I’ll try to keep up with his “flirtiness” and try to see how this will end up. I can decide to toy with him and make him think I’m interested. I could also just completely shut him out. The only advantage I see with this is that if I can manipulate him, I can get him to give me resources and troops. Might as well use it for my advantage, don’t you think?

I don’t know if any of you guys have experienced the same thing but today went a little weird for me. I also don’t know if this happens a lot on Travian. Maybe with female players, it could happen. Guys would drool over gamer girls so I guess that’s not to wonder.

So, what do you guys think?