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Travian Catapult Attacks: How NOT to Do it


So I have a few accounts, one of them is on USX. I’m not doing really well, but I’m the only person on that travian account… no duals. It’s like, my “private account”… actually more like a test account, to see if playing Gaul is actually fun.

Turns out, the answer to this is: it depends, because…

Last night, I made a mistake (who doesn’t?): I sent an attack to a village without faking all of the other villages belonging to that player and in so doing, get to say “bye bye” to a good chunk of my farming resources:catapult attacksSo the lesson here is that when you’re attacking someone who has a few villages, it’s always best to:

  • Fake catapult attack all the other villages
  • Make sure all the fake catapult attacks arrive at the same time
  • Probably a good idea to have scouted all the villages as well (unless you’re planning on sending the catapult clearing wave to a village you did not scout)

The attack is a little bit interesting since I did send a catapult clearing wave to get rid of the troops that were in the village… but my goal, at least initially was to make a farm out of the village.. not to say “goodbye” almost 1600 troops. Oh well.

I’m not sure why, but this season of USX has been extremely boring… maybe because I’ve gone out on my own, or maybe because there are less than 4000 players on the server. Travian is just not quite as popular as it used to be, and I think I know why… but that’s subject for another blog post.

Catapults always make things a little more interesting… only in this case I didn’t use them!

Travian Goal: Expanding Empire & Culture Points


travPlayers that don’t have goals are probably the worst type. They’re impulsive and they tend to make reckless decisions which lead them to a pointless game play. There is not a single game that has no ultimate goal. Even a game as simple as Flappy Bird have a goal and it is to get the farthest as possible. More so with a strategy game like Travian. Once it is reached by one player, the server ends and everyone has to start all over again. But of course, if you’re not that of a dreamer, then you could aim for simpler goals like building a huge empire or be the best at raiding or be able to conquer other villages.

But in order to get to that ultimate goal, you need to have a daily goal. These daily goals is a stepping stone towards that big aim of yours. For me, my aim is to be able to do successful attacks and raids and no longer be the farm. You may say that it’s a bit low but hey, I’m a beginner. As far as I can remember, I’ve been farmed ever since I started playing. So my aim is to finally be the one to farm and not the one being farmed. It’s not much but it will get me through.

Now this is how I plan to get it done. First, I build and improve my first village. I want to make sure that my capital is big and strong. Second, I build other villages. These smaller villages will help me gather a bigger army. When that happens, I will then be able to do attacks and raid villages. As of the moment, my village is looking pretty good although I will be needing to do some more serious upgrade. Time. Time is all I need.



I’d be glad to say that since my Beginner’s Protection came to an end, no serious attacks have came. I guess it is very advantageous to join a server that has just started. Everyone’s still starting out so you’ll have less problems.

So this is what I had to deal with today. As you can see, I build a residence. I was so eager, actually too eager, to build a second village that I missed important details about it. Yes, you need a Residence to build a second village since you will have to train settlers, at least 3, to found a new village. What went wrong was I didn’t know that there would be other requirements for me to build my second village. You don’t just need a Residence, you need culture points. As for me, I still need 1,231 culture points for me to build my second village. That’s still a lot! I won’t say I wasted my resources building the Residence but if I knew I couldn’t build my second village yet, I should have hold off the construction and used my resources for other purposes. Maybe building troops to attack an oases or build a Trapper.

Since it’s already done, I just have to make the most of it. I have made an article about culture points. Right now, I can’t build a building that will produce high culture points yet since my Main Building is still working its way to level 6. I need it to get to level 10 for me to start moving. I suppose my Residence will be sitting there for quite some time but I will make sure that I put it to good use as soon as possible. At the same time, I have to find a way to be able to defend myself from attackers. I guess you could say, “No pressure.” but you’d be wrong. There’s so much pressure but I have to keep my head straight. I shouldn’t let my mistakes get the best of me. I’d say the same thing to any beginner who are still struggling.

Don’t lose focus on your aim. Even if errors happen and mistakes are made, don’t let it get you off your course.

Adventurous Travian Dual “Couples”


home-slider-trivianEvery year thousands of teams set out on the journey to play Travian on one of the speed servers. For some, it is the best and most reward journey they ever go on. But for others, getting along with sitters and duals is a constant source of contention.

So what is the difference between players that make it to the top 10 and duals that can’t break the 100 ranks and end up hating each other?

The stresses with playing Travian are inevitable – the cost of gold, the first few days, the seemingly never ending troops to build and move around. This is all to be expected since everyone starts their Travian account from zero and builds it up.

To help you better understand and navigate the process of dealing the duals and keeping each other organized, I have made a list of the top 3 “dual relationship” strategies that have worked for me.


Your ability to manage the stress that comes with playing Travian is more important the more duals are playing on the account. When someone experienced a stressful moment, due to too many attacks coming in or losing too many villages… or even playing the game takes too much time out of their personal life, they tend to get dramatic and want to quit.

This is why you and your duals need to develop a stress management plan that includes organization and delegation so that everyone knows what they have to do on the account. Making duals responsible for various activities is a good way to achieve this. Creating a “daily account management routine” is another great way to accomplish this.

It may also be a good idea for duals to take time off from playing Travian. Rather than rotating through 4 people on the account, why not give one person a 4-day vacation so they can come back refreshed? This method often works very well with duals who are from an older audience and who have personal lives outside of Travian (work, kids, relationships, etc.)


Spending time away from Travian should be taken for what it is. It should not be a time when you are logging into the game and checking your villages one last time before going to bed.

Discussing travian related issues or secretly playing the game when your spouse/partner is around is a great way to agitate them and make them think that you “love travian more than you love” them.

When you play travian with your duals, it’s also easy to turn your bedroom and personal life into an extension of the game. Just remember that as harmless as this may seem, it actually can wreak havoc on the intimacy of your relationships outside of Travian.


When you play Travian with your duals, it’s easy to fall into the trap of treating your duals like your subordinates. But just because you are playing an account together as a team doesn’t mean that you have to be the boss and bitch everyone around. Travian is, after all, all about teamwork.

Keep in mind that you are running a large account that requires someone working on it 24/7. You can keep things going smoothly with your duals by:

  • Saying “please” and “thank you”
  • Not blaming your dual when something goes wrong on the account.
  • If you are talking over the phone, don’t interrupt!
  • Be mindful of your language, don’t swear too much
  • Give your undivided attention to your duals when you are creating a strategy

Keeping your relationship with your duals professional does not need to mean that you are being cold
and distant toward them. It simply means being mindful of what you are saying/chatting. By treating
your duals with respect, you will create a gaming environment that is more fun and healthier for everyone.

Owning Multiple Villages


borat-thumbs-upIt amazes me how quick it is to build troops when you have multiple villages. You can get them all together and viola! Massive troops for attacking! It’s awesome. So I guess that’s a great aim for beginners. Aim to get multiple villages. Use them to attack and raid. You can attack your own villages. I think it’s a great way to practice. At least you have everything in your own hands. Practically, there’s really no loss but if ever there is, not that much. It’s actually pretty cool.

To help you build lots of troops, make sure to upgrade your main building and barracks to the maximum level. Helps get things moving faster saving you lots of time. Give it a try.

Comment how it works for you.

Village Confusion


13865056192447Alright. So I find my list of villages to have changed. I somehow lost one of my villages. In my reports, the last entry about that village that I lost was it making an attack on another village. I didn’t find if that village got destroyed or what ever happened to it.

I’m trying to figure out what happened. I found another village named the same as my old one but it now has an asterisk (*) symbol added to it. The owner’s name is now different. Well, it’s just a jumble of numbers and letters and I’m not even sure if it’s actually a name.

Hope I’ll figure out what happened to it. While I’m still trying to master and get to know more this game of Travian, I should just slowly learn everything step by step.