Travian Recognition for 1 Year of Service


Right, so in our last post we talked about honorable chiefing, and I 1 yearknow I didn’t finish that post (will get to it, don’t worry).

Today I received a most welcoming email from Travian Games advising me that I have been awarded 50 gold for playing Travian for a year. It looks like they keep track of users based on email… since I have used a few different emails I may find myself with extra 50x gold deposits over the coming weeks.

Moving My 1 Year Travian Gold Bonus

To move this gold is a little tricky. Travian does email me when the server ends, but they don’t seem to be too keep on emailing me about that moving gifted or non-money purchased gold.

To learn how to transfer this gold I’ve written a separate post about this process titled the Travian Gold Hack which you can find here.